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EP Kings Update, Other Rugby, Cricket and Twitter Justice:

August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Morning All

 EP Kings Update:

The EP Kings thumped the defending champion Boland Kavaliers 57-19 to move seven points clear at the top of the first division log.

The Kings were ruthless in their demolition of the Kavaliers in Port Elizabeth on Friday and maintained their unbeaten record in the competition this year.

The EP Kings celebrated their inclusion in Super Rugby with a crushing victory over the Boland Kavaliers at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Friday.

The unbeaten Kings, who after nine months of speculation were voted into next years Super tournament, shed the shackles of uncertainty and ran the ball whenever the opportunity presented itself. They scored eight tries to Bolands three and thereby increased their unbeaten streak to eight games.

They helped themselves to five first-half tries and secured the bonus-point score through flyhalf Wesley Dunlop as early as the 24th minute. The Kings first got onto the scoreboard in the ninth minute when captain and No.8 Luke Watson crashed over from a maul which rolled all of 20 metres.

Five minutes later, prop Clint Newland scored his teams second from more driving play by his fellow forwards. Centre Tiger Mangweni collected a pass from Samoan wing Paul Perez to score the third try midway through the first half.

After Dunlop had made it 26-0 with his try which he converted himself, fullback SP Marais intercepted the ball close to his own tryline and ran the length of the field to score under the posts.

Dunlop slotted the easy conversion and kicked another penalty but not before Boland opened their account with try by flank Philip van Zyl.

Watson thereafter got his second try of the match shortly after the restart to rub further salt in the wounds and ensure that the Kings established themselves, if they had not already done so, as odds-on favourites for the title.

The scorers:

For the EP Kings:
Tries: Van der Walt, Dunlop, Mangweni, Marais, Watson 2, Du Preez, Newland
Cons: Dunlop 6, Whitehead
Pen: Dunlop

For the Kavaliers:
Tries: Van der Merwe, Van Zyl, Clark
Cons: Zana, Jansen.

In other news:

The Currie Cup continuous to soldier on, but I must say on the back of Marathon Super rugby campaign it does get a bit much, and  my interest levels are at a all time low.

The gripping test match at Lords provided better viewing.

Regardless….,  a good win for the Shark over the defending champs, the Lions.

Also the Cheetahs earned a well earned victory against a Bulls team that will have to do a bit of reflecting as Pine Pienaar and his men continue to disappointed in the CC level,  considering the recourses (player and money)at their disposal.

The same can be said about WP after the narrow win against the hard as nails Griekwas team, that have managed to assemble a very good team for this year. I was rooting for the lads from Kimberley.

As for the Bokke game, my view is that it was adequate, without being special, I see a bit too much running at the man and making contact for my liking.

The current game plan seems overly dependent on Albers and Frans Steyn “hitting” it up.

Can this approach beat the Aussies…, I think so…, But the All blacks…I don’t know.

On the cricket front, the Proteas continues to impress under Gary Kirsten. With this series a great advertisement for Test cricket.

Great batting by Amla and what a wonderfully opening spell by Vernon yesterday afternoon.

Oh and I see that idiot that abused Mark Boucher has run for the hills and deleted his twitter account . After Mark retweeted the insult the cricket community (especially J Kallis) called on twitter that he should be exposed, within a  few hours his name and home town in the UK was known., As stated he then subsequently deleted his twitter account. (his name was allegedly Michael Debeve from Middleborough (as per a Ryk Neetling tweet)



22 responses to EP Kings Update, Other Rugby, Cricket and Twitter Justice:

  1. Daft Pommie C#nt!

  2. If the Kings were able to put in such performances in the CC Premier League it would have been something to mention.

  3. So now we all know who the Kitchener is: Michael Debeve from Middleborough.

  4. When you go to a store do you take a apple and say I can use this as a pineapple for my pizza?

    I don’t think so.

    Then surely you will see 1st Div rugby is not Premier Div rugby!

    • Anything that grew from political bullsh#t and sold to SA rugby with some clever lies and bribes will spoil your appetite for pizza entirely.

