Where have all the arseholes gone?

Oh, how I miss the good old days of Letterdash blogs and comments; and, the friendly banter.

I just came across this priceless “debate”, about the splendid personality of Kitchener, between” the humourless MWOS and the community drunk, Sheriffff: 

Sheriffff: “<br />A Legend? Sorry Willem I’ve lost all my respect for you, calling an English twat of a blogger a Legend? That’s a joke and you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re a man not a pussy, shape up for goodness sake!<br />”

Willem: “Jeez you are full of yourself these days Sheriff and you are also not the guy (friend) i thought you were, so the i guess both of us are enlightened today hey!<br /><br />Thinking and saying something good of another person, irrespective if you agree with his views or not, is something good.  Pissing your life away on booze and proclaiming it in public is something I would feel much more ashamed of.  <br /><br />We are different people Sherifff and respect me for my views. I am glad I realized this today via your direct outburst to my views on a blogger, yes, only a blogger, nothing more.<br /><br />Now go open another bottle of alcohol and try and be ashamed of that!  ”

Sheriffff: “Dude . . . .I was joking<br /><br />Wow, Harsh words Willem”

MWOS: “you have been joking with me this whole week now and I’m in the mood no longer..joke with someone else and choose your words more carefully! The least you can do is put a smiley face at the end which will help the reader of know you are using words like “respect” “joke” “ashamed” “pussy” “shape up” as a joke!”

Sheriffff: “Fuck you : )<br /><br />Is that better asshole : ) ? <br /> ”

And then there was Labach Tanai who almost begged me to accept his apology for doubting my credentials as a journo:

“OK TP, I will apologize as well, but seeing the success Darwinia had, I do not expect you to accept mine. Glad that you acknowledged at least that she attempted to apologize. If you are a journalist I will accept from my side that you are being truthful as that is what i would expect from someone in that position. You have not shown any reason for me not to believe that you are truthful now! Since I do not intend to meet you for dinner one day, this is the best I can do: Sorry for doubting your integrity, because in the end that is all one have…”

Oh, yes and will I ever forget Greencap’s hysteric reply on my blog, “John Smit was a “hooker”, yes? “:

“”Fucksakes man; Johno is an oversized pie with the work ethics of a lazy donkey.”<br /><br />Seeing that we are at the name calling phase… I think an apt response would be..<br /><br />Johns Smit was a “hooker”, yes… and so is Hugo’s mother…<br /><br />”

And then the effort of the hairy back boor to share his views about me with, well with me: 

“Skip e o, lyster nou mooi vi oompie Hugo….dis nou die regte een hieso! Eerstens, fokken great comment mater! Great!<br />Ko ons begin by 5 sterre en draai hom op…<br />Ster No.6- Munisipale werkers (wo-kers) issie staight of forward nie en hulle het fokken baie tyd op hul hanne!<br />Ster No.7- Vet is sowaar vet en liegbek Hugo het Smit dit genoem ‘n paar keer!<br />Ster No.8- Hugo praat van beste, en watter span is die beste, ma hy wetie eers wie beter is en beste vir ‘n beter land as jy wil beter wees in die beste land van jou beter voorvaders nie…fok, as hy homself confuse…hoe dan nou?<br />Ster No.9- Skip eeee ou, jy moet teen nou al weet Hugo werk vir die Misrabiliteit en gee punte vir mooi tuine en so aan! Hy werk NIE vir iemand nie! Hy werk vir baie mense…..hy dien die mense.<br />Ster No.10- Anti Matter/Doesn’t matter. Braaivleis/Houtskool. Lekke/kak. Wit/Swart. Happy/Sad. Sport kenner/Hugo. Einstein/Hugo etc. etc.<br /><br />So eintlik wat ek wil se is “great post man!” en vir Hugo, hou so aan…”

5 thoughts on “Where have all the arseholes gone?

  1. Sounds like a famous song; “Where have all the assholes gone, gone to WordPress everyone; when will they ever learn etc.” Actually the A hole I miss the most is Kitch. Especially since we flattened his 2 chosen teams. Would have loved to hear him wriggle out of that humiliation.

  2. Well, you are still here and still an asshole I see…

    Following the “Field of Dreams”-strategy: If you build a lame argument, they will come?

    Good luck with the bait, but with this time of the year and this platform, I guess not many will come.

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