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A Bittersweet Weekend – A look at my team Coaches!

October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, I was hoping that my entry today would have been about how the Boks kept the Ellis Park hoodoo in place for the All Blacks. But it was not to be… Firstly, well done to the New Zealanders on winning such a great rugby match. A lot of running and enterprising rugby gave supporters what they wanted to see. Unfortunately the tackles missed were quite shocking. Perhaps that is what happens when one starts to shy away from a game plan that works for you and try something a little out of the comfort zone! Overall, every Bok fan in my opinion can take a lot of heart from Saturday. I saw the danger that this Bok team have on the attack and they just need to tighten up the defense more.

You could see that players like Bismarck and Eben didn’t go all out in the physical area and i think it was mainly to prevent any disciplinary action against the Boks! The problem with that was that they didn’t have the impact they always have. To add to all the drama, I was worried when I heard the call about the no. 16 not being on the team sheet for the AB’s. My first immediate thought was, “ag hell no”, another clash between the world’s top rugby playing nations marred by controversy! The team management (I presume) came out and that they claimed it was due to a typo. JdV agreed and Mr. Owens said that they accept the reason and I think the rest of the world had a sigh of relief knowing that this issue isn’t really a issue at all, I know I did. All that aside, the Boks are looking better but they will need to improve if they want to challenge the AB’s at their own game! My opinion is that they should just stick to their own game plan and with that they should be quite alright going forward! Do I still believe that Heyneke Meyer is the man for the job? Yes I do!

Heyneke-MeyerStill the man who can make as No.1 and bring us the RWC


My weekend already started off badly on Friday evening when the Blue Bulls lost a interesting match against the Sharks at Loftus. This young team started their campaign off not too badly and then all of a sudden things just went downhill. No rhythm, no pride, no belief was the body language I saw in this Bulls squad. There was a new found energy against the Griquas in Kimberley last week and the attitude of the team looked a whole lot better. Going into the Sharks game, I think everyone thought and knew that the Sharks were favorites to take this one. The men in blue certainly surprised friend and foe with their gutsy performance and a 50/50 breakdown call ultimately determined the outcome of the match. The problem for the Pretoria based side is that these last two weeks’ performances were too little too late.

For me the problem doesn’t just lie with the squad of players, I mean, their young and have a lot too learn. To help them they need a coach who has vision and knows how to make youngsters excel at the highest level. Look at what Heyneke did with the Bulls, John Mitchell at the Lions, John Plumtree made the Sharks a dominant force, continuously reaching finals and as much as I hate to admit it, Alistair Coetzee is doing a fine job at Province. But Pine Pienaar is not a coach for this level of rugby. He has no idea what he wants and if you watch him during matches you’ll find an expression of not really knowing where he is! I am worried as a supporter and it’s kind of sad to think that a union as big and successful as the BBRU have now came to this! The Blue Bulls will seriously need to address this issue and after this season they’ll need to “maak ‘n plan”, because the fans are growing tired of sub par performances!


Not Good Enough, BBRU needs to replace him

At least I had a one positive result out of a possible three. Manchester United overcame a 1-0 deficit at halftime to beat Sunderland 2-1 in the Barclays Premier League. This is a much needed win for United who made the worst start to the season in many a years! A lot of speculation about certain players’ futures at the club, which has finally been put to bed and also a change of manager for the first time in 26 years has brought the club under a little more pressure than their used to. David Moyes has signed with a club that always has to meet some expectation. No disrespect to Everton, but with them there was no pressure regarding the MUST win of the BPL and contenders for the UCL every season. Moyes is now under fire and will need the support of his players and support staff to turn the season around. United haven’t looked too bad in the Champions League but they need to get results in the domestic competition! I am very happy that Rooney and Moyes buried the hatchet. Rooney has put in some of his greatest ever performances on a football pitch the last couple of weeks! The other players could really draw on the experienced Englishman’s energy and start playing as a unit.

