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T20 Meltdown:

October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

So it happened again, we exited another ICC event prematurely after much hype an anticipation.

Some diehard fans claim that we did not choke…well maybe not against Australia but how on earth did we lose against Pakistan and last night against India for that matter.

Facts are, we seem to choke in tournament cricket. We can put it together when playing the best teams in the world, home or away. But when it comes to a Cup style tournament we tend to underperform.

Anyway it’s done know. Here are a few things that concerned /irritated me.

Our persistent opening with Levi, unfortunately he does appear to be a flat track bully that can only cane medium pacers. Really fast or slow bowling gets him tied in knots. I like the lad, but he got a few too many chances for my liking.

During our defeat to Aus on Sunday I saw a tweet from Graeme Smith, he was at the beach with his family…having g a great day….my day sucked after our performance, thanks for asking Graeme.

Our batting order never seemed settled, to much shifting about for my liking.

Amla and Kallis our two best players did not fire with the bat. This was a pity but they have been outstanding for us in the past and surely we can’t always rely on them. They did not make runs but that’s why you have 6/7 batsmen, and in a 20 over game surely some other batters can pick up the slack.

Our spinners bowled well but they were not well managed by AB, who’s captaincy left a lot to be desired.

Our death bowling remains a problem, after bowling so well in the last IPL Morne Morkel struggled to find the block hole. How does this happen , did the stint of test cricket, where you bowl line and length, harm is limited over bowling? …I don’t know.

In the Super Sport studio on Sunday HD Ackerman was defending the cricketers saying that they have been away from home for so long… bla…bla , shamepies…yet I don’t see any players turning down IPL contracts when it involves extensive traveling. That is no excuse HD, they get paid VERY good money to do their job, and missing mommy is now excuse for piss poor cricket.

 Very disappointing from the Proteas.

9 responses to T20 Meltdown:

  1. I agree with your post. I’m not too unhappy that we got knocked out, it is not real cricket this T20 business. But it is a concern though how we seem to underperform in cup tournaments. It’s really strange, I’d love to know what is wrong. Hopefully we can sort it out by the next ODI World Cup, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    I also think Levi is overrated. I never rated him even though he got that 100. One thing that I think a lot of people forget when it comes to that 100 in NZ is that the field was very small and a lot of his mishits went for a boundary. A lot of those edges and mishits result in getting out on bigger fields.

  2. They were very disappointing indeed. To me it just felt at times like we were playing too conservative again. And when our batsmen did go for the big shots it almost never came off. I also think we got our batting line-up wrong. I read a few articles where they say we keep our best hitters for the last few overs, where in fact they should actually start in 20/20 cricket! Someone like albie morkel should’ve been given a chance to come in at 4 or 5, instead of trying to hit a few sixes off the last 10 balls of the innings.
    levi was a waste, a one hit wonder. He doesn’t even look like a good cricketer, he tries to clobber everything like a baseball player.
    Even though T20 cricket isn’t the ultimate form of cricket, and its not, this was still the proteas team representing our country at an international event. Going into the event as the no1 ranked team and strong favourite, but exiting with our tails between the legs…

    • I feel for Albie. he is great player when correctly managed.
      Dhoni rates him very highly in the Chennai Super Kings team, they seem to manage him much better there.

  3. AB is not a captain or a keeper. His batting has gone south since this change, in all cricket. He doesn’t have a captains mentality and should be allowed to concentrate on his batting where he has performed very well in the past. Johan Botha is the man for the captains job. He proved this is Aussie and his bowling is more than good enough. The team selection was also questionable… why a different team to the one selected to play in England?

    • Ja i don’t know about AB’s captaincy, he does give you and extra dimension when keeping in limited over stuff.

      I am a big Botha fan and I don’t understand the treatment he has received…, in my mind he is good enough for test, 50 and 20 over cricket.
      and I agree he wooed be a great captain at T20 level.

      Anyway, he is off the Aus for good at the end of the year,

  4. Ya our selections were bizarre, Ab playing himself at 6, the continuous faith in Levi and Faf only getting a chance in the last game and showing he is more than capable. AB’s captaincy in the PAK game was horrible, anyway, bring on Aus Tests!

  5. I think it should be mandatory for all domestic cricketers including national contracted proteas players to be involved in some studies during their early careers especially….
    And not just easy sports management diplomas, these okes should be doing tough Unisa degree courses, that way come exam time they will be under heavy pressure and it will train their brains to think and perform under pressure!

    And for added pressure, proteas contracted players results should be published for the general public to view  …and comment on …..

  6. I think as Proteas fans we tend to over think bad results, especially with our history in these tournaments. At the end of the day we just weren’t a good enough unit on the day. Also, lets face it this is hit and giggle stuff which is barely even worth calling cricket. In the real men’s cricket, ie. the recent Test series vs. England, we performed admirably under pressure and did not choke, even at times when things were not looking good for us, and claimed the number 1 spot and the #1 Test ranking. That was probably one of our greatest cricketing moments in our history. People need to keep things in perspective and stop being so short-sighted.

  7. Woops, meant to say we took the series and claimed the #1 spot on the rankings.

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