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Olympics 2012 – SASCOC sold out…

July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

So today is the big day.

The 2012 Summer Olympics officially kicks off today with  (what is sure to be) a show stopping opening ceremony in London.

As soon as tomorrow one of our serious medal hopefuls , Chad Le Gloss, will be in action. Good luck to him.

A few pictures of the SA athletes have started to surface , and to be honest their outfits are embarrassing.

The athletes can’t be blamed for this, as SASCOC somehow decided to sign a sponsorship deal the Chinese based sport brand named “Elke”

Like most imported goods from China these products are cheap and compete by simply flooding foreign markets.

Needless to say most counties can’t compete, South Africa’s and so many other countries textile industries have been driven to extinction by this practice.

This was an ideal opportunity by SASCOC to team up with a local, or even a  international brand that has a strong SA presence by virtue of local retailers or distributes and in many cases even limited production. All practices that create employment in SA.

Even more ironic is that the SA mascot, a Rhino, is on the brink of extinction in great part due to illegal trade for traditional Chinese medicine.

Some reactions after the announcement of the  four-year, $4m sponsorship agreement with Erke — a $250m annual turnover Chinese sportswear group.


“Immediately, the Congress of South African Trade Unions expressed outrage at the licensing agreement, which conflicts with the Local Procurement Accord, and called for the agreement to be voided. Proudly South African also expressed dismay, given Sascoc’s undertakings that member bodies would support local sourcing. “

“Social media erupted. Those who chose a rhino mascot are incensed at Sascoc’s unethical decision, especially given that they believed their votes would highlight awareness of the “bloody” plight of our rhinos — threatened by illegal trade for traditional Chinese medicine — via global media at such a significant, world event. “

“Whilst Erke has no liability whatsoever for the poaching scourge, our well-known, national outrage at China’s proven lack of proper law enforcement against illicit rhino-horn trade has been utterly lost in Sascoc’s drive to maximise royalties. “

As usual the public criticism fell on deaf ears and our athletes are prancing around in Chinese imports on the biggest stage of them all.


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  1. SASCOC should go sit on a Lhino Horn.

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