      • O contraire my friend,

        I am very much looking forward to having my pizza in a Box at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium next year,

        • Oh yes, i myself will be enjoying the fruits of our gracious and generous rugby liberators that has, through their “hard work” and “dedication”, brought back top flight rugby to the Eastern Cape. But it must be said that i enjoy my fruit squashed, stomped and blended by the boots of those who deserve to be there

          • corruption , player mutiny, fraud, 1 poor super rugby season after another…you are right the Lions were so “deserving”

          • I agree, Lions didn’t deserve it the last couple of years. It should have been relooked at years ago through proper RUGBY BASED solutions. But lets see how the Lions were they included in the first place? oh i know, BY WINNING IT! And ever since then being a usual contender for Currie Cup glory, and winning that too, despite problems in the boardrooms. Only fair that the Kings should then play for their place against those “less worthy”. If they are a better option than the Lions, let them prove it, and all will be fair and left alone… But how was it settled in the end? Behind closed doors, locked away from public eyes, like every other shady deal these political types do on a daily basis. They couldn’t even take a spot in Currie Cup Prems away from the Pumas when they had the chance. Do you see them fair any better than the Lions? I think not…

          • I have said it numerous times before (you can go through my old posts)

            expecting a team to play their way into Super rugby us unrealistic in the SA setup

            Without the prospect of Superurgby top players don’t stay or sign with a union (as the Lions will find out)

            So how do you improve…?, its sound backwards but you need Super rugby exposure to improve as a team in SA

            How could EP attract or keep talent to challenge in the CC Premier Cup when it can’t gives it players Super rugby exposure….that’s why the Lions are not happy with the promotion/relegation matches for 2014.
            they will be minus 10-15 top class players come 2014

          • You’re right, it does sound backwards…. Because it is! That is why you wait as a union until the next window for inclusion comes around, when the broadcast deals are up for renewal and everyone is open to the idea. Until then, use that time to build your structure, aquire players, look out for contracts that are to expire and negotiate with those players for a deal when you are to be fairly included in the competition. Get sponsors to back you with that mindset aswell. Build your junior academies with youngsters from major rugby schools (there are PLENTY in PE alone). You don’t need lots of money and favours and connections to do that. Cheetahs are proof of that, and the Rebels, even if they arent featuring as a massive power, have deserved their place in SR by doing this, and have great earned great respect as a competing franchise. If the Kings have gone this route, everyone would respect their inclusion, even if they get trampled every game, because it takes TIME to build. Now they are the laughing stock, and I, as a proud PE resident with admiration and awe for our beautiful stadium and rugby culture, is embarrased by how these “administrators” shit on everything!

        • i cant agree Wes, with all the talent in PE, sponsors and players would still be looking elsewhere if no Superugby were on the cards. The newly formed Kings Academy (doing great work by the way) run by Rob Kempston would not exist if the promise rugby was not on the cards.

          Even the recent success in the Varsity Cup where the Madibaz beat Maties and Shimals in 2012 and had their best season to date was due to the pending 2013 inclusion of the Kings.

          Lets agree to disagree…but lets agree to Support the Kings come 201333…yes?

          • Well then, impatience and greed got the better of an organization with sponsors not looking for a sustainable rugby solution, instead opting for the political solution, “claiming” their “rightful” place (sound very politically conceived doesn’t it?). I don’t buy into that kind of thing… Don’t take what you haven’t earned…

    • I read my post again, and can’t find any instance where I mentioned the Kings are playing Premier league CC rugby.

      In fact:

      “…to move seven points clear at the top of the first division log”

      so I don’t really understand the relevance of your comment

      • H&P this is exactly the mentality of South Africans these days, just sit open hands for everything and not WORK for it. A perfect example is the Lonmin, Marikana situation. Those guys did not work to get a higher salary but decided to open their hands and DEMAND a higher salary.

        The same goes for the KINGS they DEMANDED inclusion without being the RIGHT guy for the job. But as we see these days there is a heck of a lot of people in positions that there is a better guy to do the job but because of POLITICS they are not where they DESERVE to be.

        Another thing about the KINGS they will get players from other unions to strenghten their team and not neccesarily EP bred players. This is contrary to the why they were there in the first place. The KINGS does not have enough good players to warrant inclusion.

        At least the Lions will finish last with some wins, the Kings might as well finish last but with no wins.

      • my relevance to your comment is just the way you try to make it sound BIG! First division is not BIG.

        And by the way I won’t eat a pizza when watching rugby at Nelson Mandela stadium. You might choke when your teams are runned ragged!

  5. Hahah, you really are clueless. Michael Debeve was a french professional footballer who played for Middlesbrough in 2002. I highly doubt that is the tweeters real name and home town.

    • ah bless…its so cute when the elderly try and keep up with technology…no he did not “tweeter” (sic) under his real name, he had a different username, His real name came to light when various cricketers in SA and Eng asked on twitter anyone that has his real identity to please come forward, . He then deleted his account (under his twitter username , not real name, still keeping up?) .

      • This is funny, because I know for a fact his real name has not come to light. Try harder you proteas plumbs haaa

        • to be honest could not care less what his name is.

          What is apparent is that he is a sorry excuse for a human, first making that comment to Boucher, then running away and deleting his twitter account like a little girl when confronted.

  6. Common give the Efiings a chance. Who knows maybe they could do better than the Lions.

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