It is a good time to be a Cheetah!

May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hey all,

It must be said, although I have been lost to the world of Blogging forĀ a while now, I thought it fitting to come and have a quick say about my team. I have supported these boys through thick and thin and have always stood by and watched as we have lost game after game by small margins, but now the tide has turned and the Cheetahs are coming to the fore as the team they should be! A team worth watching on a Saturday afternoon.

I can now stand around the fire on a Saturday and say with confidence that my team is the best, I can say this without some random Stormers supporter telling me to look at the log… the time has come that we Cheetahs supporters can show the scoreboard to our rivals and laugh…

The cheetahs are playing a brand of rugby which is fun to watch and exciting. They play with heart and vision, I give credit to the Captain… Adrian Strauss may be the only option for Springbok captain in my books and he should lead the side onto the field from day one. I must also give credit to the coaching staff, because they must be doing something right.

I must say, now is the time of reckoning… be warned, if the Cheetahs make the play offs…

Chat soon


3 responses to It is a good time to be a Cheetah!

  1. I an also a Cheetah but don’t become arrogant please!

    • Really, you see this post as arrogant? Really? Damn, I am sorry… Here I thought I was being unusally modest!!

  2. Didn’t know you were one of us Major! Yeah, we rocking it this year, hope we can keep it up!

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