I honestly believe that Moyes is still the right man for the job and two or three more results in the BPL could really give the man a lot of confidence. Granted United didn’t have the easiest fixtures to start the season they now have three consecutive home matches (two in the Premier League, one in UCL), and then an away game in the Premier league. The opposition in the three Premier League matches are Southampton, Stoke City and Fulham respectively. It’s a good chance to turn the domestic season around and start contending to retain the crown!


I still have faith in the Chosen One

So the weekend ended in only one of my teams winning. But, the Boks are still a positive talking point, the Bulls need to find a coach and Man Utd is on the brink of turning around their season! Gotta have faith!


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Cheap Shots, Hat-Tricks and Black Magic

September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Howzit everyone?! Before I start with my actual entry I just need to get this little thing off my chest… I think it has now officially been confirmed that there are the Rugby Union’s set of rules and regulations and there’s the New Zealand set of rules and regulations. First off, I don’t have any problem with Flip van der Merwe’s citing as he did do something illegal and that definitely justifies the action of citing. I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to work. You cause trouble, you get trouble! But, this whole disciplinary committee and judicial hearing system has become such a laughable farce that even the Joker from Batman won’t think it’s funny! I mean, Nonu gets off cleaner than Bismarck’s conscience for nearly decapitating Jean de Villiers but as soon as SA players touch anyone in a foul manner they get cited!?!?!

Please SANZAR and IRB, try and convince us that there is no deeper plot here! It’s pathetic that you are protecting your beloved All Blacks in such disgusting ways! But believe me, you’re going to need to do more than that to stop the Springboks from eventually reaching the No.1 spot. The attitude with which these Springboks play can only spell trouble for any opposition. But, ’nuff said about the laughable and pathetic farce of the protection of the silver fern!

Now lets remind everyone about 2004…and a little bit of 1995…

Well who would have thought it’s gonna come down to this? A scenario pretty much similar to about 9 years ago when the Springboks went into the test with their backs against the wall and a Marius Joubert hat-trick and some great defense saw the New Zealanders losing the Tri-Nations trophy that was pretty much in the bag. The AB’s were 10-0 up and the Boks only managed to get on the board close to the 20th minute. After Joubert scored his second (the Boks’ third) try the score went to 19-13 and the belief started to creep in amongst everyone! Joubert’s third came 4 minutes before the end and took the score to 40-26 which was ultimately the result. The Springboks were crowned Champions and Ellis Park proved to be a hoodoo for the AB’s yet again! 11 tests at Ellis Park and only 3 victories for the AB’s of which the last one came in 1997. That’s one victory in the modern game for the AB’s and 4 for the Boks (1995, 1996, 2000, 2004).

The New Zealanders are coming to SA with a firm belief that they basically have to show up and they are champions (just like a certain competition in 1995). Believe me, they are going to go all out in the media to try and inflate the Springbok ego and shy away from the Champion status, but they will not be fooling too many and they will be mistaken because the players and fans know exactly what’s the motive! Remember, the Boks actually have nothing to lose which makes them very dangerous! Bismarck wants redemption and Ellis Park’s Black Magic (pun intended) wants another SA hat-trick. Good luck to the AB’s and may the best team win! Oh yeah, one more thing try and import your own food, we don’t want another conspiracy weakening your hopes of winning…

Peace out!

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The One Eyed Bandit

September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

This weekend’s test match between the Springboks and the All Blacks has already had so much scrutiny and publicity, from all angles, I thought it would not be worth it to write about it. But I changed my mind and decided to put my 2 cents in after reading this rubbish from Gregor Paul, supposed columnist/journalist at the NZ Herald.

Well Mr Paul, I can’t help but read that and think to myself why New Zealand rugby is starting to get so much hate from all over the world. It’s because of such biased and one-eyed views, that actually get published on respected websites, that people think the AB’s and their fans are arrogant and naive. You honestly wrote that article slamming the unfortunate team of the weekend as misguided bruisers and then you try and justify Bismarck du Plessis’ red card. Must say I think your justification got nullified by Wynne Gray, one of your rugby writers. Gray believed that the incident maybe justified a yellow, but that the red card as a whole was wrong.

