Cheetahs Super Rugby 2013 Fixtures

Here are the Cheetahs fixture for the Super Rugby Competition in 2013, missing out on the Crusaders and Brumbies,

I would think the Cheetahs enjoy their matches against the Crusaders in Bloemfontein, so that is a let off for the men from Christchurch, there would also have been a little feeling of payback against the Brumbies for what happened this year, but all in all, this is the best draw the Central Franchise has had in a while, touring early can prove benefitial.






23 February      Bloemfontein



2 March      Hamilton



9 March      Dunedin



15 March      Sydney



23 March      Perth

Western Force


30 March      Bloemfontein



6 April      Bloemfontein



13 April      Pretoria



20 April      Durban



27 April      Bloemfontein



10 May      Bloemfontein



18 May      Bloemfontein



25 May      Port Elizabeth



1 June      Bloemfontein



29 June      Cape Town



6 July      Bloemfontein





22 thoughts on “Cheetahs Super Rugby 2013 Fixtures

  1. I think we have the team to be top 8. We should win against the Kings, Rebels, Brumbies, Tahs, Canes, Higlanders and we could know over a few others.

    If Goosen stays fit we could be the suprise package in 2013, however with Naka still there I have my doubts.

    I see you are quite keen on Cornal Hendricks, well I’m not. Rayno Benjamin is my choice at 14, I think Hendricks is just a good player for currie cup and not more. Rayno has proven himself but for some reason no one sees his potential. Also Daniller will be playing 15, even though I think he would make a awesome inside centre (Jamie Roberts type). My reason for this is that he always keeps 22-3 people busy when he comes into the line and if he can learn to offload he will be devastating!

    • Benjamin’s defense has never been up to scratch and scoring on our wing has always been a little to easy for opposition. Hendricks brings his sevens experience along with his defense and strong attacking runs could be breath of fresh air outside Sadie.

      The whole Hennie vs. Willie debate depends on our strategy, if we are going for the quick running style, Willie will suite and if we play bash up defensive rugby, we need Hennie at the back.

      We also miss the Brumbies this year, which sucks. I agree that this is our year to prove ourselves.

  2. Whats the latest on FS cleaning up their admin and coaching staff? Thought they were gonna make some changes after the disastrous CC?

    I always had a soft spot for the cheetahs, but since they stabbed the Lions in the back by voting for the Kings I have lost a lot of respect for them. And ironically they had to fight it out with the queens to stay in the CC – ha ha kry vir julle!

    But I do hope they do well in the super comp. If they dont and end bottom of the log, don’t expect any favours from the other unions to vote in your favour to stay in Super comp!!!

    • And what about WP? They also voted against the Lions, and yet have benefited the most. Go on don’t go halfway wuth your campaign, and what about the Pumas and Valke that also voted against their franchise partners? It wasn’t like only the Cheetahs that voted against the Lions.

      Cheetahs have never relied on favours from anybody! Put that on your toast!

      Besides, I believe we will have an even better S15, than last year, so guess what? You will have to play the Kings to get back in Super Rugby. Ha ha kry vir julle! Chop!

      • peter pan, this is a blog about the cheetahs, so I was voicing my disappointment in them for voting against the Lions. They used to play together as the Cats, so maybe I was expecting them to rather favour the Lions instead of the queens. Pity didn’t have the balls to stand by their initial agreement and stand up to saru. Maybe they’ll grow a pair one day.
        Of course I’m pissed off with WP for doing the same and then snapping up all our best players.
        And yes we’ll have to play the queens in the promotion relegation game, cant wait! That is, if all the unions vote for it to happen! there’s no gauruntee that it will.

        • Nice dodge leeutjie, fact is the Cheetahs learnt from the Lions on how to backstab. When the Cats were still an entity, the Lions went back on agreements to share matches equally, and the Cheetahs ended up being screwed without a condom.

          Blaming the Cheetahs for the Lions woes, is just living in denial. The Lions have been screwing themselves with poor administration and what not. Even the latest Mitchell sga is a disgrace!

          You want balls, grow a pair and lambast your own Lions for their demise. As for the promo/relegation. I believe it will happen, and I will support the Lions all the way.

