Something needs to be done

This morning I saw something that made me cringe, I am used to sitting in traffic on my way to work and have gotten accustomed to seeing Taxis and motor vehicles that seem hardly roadworthy driven by drivers that definitely are not, cruising past my left hand side in the yellow lane, pushing their way in front of me when a Metro Police Officer is the vicinity and then climb back into the yellow lane when all is clear.

This is not a new site, well not from a Gauteng perspective anyway, my thinking is that this all starts with people who cannot afford their own mode of transportation and take taxis to get to work/town, once they can afford their own vehicle, they have seen how the “public transport officials” do it and get away with it, so they do it as well.

Coming back to this morning, there were a group of cyclists in the yellow lane for their morning run, when from behind a taxi came hooting and speeding towards them, the cyclists had absolutely no where to go, seeing as this is an emergency lane for Police and Ambulances to use, they simply continued on their merry way, the vehicle persisted to drive up behind them and almost nudge the person at the back, forcing 15 odd cyclists off the road onto the rocks and gravel just so that the taxi can push past maybe 10 cars, unfortunately this was not the end as the first taxi was followed by a quadrat of before mentioned vehicles and taxis.

The cyclists were finally able to get back on the road after coming to a complete stop on the gravel waiting for the traffic to surge past illegally, only just though, as they took the first turn off to get out of the firing line.

Something has to be done and soon, as reckless drivers, I must also mention that there are reckless cyclists as well, need to be stopped and laws need to be upgraded and punishments should be harsher than a JMPD Officer simply waving his arm in a motion for the vehicles to get out of the yellow lane.


3 thoughts on “Something needs to be done

  1. I think there are thousands of similar incidents happenining every day guys.. And its never going to stop, not unless the government and the traffic cops take a stand against taxis. We know this isn’t going to happen, so the senseless killing of other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists will continue.
    Taxi drivers think they are untouchable. And they almost are. Cops are too scared to pull the off cause they might get shot at. And when they do come down on taxis all the taxi unions (or whatever they call themselves) toi toi and wreak havoc. Not too long ago they even demanded that traffic cops not “disturb” them during peak traffic times. I mean really…

  2. Agree. I just don’t know what can be done. Create a cyclist only lane, and the Taxi’s will just use this as well. As long as Policing is up to shit, the senseless killing of pedestrians and cyclists caused by reckless driving will continue.

    This morning on my way to work, a Taxi driver nearly got himself killed on the highway. A truck was driving in the yellow lane to make way for some vehicles to overtake. The taxi overtook the very same truck, saw some clients on the side of the road, and immediately pulled over into the yellow lane to pick up his customers. The truck driver was alert, fortunately, and swerved away just in time to avoid crushing the taxi.

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