One can only think you wrote that rubbish to get views and reaction from all over. Nobody who has even the slightest bit of rugby knowledge will take that sensational “article” and think to themselves that here is a writer that knows his stuff!

That article is so biased that you wanted people to actually feel sorry for the way the AB’s are treated on the field of play. How on earth is that possible if you have some of the worst culprits playing the game! You conveniently overlook Nonu’s shoulder charge on Jean de Villiers and Woodcock clearing out Morné Steyn with a head first dive into a ruck (after a try had been scored if I’m not mistaken). Let’s not forget Liam Messam constantly taking opponents around the throat area when a maul as formed or when cleaning out rucks! Nonu has not even been cited for his transgression and neither Woodcock. If Nonu’s surname hinted anything towards James and Woodcock’s anything towards Botha they would have probably been banned by Sunday morning already. I forgot, we are not playing tiddly widdly games here, as your beloved coach would say, hypocrisy at it’s best to say the least…Oh and how do you feel about Conrad Smith deliberately using hands in a ruck which ultimately constitutes as a professional foul!

“Cards, citings, non-citings and cheap shots that escaped attention have too often been the dominant post-match theme in tests featuring the All Blacks.” – The only piece of information worth mentioning. You are quite correct in this statement, the IRB and SANZAR for one or another reason can’t seem to hand out to many sanctions against the beloved All Blacks. I reckon that why the NZ (in SANZAR) is in the middle…it needs to be protected. It’s a disgrace how the New Zealanders get away with murder in the rugby world and the way the IRB protects it’s horrible officials!

“Opponents keep swinging and lunging and the All Blacks keep winning. That is not best explained by poor refereeing. Instead it has everything to do with poor judgment and an inability to cope with the pressure the All Blacks induce.” The first statement is nothing but the kettle calling the pot black (see previous paragraph). The second statement will be ridiculed the world over except in NZ, because the latest trend seems to have the AB’s always getting the rub of the green when it comes to refereeing decisions (against any opponent)! Third statement is true in a sense that the All Blacks are definitely a great team and manages to put pressure on every team they play, but to have a key player wrongfully sent off really just puts automatic pressure on any side!

By the way, if you have a look at Bismarck’s tackle again, you will find that after the hit a ruck forms, Willem Alberts comes cleaning (the 1:41 mark of the video) legitimately through the gates and then have oh wait…that can’t be…no wait it is…Nonu retaliates and starts a very unnecessary “fight” by grabbing Alberts ala wrestling style!

Look, let’s call a spade a spade! The All Blacks definitely are the measure of the modern game but for them to win such a controversial match by 14 points does say a lot doesn’t it? The Springboks were absolutely dominating the scrum area up to the stupid red card and having Pienaar throw into the line-outs for a while really took away our other strong facet. Be realistic, do you honestly think if this game was 15 on 15, with all the momentum the Boks started to gain and NZ really making some questionable attacking decisions (like we have seen over the last few weeks), that the result truly wouldn’t have been different!? If you don’t then you really are as arrogant and naive as your brain fart post suggests!

Do us all a favor and stop writing such nonsense, it makes you sound and look very stupid! You are casting NZ rugby in a very bad light and thanks to guys like you, people will lose all respect for All Black rugby. and their fans. I honestly wonder what your point of view would have been if the tables were turned…??

If this dribble is all you can come up with I suggest the NZ Herald start looking to appoint someone a little more objective. You are only putting petrol on a very dangerous flame!


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Predict The Score and …

September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well you won’t win anything but at least we’ll have an idea what viewers are thinking.

Heyneke has announced his 22 man squad to face the Wallabies at their bogey ground on Saturday.

What do you think the outcome will be?

