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Good day fellow bloggers,

There are a lot of opinions and matters being discussed on the blogs, which is not a bad thing at all, however, some points need to be put to rest, so I decided to gather a research team and attempt at doing that, Mythbusters style.

Let’s look at some myths lurking around the blogs:

  • The Springboks have a one dimensional gameplan
  • England actually jogged out in a purple kit
  • Lambie is being coached out of his talent
  • Bismarck du Plessis is our best hooker


The old unimaginative gameplan

A lot has been said about this, and I am going to take everybody’s arguments into consideration here, so here are the tests

Do the Springboks play forward based rugby – Yes

Does a backline player have to most running metres – No

Does the Springbok backline get enough ball – Thanks Met Uysh, the answer is No

Do the forwards dominate in rucks – Sadly, they are all in the backline waiting for the ball, so the answer again is No

Was there any flair from the team’s players – Only 4 out of 15 makes for a negative persentage so again No

Myth Status – Confirmed

England actually jogged out in a purple kit

Hahahahahaha, moffie poms, hahahahaha – Yes

Myth Status – Confirmed

 Lambie is being coached out of his talent

Has he been playing the same attacking game he played in Super Rugby and Currie Cup – No

Has he been kicking the ball into the oppositions hands instead of gaining territory – Yes

Has he been standing 15 metres behind the scrum where Steyn’s X marks the spot – Yes

Does he look comfortable with a tactical game instead of attacking game – No

Will the reports of HM giving him free range to step up to the plate and play his own game – Unfortunately it’s a No, yes it was raining, but Lambie was lost in the first half and only made a couple of showings.

Myth Status – Confirmed  

Bismarck du Plessis is our best hooker

This myth calls for a table structure so we can scientifically determine the outcome of this highly debatable subject

Player du Plessis Strauss Liebenberg Ralepelle
Powerful Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ball turnover ability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leadership experience Yes Yes Yes Yes
Red/Yellow Card prone Yes No Yes No
Penalty machine Yes No Yes Yes
Injury in this season Yes Yes Yes Yes
Had the most metres gained in a game No Yes No No
Leads Provincial/Super squad No Yes No No

Well, according to our researchers, things are looking like a draw on strongpoints and less likely on weak points.

Strauss seems to be in the lead and he is making the most of his opportunity.

Myth Status – Still undicided

Please feel free to discuss what our researchers have found and also mention any other myths you want investigated.


34 thoughts on “Blog Myth busting

  1. Okay just go and do an analysis on Jean De Villiers. He was “injury prone” in your terms and now he never seems to get injured!

    Jean is the perfect example of people branding a player too soon. I mean really have a look at Goosens injuries, not how many but how they were caused?

  2. Loving all of this! Ideally I would have liked both Strauss and Bissie in the team, but yeah that not’s not going to happen unless we convert one of them into a blindside flanker. Strauss is probably fast enough… Plausible? Lol sorry just had to chuck in my two pennies.

    • Doubt that will happen though, we have more than enough talent from 6 to 8.

      On the other hand though, I would like it, Bismarck for the physicality, and Strauss captaining from the front – Very Plausible!

  3. Another myth is this injury proneness that some guys feel so strongly about! If a guy has bad luck in terms off falling bad or illegaly tackled and getting injured due to it, they shout injury prone!

    Coming back to your point I think Bismarck is our best hooker, his presence in the team is already a big boost. Adriaan is not far off but not the same league as Bissie.

      • Agreed Bismarck brings intensity, but Strauss bring a cool head and leadership. Bismarck will probably be our hooker but that leaves Louw as our other Captain option, do we want a player who applies his trade in another country leading our National squad?

      • Okay Bay, you said a player should be managed. So a 19year old gets replaced after playing 60minutes because of suspecting a injury? not having a injury.

        Goosen had 3 major injuries, I am a close follower off Goosen since I saw him at craven week. First injury was a concussion caused by your beloved Jantjies going high on him, actually a flippen horrible piece of tackling! Then he was managed the next few games to not overplay the concussion which can lead to more serious problems (remember recently about a young bulls prop who passed away due to a knock on the head?).

        Then he played against the landers, fell very akwardly while scoring a try, anyone who would fall like that with a player on your back would get injured no matter how strong your arm is.

        The third one, a guy twice the size of you fall on your knee while you cant move your leg because you are at the bottom of a ruck would cause damage to anyone.

        Injury prone se gat man.

        Maybe you should watch the games he played and see what the guy can do and why some teams play the Cheetahs differently when he is on than trying to make him sound crap in favour of Jantjies who will never ever make teams change the way they play because of him.

        • I’m not arguing that he has potential and I’m not arguing that he has a big boot. I’m saying that he doesn’t seem ready physically. Whether you want to accept it or not, when a player is replaced injured 8 times in a year the warning lights must flash, especially when he is still a youngster at the start of his career.

          A number of the current crop of youngsters started at about the same age as him and none of them seem to have the this problem – Lambie, Taute, Jantjies, Marcell Coetzee, Etzebeth, Kitshoff to name a few. Yes, some had injuries but not every third game on average.

          Young players who struggle with injuries careers’ get delayed, cut short or never really get off the ground – Lionel Cronje, van Aswegen, Mapoe, Waylon Murray as examples

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