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The ramblings of a blogger sober for three weeks

November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Normally this time of year, there is still a urge of excitement when it comes to rugby.  North vs South used to be something we could look forward to.  And for me, it still represents the perfect time to introduce youngsters to the Springbok setup.

Our coach though has this uncanny ability to come up with the lamest excuses.  Forget for a minute that the same selection flaws is still happening (with the exception of him giving Lambie a extended run), what is the point of selecting and picking players to go on tour, only to have them carry tackle bags and not giving them a chance to play?  While on the other end of things, the All Blacks are rotating their team to give all players in the group a chance of playing for their country.

Once you tell me that you are taking players with to let them get used to the Springbok enviroment then you are trying to fool the wrong person.  I would have picked a young team for the Scotland game, and eventhough the Scots made things difficult for the All Blacks last week, i still believe that we have the players to run 50 points past them.  The other pill I find difficult to swallow is the fact that we are ranked 2nd in the world, but we play like a team ranked 6th or 7th at times.

Heyneke Meyer, while at the Bulls had some good success with them, winning the Super 12/14 and a few Currie Cups.  But it seems that he has forgotten that it no longer is 2007, the laws and interpretations in rugby has changed.  It feels that he wants to coach the talent out of certain players to suit his style of play.  Have you ever seen Pat Lambie do nothing with a ball?  Why?  Because his coach told him to do certain things.

It really makes no sense why someone like Jean De Villiers and Jannie Du Plessis should still play this weekend.  They have racked up the most minutes this season, and for someone like Dr Jannie, who have been a stellar example of Trojan workmanlike appearances and Jean who has had to lead the team.  They talked about making the nation proud last week before the Ireland game, but I really don’t see anything promising from that game…

The huge amount of rugby on show this year has also made me realise how I much I also love football….

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  1. you have to look at what HM is trying to acheive before you make decisions about his descisions

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