I honestly think we are going to put them to the sword and beat them emphatically! Something in the line of 55-15…



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Morné – Deserves a Rest

September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Good day to all,

Under fire and very criticized Springbok pivot Morné Steyn has been dropped from the coming weekend’s Springbok squad to face the Wallabies at Loftus. After a lengthy run, non-stop if I may add, the man can finally get some of the pressure lifted from his shoulders. Love him or hate him, the man is a great servant to SA Rugby. A dip in form is expected from any player if not all…

He normally played second fiddle to “Liefling” Derick Hougaard at the Bulls, but since the latter’s departure, Steyn took over the reigns and did so brilliantly. The success he enjoyed with the Bulls was finally rewarded in 2009 against the British & Irish Lions’ Tour Of SA. He came on in the second test played at Loftus and kicked the infamous 53m penalty which gave the Boks a 28-25 victory. On the 1st of August 2009, Steyn had a game which many can only dream of! The Boks beat the All-Blacks 31-19 in a great test match of which Steyn scored all 31 of the Boks’ points (incl 8 pen and converted his own try).

Since he took over as the no.1 choice fly-half (both for the Bulls and the Boks), the records started to scatter in front of him:

  • World record for most points scored by a player who has scored all their team’s points (31).
  • Most points scored against New Zealand (31) in a single test
  • South African record for penalties in a test (8) – beating the seven achieved twice by former fullback, Percy Montgomery.
  • All of the above records achieved with his 31 points scored in the Tri-Nations 2009 match against the All Blacks in Durban on 1 Aug 09
  • South African record for most points in a test against Australia.
  • Fastest 100 points by a Springbok (8 Test matches, 3 as replacement)
  • Fastest 200 points by a Springbok (16 Test matches)
  • Fastest 300 points by a Springbok (24 Test matches)
  • Fastest 400 points by a Springbok (33 Test matches)
  • Most drop-goals in a Super Rugby season (11).
  • Most points scored against the All Blacks for a Springbok (31).
  • Most points in a Tri-Nations match (31).
  • Most drop goals in a Super Rugby game (4) (in the 2009 Super 14 semi-final against the Crusaders)
  • Most drop goals in Super Rugby (22)
  • Most drop goals in a Super Rugby season (11 in 2009)
  • Most penalties in a Super Rugby season (51 in 2010)
  • Most points in a Super Rugby season (263) – Beating Dan Carter’s record of 221 set in 2006.
  • Most points by a Bulls player in Super Rugby history (1,201)
  • Most points by a South African and first South African to reach 1,000 points in Super Rugby (1,201)
  • Steyn also holds the record for most consecutive successful kicks at goal in Test play since statistics for that category were first kept in the late 1980s. He had a streak of 41 successful attempts that ended on 6 November 2010 against Ireland. The previous record was 36, held by Chris Paterson of Scotland.

Unfortunately we as the rugby public tend to forget all great things in the face of non-performance! Every player goes through a dip in form in his career, so rather for us to ridicule the man, rather support him. I am the first to admit he is going through a bad spell and that he seriously needs to get his confidence and hence form back. Looking at everything he has accomplished, it’s not really fair to refer to him as a”loser’, “tosser’, “idiot” etc… We as rugby fans obviously want our teams to win, myself included, but I wish we could support our out of form players. If Goosen, Jantjies etc is to be injured we will need these guys back and in good shape. Public support helps morale quite a lot!

But all this said, I am very excited to see what Goosen can bring from the get-go! He is a hot prospect and will almost certainly put pressure on Steyn for the coveted no 10 jumper! All the more reason for Steyn to rest, get his head clean, play some Currie Cup and regain form. I think the majority of rugby fans will agree with me on this…(hopefully)…



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Sick and Tired

September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi there everyone.

The reason for my post is plain and simple. I’m gatvol that Sport24 keeps dishing up all sorts off sensational articles or galleries just for views sake. Using viewer comments to create articles, some articles are written out of context and the last straw was the gallery of the Tarnished Springbok”. I mean really, did you have to go and take a couple of photos and bash your OWN country’s rugby team? Seriously guys, there are much more serious matters at hand and you can only conjure up one thing when there isn’t really anything to write about. In my opinion it’s quite laughable and actually just plain and simply said, a joke! Write about the bloody ITM Cup, at least you’re doing something productive!

