Loose Forwards, The Quality of the Quantity

April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


The South African Loose Forward Trio of Francious Louw, Willem Alberts and Duane Vermeulen showed on Saturday why South Africa can dominate the Rugby Championship over the next few years. The impact of these three massively influenced the outcome of the game by showing up at all the breakdowns with speed, agility and force. The latter being one of the key areas. They practically bullied the opposition into submission by not dancing around the skirts of the rucks and mauls, but by being the cause of the ruck in many cases, and attacking the ball, and some players too it must be said with the sheer determination that clearly portrayed their refusal to give one inch to the opposition.

Its this commitment, dedication, passion if you like, that proved to be too much for the opposition. Australia were not that bad as opposed to the loose forwards and tight five being That good. They showed that If you believe and then put your effort into that belief, there is no team out there which could match the sheer force or commitment which the Springbok pack can muster to thump the opposition into submission, break their morale and then ignite the backline to fire across the try line.

I will definitely not go that far as to say that the Backs were not playing to the same level of commitment, but when Duane, Flo and Alberts continuously tackle the life out of you, beat your loosies to the breakdown and then walk over you to add insult to bone crunching injury, then you must acknowledge that without the Loose forwards on Saturday the game would have been very different.

Eben Etzebeth could have been a loosie on the night too, and then add Bismark and you’ve got one heck of a disrupted advance, and even a retreating “attack”. The Captain De Villiers did well in the tackle situation as well, but the rest of the backs were a little missing on defence, although they needn’t really have been there, as the Loose Forwards, particularly Duane and Alberts were all over the Australians.

The key going forward is to build on this momentum. It was clear in the Pumas game that the boks didnt expect the resistance they got, and the All Blacks can do the same. The Loosies need to man up in those situations and knock the opponent back off the ball, if you put in four or five big rucks and counter rucks over the ball, the opponent changes his tactics and you’ve really taken the game by the neck at that stage. The All Black will be very active around the edges of the ruck, with a lot of off the ball activity and hands in the ruck. The only way to legally combat their pilfering is to knock them back off the ball and not stop until they’re lying on their backs… We need Duane and Alberts to to hit the breakdown with the anthem in mind “Ons vir Jou Suid Afrika” hold nothing back, believe and be the best darn loose forward trio in World Rugby. Because, Dammit, they’re that Good!!




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  1. WOW! Did this blog pump me up or what? Nice!
    Yes, we did dominate with our pack and particularly the loose trio but the ABs are the smartest rugby team in the world. Brut force will not be enough. We need to out play them and out smart them. The ABs are very good at disrupting the opposition game plan. Even if they need to disrupt their own game plan just to create an opportunity for a counter attack.
    Cool heads and little to no mistakes. Positional kicks from 9 and 10 need to be spot on. Pienaar needs to wake up and double his pace because he is going to get caught a lot behind the pack.
    As awesome as our victory was, its wasn’t than good technically. The Aussies are piss poor at the moment and could very possibly loose next weekend.
    We need to improve to beat the best team in the world. We can, I believe that.

  2. Good read, glad somebody wrote something about all 3 loosies being effective and not just Flo and Duane. Alberts doesn’t steal balls but damn he puts in big runs and tackles. I reckon teams are going to respect those 3 loosies very soon as one of the best loose trios there is

  3. We have the players and the expertise to clean sweep this competition

  4. Nice post. I love the loose trio at this stage, best we can have. Hope they remain injury free!

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