Morning Chaps,

Gosh, I will be the first to admit that I have missed my knowledgeable and vastly influential blog posts, please don’t all welcome me back all at once, I know you Yarpies have a limited level of excitement and I would not want you wasting it all on me.

I see that the new forum is still filled with its bugs, so full that I cannot even log into my own account and had to go full circle in creating a new one.

I would have loved to begin by boasting about the splendid victory England had against a hapless and weak Cannibal Islands team from the Southern Hemisphere, more on that later though.

Poor old Heineken Mayor cannot put a foot right according to you lot, it seems that if a Yarpie cannot complain, there is nothing to blog about. I have only been back for 1 week and can see that I have missed nothing, just more complaining, ref bashing and the uninformed Yarpie banter in comments. If you doubt my observation, let us look at what is happening, shall we:

  • Met Uysh – Fortunately for you lot he has not had anything to blog about, sadly now though, he thinks he has, all he has done is bore me
  • McLook – Still trying to analyse ancient games from 50 years ago and giving me a jolly chuckle today about a team being over coached.
  • TruVanC*nt – His normal limited cricket knowledge banter and nothing more.
  • Baylion – Still bitching about how unfair the world is I see, finally grew a pair and took away the whole “Lions-boohoo-no-boohoo-more” slogan he had for a while
  • Dutchman – The poor sack still believes that the Cheetahs are an actual rugby team.
  • Kevin D – Usual nonsense from the ex-pat that nobody really reads and still argues with himself I see
  • Powachair – Jolly good show old chap, I hope that there is a cure for your disease soon.
  • Gen de la Rey – Named after a failed Yarpie “war hero” and his posts also fail to impress and are prefect material for falling asleep.
  • Sheriffff – Drunken spewing of anything not thought through completely, if at all.


Right gentleman, let us get into it, your precious Steroid-Boks fell far short of impressing against a injury ridding Ireland side, that must have hurt your little chest beating brains. Ireland clearly had their number and  were it not for a lapse of defensive judgement against a brilliant Ruan Pienaar, you chaps were in for a humiliating defeat. All this after Heineken Mayor went weak and fell to Yarpie cries to include young Pat Lambie who was found wanting for the entire match and looked like a deer in headlights. A blind man can see that Lambie is a brilliant Fullback at International level and that the Flyhalves to be groomed are the two youngsters Elton Jantjies and Johan Goosen. Yarpie wisdom though, proves otherwise I guess.

So finally the Yarpies have a Steroid-Bok coach who does what they tell him to do, and are you happy, ridiculous I know, but no, you lot are complaining because now he is not listening enough. Thanks for that, makes me chuckle every time.

I will give my review on the brilliant display by Lancaster’s English team and the other matches in my next post.



40 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hooray, it’s Kitch (or at least allegedly).

    Greetings, and welcome back from Her Majesty’s most faithful dominion, New Zealand.

    Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall are in New Zealand, and it was his birthday today. Now we have Kitch again!

    Just one question, old chap, just to make sure this isn’t a dastardly Jaapie trick, and just to make sure you are the real Kitch, and not an impostor: –

    You are taken along by a friend to a dinner party hosted by some people you don’t know at a house in Mayfair. You walk in the door, and see the host serving gin and tonics. You decide that sounds jolly good, so you stride on over, and as you approach he asks, “would you like a slice of lemon or gooseberry with your G&T”.

    What is wrong with the question? The real Kitch, being a true Englishman would never fail to see the obvious flaw….

  2. Oh God its back …and as welcomed as ass sweat at a ballet sesion,Hey kitchy you just keep talking like you do we will watch the results and hopefully you will climb back into your little hole youve been hiding in…. I see your “national” teams stocked up on its SH player supply once more, you must be awfully proud of your local development there,suppose you cant blame them for wanting to compete…..sorry to always repeat myself but on the subject of national support its really strange to always hear from you lot about your “rent a team, sell a cap ” nationals ,and I thought we were the rainbow nation….F..k..g hanswors

  3. Ah..my mistake.

    Let me rewrite my comment.

    I thought you always said Goosen is a one dimensional flyhalf, and now you say he is one of our only two options to groom.

    Also on Lambie, you said previously he is our potential World Class flyhalf, and now you say he should only play at fullback?

    Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease….

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