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January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Firstly allow me to say that I still am a South African Supporter.  Yes I don’t watch Orlando Pirates as much as I like to watch Manchester United.  I would still say I support my team, my country and whatever we participate in.

I only watched the first half of our first game this past weekend.  It was not ideal, but it was not a good game neither.  Bafana has now not scored in how many games, I cannot even remember how much.  We seem to have the mentality that just because we are the host nation that we are going to fare well in AFCON.  The truth is that it is just not the coach at blame, but the entire organization called SAFA, and the players.

Look Gordon is not a bad coach, not at all.  The reason I would say that SAFA is to blame is because it took them so long to hire him.  He has had one of the best track records in the local PSL, that they instead decided to hire two Brazilian coaches, and at that pay a shitload of money to employ them.

Now why can we not score goals?  There is two reasons, One player education and Two, International Quality.

Player education is quite simple.  We have decent players in this country.  I say decent because they are not playing for big clubs in European leagues.  Our midfielders seem to just kick aimlessly and that is not the way you play football.

International quality is really easy to understand.  Back in the day we could call up five or six players in a starting XI and still field enough players playing in though leagues all around the world.  We had a player win the Champions League with Porto under Jose Mourinho (Benni McCartey), Everton midfielder Stephen Pienaar, Leeds United former captain and legend Lucas Radebe and a host of others, Mark Williams, Shaun Bartlett, Delron Buckley, Eric Tinkler, Marc Fish to name a few.  Playing against countries that have a multitude of these players in their ranks is not going to solve our problem.

Like they said, not even Muti will help.  I think that South Africa need to pray that Tshalalalalalalalalalala learns how to pass the ball right, or we will once again fail.

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