Anyone with some SA Rugby knowledge will tell you that some of those photos (not all of them), were placed out of context. We have been branded this “thuggish” nation of rugby and although we do have some serious incidents, I think for you to go and take this whole thing to a new level was actually a new low for Sport- and News24. If you are really going to resolve to sensational posts there really is no hope! Well since this seems like the thing (sensation) you guys like to keep yourself busy with, why not do one on England. Martin Johnson alone should keep you busy for a while, seeing that you have no actual newsworthy stuff to post. The man punched Robbie Russel in 2002 and Russel needed stitches after that. He received only 3 weeks!

What about Aus and NZ, should be interesting what you actually find if you start looking. One example: In 2001, Duncan McRae from NSW punched Ronan O’Gara (British & Irish Lions) 11 times. Got a seven week ban. It was Australia’s off season, which ultimately meant that he wasn’t banned for any games. I’m not condoning any of our players’ foul play but it’s a joke that someone can receive a 17 month ban in 1994 for biting an ear and 7 years later for something more horrifying you get 7 weeks. Whether I’m putting Johnson and McRae’s incidents out of context doesn’t really matter, but i can promise you that I’m not. Sport24, maybe you should start investigating the more serious matters at hand….Tarnished my @ss!!


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Keep biting the lip…

September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mixed emotions…this is what’s currently going on in my head and my heart.

The Boks, after playing a good game for the second week in a row, managed to butcher their opportunities yet again. Great individual brilliance here and there but unfortunately only one effort turned into points (well done to Habana for that little bit of magic, remember it’s quite difficult to chip a ball whilst running flat out).

You can see that the team is slowly but surely growing and if they can start converting their chances into points, the Boks will be THE force of world rugby. Let’s be honest, the All Blacks haven’t looked at all convincing since and including the RWC in 2011. Yes they beat the Wallabies 22-0, but in all honesty the Aussies are lackluster and quite uninspiring!

Some very questionable decisions from the man with the whistle today and Mr McCaw and Co. got away with murder again (although I don’t condone Dean Greyling’s actions and I respect Richie a lot, it was actually “lekker” to see someone actually taking action against McCaw, I mean the officials are probably under strict instruction not to point out “legends of the game”). But let’s not dwell on the old “Blame It On The Ref” excuse…The forwards were fantastic today and “Bone Crusher” Alberts together with “Flo” Louw and Vermeulen was really on song! The tight five played fantastic rugby and dominated the AB’s. I mean, when last did you see and All Black pack being driven back as if it’s a training exercise.

The backline looked like they could actually be dangerous but the problem here for me is that Ruan Pienaar takes about 5 years and a little more to distribute the ball (and his tactical kicking is worse than a Bok fan’s spirit currently). We’re not even going to talk about goal-kicking because Morné Steyn really needs to take a break from the pressure of test rugby and regain form at Currie Cup level. Goosen looks like a very promising prospect and I honestly think we can expect that Heyneke Meyer will be picking him to start sooner than later. Jean de Villiers is also not on form and we all know he can play a better game than he is currently doing.

Overall this Bok team just needs a positional tweak here and there and if they can beat the Kiwi’s and Wallabies in the next 2 it will be a major boost for morale and confidence…I honestly believe this team after losing a lot of experience in key positions and a couple of injured players, that if they can start “gelling” a little bit, I’m afraid no-one will stop them!

