Transformation and the Kings:

Below a pic of Ezee Fana… a legend of EP Rugby….he is it at ALL EP’s games and is very vocal at live games….mush like that Bushy bullet from Griquas.

You will al see a lot of him in 2013 I trust ;-)


 There has been more than a few bloggers that feel that if the Kings strengthen their Super rugby side by buying players it is contradicting the Kings Transformation Goals;

 My comment in a Met Uysh post was that:

 “I agree to an extent that “transformation” has been used as a bit of a tool to get the Kings in.

But it’s not just lip service.

 their view is clear,

they are not going to use the Super rugby or CC teams to force transformation issues.

The Super rugby exposure will attract lots of Money, this will be used in the Schools in the EC and the Kings Academies that have recently been established,

In these junior ranks the focus will be on transformation (amongst other things) and in so doing the graduation of black player to the senior teams will be a natural progression.

 We now have a something to offer the Siya Kollisis (an EC boy) of the future to stop then form going to other unions and keep them in the EC.

It will also force other unions to really transform their union and province and not just buy talented black players from the EC. (Siya, Mvovo, Ndungane brother etc etc)”


In addition a bit of clarification what is expected by the Kings from SARU on

I copied pasted it below, feel free to comment….

The Southern Kings will not have any special conditions of selection, but they are expected to boost transformation in South African rugby.

Although at the expense of the Lions, the region of the Eastern Cape has finally been granted the Super Rugby franchise that they were first promised back in 2005, and along with that is the expectation that they will develop a high number of black players.

SARU chairman Oregan Hoskins explained: “One of the reasons that we decided to give a franchise to the Eastern Cape was that historically it has been the place where a large majority of the black players and coloured players come from and we sincerely believe that this will inspire a lot of the youngsters that are there to want to play for their franchise so that is one of the cardinal reasons why we fought so hard to get this franchise going.

“That is why we aspired to form a franchise there – to really get our transformational imperatives to where they should be. That is really the historical black rugby area where people have played rugby for more than a century so they need to get their act together quickly,” he said.

There is a concern that the Kings will import the bulk of their squad for their debut Super Rugby season next year in a bid to keep their spot in the competition, but Hoskins is confident that they will come to the transformation party.

“I think they will come to the party eventually because they have got to take account their own constituents, and the players that are there are going to want to play for their franchise and I think they will be under pressure to prepare those players.

“Together with their leadership we talk about it regularly and I have had regular chats with the President of the Eastern Province Rugby Union and he has assured me that he is dealing with it and that he is actually talking to his coaches regularly,” he said.

Hoskins made it clear that the Kings will not operate by different rules to the other South African franchises, but explained that they have a better opportunity to contribute to transformation than other areas and will be expected to take advantage of that.

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