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Cheers Tahir!

November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am glad Tahir has been exposed, he was very lucky to start his short international career at the same time that Philander burst onto the test scene.

 Philander took wickets and contained batsman, this allowed Tahir to get away with his pies and then come in to pick up 1 or 2 tail enders.

  Notably in the past Harris did the containing job in the team.

 So with Philander not having  a great 1st test in Aus and not playing in the 2nd test there was no one to tie up an end and build pressure. The result ….. Tahir recorded the worst bowling figures in the history of test cricket…… no really I am serious.

 His idiotic wicket celebrations have been cringe worthy and I will not miss him at all.

 I don’t know what SA was thinking investing time and money in a 30+ spinner.

 Were we so desperate to have a leggie in our team we convinced ourselves he was better than he is…?

 I believe that the Proteas play better and function better with the spinner doing a holding job and building pressure while the 3 (or 4) quicks attack form the other end.

My personal preference would have been Johan Botha but for some reason he is not seen as a test option by SA cricket.

In any event he has now committed to South Australia so I think we have seen the last of him in SA colours.

 So with Botha being unavailable and Tahir exposed, Robin has to be the man.

So what if he does not “rip” the ball, that is not the type of spinner the typical South African test team needs.


 As for Fridays team selection:

 I reckon they might play 4 quicks, and Robin.

Kallis to play as a batter only and Rudolph to make way for Kleinveldt.

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  1. I also feel that the 2 passengers, Tahir and JR, needs to make space for some others. With Faf there who can also do a spin job, I think we should be okay with Robbie P there. Even Elgar in place of Kleinveldt, but Kleinveldt is finally getting into test cricket with very good 2nd innings bowling – so I would also rather stick with him than bring in Elgar. I would love it if Kallis could play even just as a batsmen.

    • Ja Kleinveldt did well, but I am still bemused how he leap frogged Lopsy, De Lange and even Parnell….

      • Marchant has an injury, Parnell’s bowling has gone to the dogs (he is batting better though), but basically only Lopsy can feel aggrieved. I think Kleinveld is in on the all rounder tag as we are realizing that Kallis cannot last forever…

        • Agreed Parnell not bowling well, but it could be a coaching issue at the Warriors, they have been terrible since Domingo left to join Kirsten. I am surprised Domingo has not pulled in Lopsy or Parnell they both excelled under him at the Warriors.

        • it’s a sick cycle, when Parnell bats well he bowls shit and when he bowls well he bats shit, maybe he needs to start drinking again

  2. I am confused it is evident that due to Boucher not being there smith cannot set a field. AB need to get back to batting . Why do whe leave somone like Puttick out? At least he’s a real WC and can bat as well Is it again a case that someone dislike him? Do we really whant to burn Kallis out for the sake of one match? Why not give Elgar a chance or Stiaan van Zyl. Or even get Coetzee to do the Keeping for us Tsolikile did not shape up until now if we need to invest lets do it now while Coetzee is still young it work with Bouch. There is also Levi which is better in the long version I mean all Kallis records where broken by him Let’s invest now or cry later

  3. Yes, good idea. Let’s experiment with different players in the test that will determine the series and the world rankings.

    Also, can I kindly suggest some punctuation?

  4. I think all things considered, Kallis not 100%, Stain not 100%, Phillander not 100%, you really cant afford to carry passangers. JR & IT cant be kept in the side. With a series against the Aussies it s a case of step up or step out, and those two need to step out.
    I agree that with Faf in the team and Robin P in should be enough. Kleinveldt still needs to be more consistent before he becomes a shoe in. Also need another bat if we drop JR. AB should perhaps move down the order one more to give him some recovery time after keeping.
    Never experiment in a desider game! Who does that? if we were 2-0 down or up then experiments could be made but not the Perth Test.

    • I am not a Rory fan but with Kallis unable to bowl (if he plays) and our bowlers struggling to take 20 wickets, I would prefer him to Rudolph.
      And with AB keeping we effectively have 6 batsmen ….so I would play and extra blower, but that’s just me 

  5. How is Roelfie vd Merwe at the long version of the game? He took a fiver last night and has been consistantly the most economical bowler for the team…and takes wickets.

    • he does not make the Titans 4 day team (they normally play Harris and Tahir, Tahir might have left them this season…i cant keep up)

  6. Ah, if it’s not my old friend the Smith basher, haven’t been able to bash him lately have you? so you turn to Tahir, at least this time I agree with you

    • ah, Sherry, i see you have a exiting new Bromance blossoming, Lambie is a real looker, but he does not have the love handles Biff has…i thought you liked your men on the heavier side….:-)

  7. Well Tahir did have a very impressive 1st class career. Lots of wickets. But that is prob more a reflection that most SA batsman aren’t to great against spin.
    Agree he is pretty disappointing.

    I would not completely throw him away. If one go to the Sub continent he might be more effective?

    Thing is there is no real world class spinners in SA.

  8. Good riddance to bad rubbish imo! Tahir is ok for first class cricket, not for international cricket. Sadly it looks like Rudolph is in the same boat.

    I wouldn’t risk kallis playing in this match. Yes he batted well to help save the last test. But the chances of him hurting himself even more in this test are good, and then we sit with 1 batsmen less again. And we dont want to be in that situation again in this do or die game


  10. Amen! Cheers Tahir! Long overdue!

  11. I would have respected your opinion a lot more if you wrote this article before the second test.

  12. i think Smith has utilised Tahir totally wrong. i think he should be used in very short spells and paired up immediately with a pace bowler when u new batsman comes to the crease (again using short spells with him). He can then be used in longer spells for batsmen 7,8 and 9 setting up an extremely attacking field.

    South Africans have very short memories. Have we forgotten how many times our pace bowlers did all the hard yards up front dismissing front line batsmen only for the opposition tail enders to pull off a draw because of smith’s limited options when the track becomes flat on the final day (for pace bowlers) but then becomes very condusive for an attacking spin option??…

    i think SA should stick to a winning combination that has raised us to the No.1 team and instead of making a change to tahier, rather make a tactical changes into utilising him more effective according to the opposition and situation…

    I maintain that i think that if SA drop him, then they would be reverting back to there old ways “missing that extra trick up there sleeve” option.

    Proper utilisation of Tahir is the key here, he should stay in my opinion. Smith should relook his on-field bowling tactics according to the situation. Having never had an attacking spin option before, im not surprised that he has not yet figured how to manage (the attacking spin option) it correctly yet.

    • Thats a very poor observation from you. Thats one of the big problems with Tahir, when he is brought on against a new batsmen, it gives the batsmen free runs and an easy chance to get off the mark. blaming the captain for Tahirs performances is poor form on your side

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