So, let’s just bite on the lip a little longer and stay positive. HM and his Boks side will come Full Circle. Mark my words…


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Comment Of The Day Vol.2

June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi all. What a great rugby weekend we had yet again. The Boks, Kiwi’s & Wallabies all secured vital wins in three absolutely fantastic test matches. Hats off to Ireland and Wales for nearly (painful near it was) winning both their games. England did well to come back after the Boks took their foot of the pedal somewhat. But all in all it was 3 wins for the Southern Hemisphere yet again. And let’s not forget the absolute brilliant character from the Pumas to down the spirited French in another nailniting encounter. So that made it 4 in 4 this weekend for the SH…sorry Kitch…;) The Baby Boks…well need I say more from this talented bunch of youngsters! I think I speak for all when I wish them all the best for the Final Encounter vs the Mighty Baby Blacks. Can’t wait for Friday!

But I couldn’t help but scroll through the comments yet again. Some magnificent one liners, great critic, unfortunately some pure attention and reaction seeking racism and also some pure biased views from the classic Bulls & Stormers fanatics…nonetheless there were some great comments and I couldn’t pick a winner today. So, I decided that today will be a tie.

Morne Steyn came under some scrutiny following his shocking display with the boot again. Steyn actually had a good game despite the damn pink boots not finding the target. Sport24 decided to put an article on their site which consists basically only out of comments from readers.

Morné   under   the   microscope

Of course Morne was halfway stoned to death considering our true passion for the game and the Boks (I am a little sarcastic). But nonetheless the actual comments left on the article left some interesting reading, but it was the first one from Jason that had me chuckling quite a bit:

“we need to start charging Sport24 for using our comments to create articles!!! LOL”

Like I said in my previous post that S24 seem to run out of ideas and will basically post anything, whether it’s using the same article twice and just adjusting the words somewhat OR using reader’s comments to create a little bit of reaction from unoriginal scoops!

The second comment came from the article about former Springbok flank Rob Louw (yes the father of Roxy “OMG” Louw) apparently dropping a tweet concerning the calling of Joe Pietersen up to the Bok squad.

Louw   lets   slip   Pietersen   pick

Now here was the basic Morne Steyn vs Peter Grant battle (actually Bulls v Stormers fans) more of an issue than Joe Pietersen’s apparent great news. The guys were throwing all the stops regarding Morne’s questionable goal kicking against that of Grant’s and how great a defender Grant is etc (now I am a Peter Grant fan, but even I must question the man’s defence). But anyway these guys were having a good go at each other and then RandomDude placed a comment which stopped the whole thing then and there: PS. this is just a small portion of his comment, because frankly I was too damn tired to read the whole thing but anyway…

“The Stomers defense is a SYSTEM not Grant running around making more tackles than anyone else..”

This was a absolutely finely placed and timed comment, becasue like I said, it stopped the argument right then and there. Imagine Peter Grant running around making all the tackles…hahaha…Well done RandomDude, you will from now be known as the Peacekeeper (yes like the song)…

I want to finish by saying please keep the comments coming, I’m having a absolutely great time looking through them and could we please for the love of vetkoek leave the damn racial comments…it’s a prickly point for all of us and there’s no need to make things personal.

Good luck Baby Boks and may the Southern Hemisphere finish off on a high this coming weekend!


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Comment Of The Day

June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, everyone loves the Sport24 website and most of us want to leave a comment to make our opinion noted.

Must say, sometimes some of the guys go too far and it becomes an all-out-free-for-all-battle-to-death with yes you’ve guessed it, letters. I will sometimes also speak my mind on the comments area if I feel the need to, but mostly I love to see this word bashing going up and down. When the “fight” becomes a little bit personal, people like to utter the infamous “jou ma” preceded or followed by some nasty thing about the okes poor mother.

“Kill”, “moer” and “shit” are also some of the wonderful vocabulary used by very enthusiastic and die-hard supporters. I think SA has some of the most colorful people when it comes to the comments section on any webpage. The racial cards get thrown around many times too often, but I noticed that more on the News24 section. I am more on about S24.

Unfortunately Sport24 has too many stories surrounding the “England in SA” series which is obviously taking place. Too many of them has a familiarity with the previous one. Like Bismarck’s homework story.

