Match fixing, sport marketing and drug cheating

The three aspects above seemed to have been the main topic in the sports headlines over the last month or so. I thought the SBW and White Buffalo fight was a cocktail that contained most if not all three of the above mentioned ingredients. 

My immediate thought when I heard about the SBW vs François Botha boxing contest was that it was a SBW self-marketing scheme and most likely rigged. My evaluation after last night farce is still on that track. Let’s face it SBW got a brilliant agent that knows how to market his product and how to make money with this freakish specimen. 

I didn’t see the whole fight but Botha looked grossly out of shape and ponderous in the bits that I did see. He is ‘faking’ being cheated afterwards but I am not convinced that that is not part of the whole SBW Williams’s career building and money making farce. 

Botha is way past his heyday and this was most certainly an opportunity for a has-been to make a few bugs for retirement. It’s only the saints and the hypocrites among us that would claim that they would not have jumped at such an opportunity at age 44 to make a couple of hundred thousand dollars just to throw a fight. 

Whether Botha was in on it or not it was a farce in my humble opinion. Botha had absolutely nothing to gain career wise with this fight and showed no pride judging by the physical condition he was in when he entered this fight. Yes, SWB looked out on his feet in the last seconds of that fight and Botha seemed to have the better of him but for F**K sake he (Botha) could have been at least in better shape. A fit Botha would have put this show ponie on his back for the count. To be fair to Botha not many fit 22-year-olds would have been able to hold their own against SBW in the ring. Even fewer fit 44-year-olds would have managed one round against this freak but Botha had months to prepare and there are stuff like neuropeptides, nadralone, testosterone and Sport scientists who could have put him in the best shape of his life. 

Botha had nothing to lose or to gain apart from the satisfaction of beating the show ponie up. What is the change that he had his blood tested before or after this fight and so what if he got caught; he is going absolutely nowhere boxing wise. So my point is if he had any pride there are means and ways to get in sterling condition at age 44.

I mean he could have made Sport Science or his Sport doctor the fall guy if been found to use illegal substances. 

He could have used the most potent stuff on the ‘illegal market’ because drug cheating is a major problem in rugby league and so far as I can remember that is SBW’s main stream of income. So you think SBW would have entered this match if there was any change of a drug test being administrated?  Not at all. 

This contest was a disgrace and I believe a huge disappointment for those that paid money to watch it.

I am not saying athletes should use drugs but to be honest if I were Botha and had a change at 44 (with no prospect of re-starting my boxing career) I would have used everything I could to get in proper shape so that I can give the show ponie a bit of a scrubbing.

Botha either has no pride or this thing was rigged right from the start.

4 thoughts on “Match fixing, sport marketing and drug cheating

  1. I’m confused. This fight was claimed to be a fight for the vacant WBA International heavyweight title but the WBA’s heavyweight champion is Alexander Povetkin. So what is this WBA International title and why would two palookas be in line to fight for it?

  2. Hmm. I remember an out-of-shape 46-year-old George Foreman beating Michael Moorer for the world heavey-weight title.

    I also remember the commentators saying he was all washed up just before Moorer strayed into the zone for chicken George to land one of his bombs – and to be fair, Foreman was such a powerful puncher he can probably still knock someone out if given the chance at age 66!

    As much a farce as SBW boxing is (and whether he is a good boxer or not, it is nonsense for a pro athlete to be switching codes and focus continually), I thought Botha, no matter what his age or physical conditioning would beat him – he’s fought world champions, and has had a lifetime of honing his boxing skills and automatic responses. Plus with heavy-weights, as the Foreman-Moorer example shows, they throw such big punches, anyone is liable to go down if they are hit by a lucky punch. You can strengthen your muscles, but you can’t make your skull and brain cells immune!

    Plus Botha did win! Or at least he would have if the fight had gone the scheduled 12 rounds. Or can we Kiwis now claim that the 1995 RWC was won by the All Blacks because we were ahead on the score board 12-9 five or so minutes into extra time! Sorry Rainbow Nation – we don’t have to complain about Suzy anymore. Our administrators will be petitioning the IRB to have the medals handed back.

    SBW’s brand has been tarnished with genuine sports followers, but I guess like pro-Wrestling, this is not about genuine competition. Instead, there is more money to be made in the soap opera of media circuses and endless promotion. This seems to be about selling tickets for the rematch in Cape Town. Koder Nasser will be happy, but maybe, just maybe, later in life SBW will rue the day he wasted his god-given talents on gimmicks. Then again, maybe he won’t, and I’m just a romantic jockstrap-sniffing romantic!

    But just a few days after the story breaks about alleged corruption in Aussie sport, and this gets fed to the public?! Some people are shameless, and not even subtle.

  3. I’m also pretty sure this fight had all 3 of your topic ingedients.. I didn’t really watch the full first few rounds, but what I noticed was that Botha never went for any big knockout punches. Or did I just miss them? SBW is no boxer and I’m sure Botha could’ve easily landed a big punch sometime.
    Also, what I can remember from Botha, he was never much of a sculpted athlete, or was he? I remember him as a big fat boxer even in his “glory” days.
    I believe this entire event was a farce to promote the SBW brand. Like they say, any publicity is good publicity (or something like that). It was a good move from SBW to fight a “recognised” boxer, promoting Botha as someone who have fought all the greats (even though he lost them all). To them it doesnt matter that Botha is an old, retired, fat dude. Then to reduce the number of rounds without anyone knowing. And then it comes to light that Botha did actually know. And then there’s a supposedly positive drug test. And so the drama continues..

    P.S. I don’t think SBW is going to continue his boxing career. He looked very nervous during this fight, and if he nearly got knocked the F out by this old fat afrikaner, then he’s going to see stars when he fights a real heavyweight boxer.

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