          • Even with our k@k adminstration and all the drama off the field, we still managed to end 2nd on the CC log, and we were unlucky to not make it into the final. Where’d the Cheetahs end up? o ja, they were bottom of the log and had to play a relegation game. Sorry for you!
            No seriously, the Lions bosses have been shocking, running a once mighty union into the ground. But the state of affairs in SA rugby are just as shocking. What happened to the letter all the super rugby unions wrote to saru promising they’d stand together and that no union should be left out at expense of Kings? And I think there is one thing you and I will agree on, and that is that the queens do not deserve to play in the super comp! If they were a better team than the lions I would gladly accept us falling out, as its never been lekker to watch the Lions perform badly in super rugby.
            But I really cant wait for the queens to go play teams like the Crusaders in NZ.. Cricket scores here we come!

    • Only thing that happened is that our defensive coach, Michael Horak, has moved to the UFS to be their Director of Rugby and groom the Shimlas, but sadly, he will still be our defensive consultant, WTF that means, don’t ask me.

      Naka will have another year of “building the team” instead of “coaching a winning team”. There is always 2014. :)

    • Ha Ha Baylion, you are just sour that the Lions aren’t playing in Super Rugby! Cheetahs won 5 matches last year and the year before. They have a more settled squad, which is arguably stronger than last year.

      What do you base this charming assumption on? CC form where they were shy a good 11 1st choice players?

      You are funny though! I hope you will be back for your portion of humble pie. I predict the Cheetahs will do even better than last year.

      • Nothing to do with the Lions not paying SR. There is nothing that indicates that the Cheetahs’ defence will improve and until it does they will win a few, lose a number of close games they could have won and lose the rest.

        The Cheetahs have lost a number of good players and I don’t think they have replaced them with players of equal or better quality, but then I don’t follow their recruitment closely and you will have a better idea about that.

        What will your match 22 look like next year?

        • I will try from my perspective, but Naka and Hawies might differ. here are the options in order that I think they would start.

          1. Caylib Oosthuizen
          2. Adriaan Strauss
          3. Coenie Oosthuizen
          4. Andries Ferreira
          5. Martin Muller
          6. Brüssow
          7. Lappies Labuschagne
          8. Phillip vd Walt
          9. Piet van Zyl
          10. Goosen
          11. Rhule
          12. Ebersohn
          13. Sadie
          14. Cornal Hendricks
          15. Willie le Roux

          16. Hercu Liebenberg
          17. Rossouw de Klerk/Lourens Adriaanse
          18. Rynhardt Landman
          19. Marnus Schoeman
          20. Francois Brummer
          21. Sarel Pretorius
          22. Nico Scheepers

          other players that are available:
          Props: Steph Roberts, Trevor Nyakane, Schalk vd Merwe
          Hooker: Matt Dobson, Torsten van Jaarsveld
          Locks: Jaco Nepgen, Waltie Vermeulen, Edwin Hewitt, and Lood de Jager
          Flanks: Juan Smith? Frans Viljoen? Boom Prinsloo, Tertius Daniller, Burger Schoeman, Kabamba Floors, Leon Karemaker, Jonothan Adendorff
          SH: Tewis, Jacques Coetzee
          FH: Elgar Watts, Hansie Graaff
          Centre: JP Nel, Walter Venter, Joubert Engelbrecht, Barry Geel, PJ Vermeulen, Stemmet
          Wings: Rocco Jansen, Rayno Benjamin, Luzuko Vulindlu, Jannie Boshoff, Dusty Noble
          FB/Utility: Daniller, Smit, and Rudi Vogt.

          So who did we lose?
          WP Nel, replaced with Rossouw de Klerk.
          George Earle replaced with Landman
          vd Westhuizen replaced by Martin Muller (would have been in squad in 2012, but was injured)
          Ashley Johnsen replaced with a host of new flanks
          Sias replaced with Brummer and Watts.
          Strauss replaced with Sadie

          • Actually Rossouw was an indirect swop for Marcel van der Merwe. WP was grooming Trevor for his spot.

            Come on Baylion, the Cheetahs should beat the Force and at least upset two traveling New Zealand teams i.e Hurricanes (Who can forget the 90 point thriller of 2011) and the Blues.

            We have also beaten the Waratahs two years running and depending on the Reds form, Bloem is a long way to travel.

          • @ Dutch, Agreed, Trevor was being grommed, but with Coenie, wanting to play exclusively TH for the Cheetahs, Nyakane can fight it out with Steph Roberts, Schalk vd Merwe or Caylib for the LH berth, or with Rossouw de Klerk, or Adriaanse for the TH backup berth. All in all, with exception of lock, we look pretty well stocked.

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