Morning Chaps,

Gosh, I will be the first to admit that I have missed my knowledgeable and vastly influential blog posts, please don’t all welcome me back all at once, I know you Yarpies have a limited level of excitement and I would not want you wasting it all on me.

I see that the new forum is still filled with its bugs, so full that I cannot even log into my own account and had to go full circle in creating a new one.

I would have loved to begin by boasting about the splendid victory England had against a hapless and weak Cannibal Islands team from the Southern Hemisphere, more on that later though.

Poor old Heineken Mayor cannot put a foot right according to you lot, it seems that if a Yarpie cannot complain, there is nothing to blog about. I have only been back for 1 week and can see that I have missed nothing, just more complaining, ref bashing and the uninformed Yarpie banter in comments. If you doubt my observation, let us look at what is happening, shall we:

  • Met Uysh – Fortunately for you lot he has not had anything to blog about, sadly now though, he thinks he has, all he has done is bore me
  • McLook – Still trying to analyse ancient games from 50 years ago and giving me a jolly chuckle today about a team being over coached.
  • TruVanC*nt – His normal limited cricket knowledge banter and nothing more.
  • Baylion – Still bitching about how unfair the world is I see, finally grew a pair and took away the whole “Lions-boohoo-no-boohoo-more” slogan he had for a while
  • Dutchman – The poor sack still believes that the Cheetahs are an actual rugby team.
  • Kevin D – Usual nonsense from the ex-pat that nobody really reads and still argues with himself I see
  • Powachair – Jolly good show old chap, I hope that there is a cure for your disease soon.
  • Gen de la Rey – Named after a failed Yarpie “war hero” and his posts also fail to impress and are prefect material for falling asleep.
  • Sheriffff – Drunken spewing of anything not thought through completely, if at all.


Right gentleman, let us get into it, your precious Steroid-Boks fell far short of impressing against a injury ridding Ireland side, that must have hurt your little chest beating brains. Ireland clearly had their number and  were it not for a lapse of defensive judgement against a brilliant Ruan Pienaar, you chaps were in for a humiliating defeat. All this after Heineken Mayor went weak and fell to Yarpie cries to include young Pat Lambie who was found wanting for the entire match and looked like a deer in headlights. A blind man can see that Lambie is a brilliant Fullback at International level and that the Flyhalves to be groomed are the two youngsters Elton Jantjies and Johan Goosen. Yarpie wisdom though, proves otherwise I guess.

So finally the Yarpies have a Steroid-Bok coach who does what they tell him to do, and are you happy, ridiculous I know, but no, you lot are complaining because now he is not listening enough. Thanks for that, makes me chuckle every time.

I will give my review on the brilliant display by Lancaster’s English team and the other matches in my next post.