A Napoleon of sorts?

April 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am not a great fan of Ozzie cricket. Much like the wizard, there always seems to be some hidden agenda with the way they conduct themselves on the field of play. I am sure this is not true for the whole population down there in globes privates, but Warney, Haydo, Glenn and Punter, to name a few, have always rubbed me up the wrong way. Especially during their post-match interviews which either bordered (pardon the pun) on the ridiculously patronising or the agonisingly arrogant. Somehow they always reminded me of those gatkruiper schoolboys working their way to head prefect by being the wonderfully mature student in front of teachers while being the ultimate p-hole behind their backs. Has there been a likeable Ozzie captain since before Allan Border? Only a parade of stereotypes from the annoying to the pompous!


Now there is Pup, a patronising nickname if ever there was one especially when ole Punter was still captain. For me Pup is different, sort of likeable in an anti-Punter sort of way. There is a friendly frankness about him that I find refreshing in a world where he could easily have been a sourpuss Strauss or a manly quote recycler like our own Graeme. Both those two are good to very good captains on field, but their microphone personas always seem forced.

What makes Pup different is that sense of adventure that he has brought to the game of cricket. Something of that is also seen in the strategies that AB comes up with, e.g. mobile top and middle order. Is it naïveté that makes them try different things? Do they simply not fear failure, yet?

I have kept my one eye on the Oz-Windies test series in the Caribbean and Clarke does seem to get more decisions right than wrong. Every time I get excited that the Windies will rip this relatively inexperienced Ozzie team a new one and rise from the abyss, the Ozzies pull them back in front of the shaving mirror where all of their inadequacies and self-doubt are exposed. It’s like biting a juicy hump of inner cheek out while enjoying your biltong! If you have an opponent, any damn opponent, at 220/7, you better keep your foot on that throat not end up at 165/8 and chasing over 300!

Not to mention those declarations! Oz could have had both the previous tests won simply because Clarke made matches out of them by wielding his declaration cards like Napoleon did with his canons and cavalry!

When next the Yellow-pajamas and Proteas meet, will Graeme pull a Wellington or will Clarke be a bone-apart from the rest?

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  1. I have a feeling he might retire after England. Maybe he just wants to retire another captain first…

  2. Even you or I, could do a fairly good job of captaincy with that arsenal. Hy is soos ‘n miskruier wat vasklou aan ‘n misbol, met daardie snelbouler armada tot sy beskikking.

  3. @ Phil: It comes with age – afraid to fail – leaving a legacy and all that. I felt that he was fairly good with his new attacking bowling arsenal…

  4. Wasn’t questioning his batting LT. It’s his decision making that seems pedantic, compared to Clarke and AB. Very safety first, stuck in his WELLIES type of captain.

  5. Yip, that is true. I would open ODI’s with Amla and Kallis/Alviro. Smith seems more comfortable in tests

  6. Amla can open. He does it often enough when Smith plays his favourite fishing outside off caught behind drive.

  7. Maybe you are right, Graeme may be gone by the time the Ozzers come around again.

  8. @ Phil: Graeme has been good in the tests, his ODI and T20 careers is bothersome, but we do not seem to have many openers.

  9. love your last sentence! Hopefully by the time we meet them AB will be test captain as well.

  10. Bone-apart from the rest? Bwahahha. Jeez LT the puns are flying. Doubt whether Graham will pull a Wellington. His decisions always seem as if he has Wellington boots on. Oops – now I fear the Sherifff and High Noon.

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