Season for Change

So here it is perhaps-altemits-miskien my final post for the year:

I am still coming to grips with the blind-flying new platform and still wish for a great Christmas present this year, comment notification that will make actual conversation possible! Of course I am completely at a loss as to whether Father Christmas will even notice my plea. Word is, he has now changed some crucial policies in anticipation of the fallout sure to follow Mangaung 2012. Out of fear of retrenchment, being way older than 55, with his serious first world tendencies of delivering stuff on time and not being clearly aligned with the political structures of all countries and religions, he has made a concerted effort to change. Henceforth, welcome Kader Frismis into your home around June/July next year and beware he will first have to make a stop on the very first address on his SanTav, Nkandla. Getting his body down those bunker chutes with the massive bag of presents will take the best part of Late December, and then there are still the bags of coal for the naughty boys at Eskom…

Anyway, I like change, I find stagnancy as repugnant as a rat turd on a raisin bun!

2012 have brought great changes for the better and some for naught:

For the Better:

1.) HM has made changes to his preferred (read Blue) players list

Four words: JacPot  Lambie Flo Eben.  In JacPot’s defense one has to say that he has a lot of similarities with a young Schalla, Coetzee is just better at it. The Lambie-debacle was also in major way caused by what happened at the Sharks this year, he was preferred at fullback. Now, before Sherriff and REM get all worked up defending the coach that they think I am insulting, the reason Lambie was at fullback is because Freddie (no, not the cricboxer no-boat) has found sublime form this year at flyhalf. Look what he did for France. It was just a bad turn of events for Lambie who will have a fight on to keep the jersey away from certain Mrs Goosen, Jantjies and Pollard.  Finally bringing in Flo was a severe master stroke as he has been the catalyst for at least 3 tries between him and Habana and has caused old Richie some serious problems. Cannot wait to see how he and Pocock measure up next year! Unfortunately he does seem to have painted a target on his back for being a successful Springbok, IRB is now watching him with eagle eyes, be sure he will be cited even if he just hold a player down.  Finally, Eben (from Ebenhaezer meaning “stone of help”) has done his name justice by filling the very big boots of Bakkies and of late also doing a VicMat interpretation in causing havoc in lineouts! Yes for some unfortunate sissies he will be the “Stone of Yelp!”, but a thug he is not. Eben is not the poor man’s Andy Hore, that is for sure. Now only the game plan needs a bit of tweaking.

2.) Proteas coaching staff getting the balance right

Finally, in the last test against the Aussies, we saw what the Proteas can actually be! I had my doubts, still do a little bit, about AB being gloveman and batsman in tests, but if he can pull it off like in this last test… I am glad that Rudolph and Tahir finally got the boot and with the new find of Faf, I will be very happy to have two bankers in the lower middle order in him and JP stabilizing the ship or accelerating away if the ship has gained momentum through the incredible top order of Smith, Peterson, Amla and AB! I also see that Gary has become a late believer in the P(i)eterati even at test level. Some might say Robbie P was as expensive as Tahir, but he took the license to try things with a little more circumspection and accuracy than Tahir did. He took wickets as well! His age does not bother me as much, as Fatboy-no-more Shane had shown, spinners do have a little more longevity.

What the Proteas did for Ponting when he came in to bat for a final time was amazing. It showed that they were still humble, but it also showed that they are professional as well.  He was not dished up some fruit pies that he could smack all over the place so that his final knock can go down in history as something special. I do not like Ponting as a person, but as a batsman he was a genuine great. Question is: Where does it put Jacques Kallis?

Now we need to get ICC silverware though!

3.) Ah-more got her head straight

Okay, it could just be to get another shot at a You-front page, but she did the right thing here. The petty crap that kept a dying man away from his children just painted her as a horrible person and I am glad that she saw the light. Joost, stay strong man! Keep up fighting like you always did in that green-and-gold jersey!

For Naught:

1.) Oscar’s girlfriend dumped him for some loser

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