Two articles basically explaining the same thing one just a little more in detail. I honestly think someone was bored and really wanted to write something. This is just one mere example out of, I think, 4 or 5 other stories as well. I thought no-one realized this until I read some of the previous articles’ comments section. I was happy to realize that I wasn’t going crazy and that it was also starting to get irritating! Please S24, stop bloody doing this, why for the love of vetkoek do you do this.

But enough moaning, the real reason I wanted to write this post was to put down my Comment Of The Day. Reading through all these interesting, yet some boring articles, I found one comment that made me laugh. Especially in the moment and on which story it was based. The article concerning Tuilagi at inside centre.

People were bashing Morne Steyn and JdV and talking about fishing and babalas (why I don’t really know). Then one guy came out and said the following:

“Frans het hom laas week in elk geval die heeltyd geduik so sal nie n probleem wees nie.”

Jacques, this was quite a great comment and in the typical dry SA humor that we all love. Well done, I had a lekker laugh and thanks for that mate.Sorry there is no actual prize for you buddy, but please keep the humor coming. We really need it in SA!

In a close second place was another comment on the same story:

“Ag man, we all know JDV was just a bit off balance, could’ve happened to anybody. :)” Haha…Dirk came to the defense (no pun intended) of JdV.

I would love to see a lot more of these sort of comments more often…


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BOKS – My View…The English are in for it!

June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, the English managed a to win quite an entertaining game against the Southern based Baabaas. Although it seemed that the English got quite a scare in the second half they managed to keep somewhat calm and see the game through. It was a very heroic effort from a bunch of First Division players who didn’t really have time to practice together. Also keep in mind that this was a relatively shitty England side.

Although the English “B’ in the end got a comprehensive victory, I really don’t think the “A” team will be so lucky. The Boks seem like they are getting more in the groove of what it is that Heyneke has envisioned for them. Also, the fact that Lambie got the nod to show off the skills that made people want to nearly crucify HM for playing Kirchner ahead of him, shows that the Bok coaching staff are really serious about utilizing players as effectively as possible.

The players also feel that there’s a different feel to the Bok camp and I think they mean this as a very good thing. Times have changed and so to the Boks will have to…Hougie got a lekker set of wheels which should, I think, inspire him to play the kind of game that got him this wonderful sponsorship in the first place. As long as the forwards put in a bigger effort to protect their halfback, the man could give the Poms a very hard time from the base.

I also think that “Bone Collector” Alberts will be raring to go against the Roses seeing that he made it look relatively easy to run over or through them. He would want to show them that this wasn’t just a once of thing and why is considered in SA as one the strongest runners. “Generaal” Steyn will also want to improve on his kicking seeing that this is the main reason why HM will want him there. I think every kicker is entitled to a poor game and after the last test he has had his baddie. We all know that Morras will kick the living daylights out of the Poms if they give him the slightest chance. Might even pull a Jannie de Beer…5 DG’s…English must remember that!

The “other” Steyn also impressed in the first test and will definitely keep the English occupied in the midfield. He’s a clever player with so much potential that I think he himself doesn’t even realize it! Jean might have had an unfortunate moment against the English Samoan (hope I say it correctly), but everyone might forget the first moments of the test when De Villiers slipped a tackle from the big SAMOAN “machine”. And let us AND the English not forget the wonderful try the man with “no pace and power”(aimed at a very specific blogger) scored.

Although the English played very well at the breakdowns I don’t think they have enough fuel in the tank to take on the Boks on the physical front. This ultimately means that they will need to play a quicker game, which will suit some of our backs perfectly, considering SupeRugby is quite a pacy game. Lambie is very good under the high ball and good on counter attacks. Add Habana on current form and these attacks might lead to more than just momentum builders. Maybe even an intercept from the winger or our Cappie for that matter…

All in all, this was the best the Boks looked at the start of a season for a long time. I honestly (I mean that) think that the Boks will get better and better and that the English might just be in for ‘n good old fashioned “pakslae”!


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