Times are changing

This article made me chuckle a bit, but in all seriousness, this is an interesting story.


The activists for gay rights in New Zealand have called for a player in the All Black squad who is reportedly a homosexual to come out of the proverbial closet and openly and proudly state that he is gay.


I say reportedly because a guy named Steven Gray, who has had many roles in life, most famously known as a TV Presenter in fair New Zealand and now he is also a gossip blogger, he supposedly had relations with said New Zealand rugby player, this story is a bit full of holes if you ask me, here is a direct quote from Steven: “Everyone always asks what his name was, but I can’t remember. I don’t know who the All Blacks are. But at the time I checked with a friend and it was totally true,”.


I find it hard to convince myself that in a country as crazy about their rugby as New Zealand is, that he just slept with a random All Black rugby player without recognizing him or asking/remembering his name, this in a country where All Black players are not in the limelight at all and their faces aren’t plastered on TV shows or even YouTube everyday. Luckily he asked a friend and it all checked out, it must be true then.


However true or false this story is, rugby players have always been butch and manly men, so this brings up a couple of questions:

  • Would we look at him differently?
  • Would his teammates still accept him?
  • Would you still shower/bunk with said player?
  • Will pretty boys like Hougaard be scared to be at the bottom of a ruck with said player?
  • Will this change our view on rugby players as a whole?


I have a couple of homosexual friends and it doesn’t bother me at all, but I can only imagine what these Oom’s across the Jukskei would think and say. Sad as it is, I don’t think that we as a very fickle supporter base will just accept a gay person representing our country in rugby of all things in the near future.


There are without a doubt homosexual men playing rugby, and if/when one makes it openly public, he is going to have a lot of critisism and hate speech heading his way, but if he was to be strong enough to survive the initial onslaught, I think he could be paving the way forward for future homosexual players to be accepted and could even promote the game.


I for one would not mind it, a player has to perform on the field, and if he is good enough, he is good enough, not to matter what he does in his personal life.


On another note, here is to the Cheetahs rocking a Semi spot in this year’s Super Rugby competition!

All the best for everyone in 2013.


14 thoughts on “Times are changing

  1. Wasn’t there a welsh or irish player who came out the closet about 2 or 3 years ago? He was a backline player if I remember correctly.

    If there really is a moffie in the all black team, there’s no ways he’ll come out now. I’d guess you want to do that sort of thing at your own time, not when you’ve been pomped and caught out by someone who tells the whole world afterwards!

    I’m sure the bulls wouldn’t mind a couple of moffies in their team. They do like playing in pink after all..

  2. Ok, on a more relevant note, I think if 15 homosexuals were to run onto the field to face the might All Blacks, they will be severely anal-gaped….

    It will change the hole game and I just cannot see myself jumping up and down in excitement as Princess Lola screams down the touchline only the throw the ball away as Richie McCaw approaches for her tackle.

    It will feel a bit weird to get excited by homosexuals putting their heads into each other….at scrumtime and shower time….

    It’s better to not know, I guess. Not that I am homophobic or anything. I just think it would be very uncomfortable for everyone if “Tony” walks into the showers with a huge boner, and smilingly stares at everyone while washing his tools over zealously….and then, imagine of Beast drops the soap!

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