Ausies needs miracles and not mysterious Protea-files

So then, the Ausies, with their Protea-files, analysed the visiting batters, identified their individual week points and made plans to capitalise.

Marvellous, the Proteas definitely did the same with the Ausie batters.

Unlike the Ausies however, the Proteas had stuff to work with.

Of cause the Protea batters have flaws; but far and between though.

On the other hand the Ausie batters could find themselves in total disarray if they do not find solutions for their own batting woes.

They, the Ausies, tend to base their theories on hope; that yes, and urban legends rather than fact.

Theoretically every batter in the world has a weak point and the best amongst them tend to work on their shortcomings and solve it.

That is why Hashim Amla succeeded to change his technique almost completely to become one of the sensational best.

All good batters have strengths; which become stronger as time goes by.

That is why Biff, although no bowler in the world wants to accept it, is stronger off his front leg than ever.

Protea-batters have weak points but the ones the sheep-shaggers pointed out won’t work for the simple reason that they do not have the bowlers to make it work.

It is often said that the best batters occasionally perish through their favourite shots and instead of focussing on the opposing batters’ deficiencies the Ausies should have zoomed in on the strength of the South Africans to get lucky.

It is all a matter of simple arithmetic: the South African batters are amongst the best in the world and they give opposition bowlers little to work with. Their strengths are almost unlimited and therefore the Ausies should have focussed on that.

Biff is strong on the legs; so put two lads behind his back: forward short leg and another in the position just wide of square leg in the direction of the wicket-keeper.

For Amla I will have three slips at the one, two and four area. Open up the third slip area, bowl a tad wide and he might go for the vacant area and make an error.

Mitchell Starc is the only Australian bowler that might “benefit” from the Protea-files that was “leaked” to the media.

I am not convinced of the leakage and believe it was given to the media by an Australian official to bluff the South Africans. Something like this is what we want you to expect but not what we intend to do.

If my theory is right the Ausies is not only naïf but also desperate; the South Africans are simply to street wise to fall for such a trap.

Starc is a threat, yes, but not even my grandma will experience one shiver of anxiety if she had to face Ben Hilfenhaus, James Pattinson and Peter Siddle.

Occasionally the South African batters have an off day; but when it happen their bowlers hit back with fury. For such is the nature of the Proteas: if their batters don’t win it their bowlers do.

Maybe the Ausies get lucky and work over, say Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis; but that will only infuriate the likes of Hashim, Alviro, AB, JP and Rudolph.

On the other hand Steyn, Philander and Morkel will have two opportunities to annihilate the Ausie batters. None of the top three, Rob Quiney, Ed Cowan and David Warner is of international quality and they could tumble in a wiz.

MEK Hussey en Ricky Ponting will experience the most aggressive bowling of their lives and if any of the two old timers escape with their heads and chins intact I will be surprised.

Clarke is brilliant but the rest is push overs.

The Gabba in Brisbane will only seem and jump in the first two sessions of day 1; then it will die down and become a lifeless batter’s paradise.

So, if Clarke wins the toss he will have to bowl in which case Graeme and the rest will punish him.

If Smith wins the toss he might be tempted to get his bowlers out there to blast the has-beens and youngsters out of the park.

5 thoughts on “Ausies needs miracles and not mysterious Protea-files

  1. Excellent start by SA today! Except for peterson throwing his wicket away. I din’t see Smith’s dismissal. Lets hope we post a massive score and bowl the Aussies out 2 times twice! ha ha

  2. Hugo! Your spelling and grammar has gone backwards again. It’s almost as if your clone has returned.

  3. Anything can happen in a game of cricket; but the Ausies will be a tad depleted without Shane Watson; although with him not there the chances for run outs decrease with 100%. Cowan and Quiney is almost 30 and their first class averages are less than 40. I cannot see them surviving the Protea pace attack. Warner is a gung-ho blaster that fails to realise the difference between tests and shorter versions of the game. He is like Sehwag and will make spectacular runs once in a while but in between he will dish up rubbish. MEK and Ricky is simply too old for the game. We should restrict the Ausies to between 250 and 300 and that we should be able to capitalise on. We might lose but then we will have to play very bad and if we choke; well then we do not deserve the number 1 spot.

  4. Hmmm.. You’re very optimistic hey! yes the protea side is a very good side, and deserve to be the no1 ranked team. BUT do not write the Aussies off!!! What they lack in quality and technique they make up for with spirit and mental toughness.
    The proteas have gone into tournaments and matches as the favourites too often and come out with their tales between the legs. We should beat the Aussies and remain no1, but beware the Aussies and dont take them lightly!

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