Scrapping the bottom of the barrel!

February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dreams are like grains of sand in one’s hand, the tighter you hold on the quicker it slips through your fingers and reality sets in. Winning the Champions League is such an honour and ranks very high on any managers list of priorities.

For Arsene Wegner the illustrious Champions League title eludes him and is perhaps the single most important objective on his agenda. Another season of failing to win a domestic trophy has not gone down well with the Arsenal faithful. Losing against Blackburn Rovers in the F.A. Cup this past weekend was the first time in Wegner’s career at Arsenal that he has lost against a lower league team, and surely this is an indication as to how far he has fallen from grace. During a press conference held after the match, Wegner’s respect for the Prestigious F.A. Cup were questioned, his response was an arrogant one stating he won it four times and followed that statement with an even more arrogant question, who won it more than me? Well it seemed like no one present in that press conference knew the answer, the answer is simple Wegner, Sir Alex Ferguson has won the F.A. Cup five times with Manchester United.

Perhaps now is the time for everyone at Arsenal football club to realize and concede the fact that its most successful leader is no longer competent enough to lead them to success. Gavin Hunt once said, strikers win matches but defenders win titles. Spot on, I could not have put that better myself. The foundation of every successful team is a solid defence and let’s face it, for the past 8 years Arsenal’s defence has been their Achilles heel, yet no significant signings has been made in a problematic area. Scrapping the bottom of the barrel has become the one thing Wegner does better than any other manager.

Reports suggest Wegner will have at least 70 million pounds to splash out on new players in the summer, but that is merely prolonging the agony of the Arsenal fans. That money is not nearly enough to rectify a squad of very average players. An entire new back four is needed to shake things up. At least two new midfielders are needed; a holding midfielder and a winger that can score goals but also track back to help out on defence. Then a proven goal scorer of note is needed to fill the huge gap left by Robin Van Persie. Theo Walcott’s demand to play as a striker is utter rubbish. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one Theo. What is even worse is that Wegner allows himself to be dictated by spoiled little brats, something that other managers just would not stand for.


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  1. I was going to do an Arsenal post myself but you’ve beaten me to it Wayne. I remember with fondness Wenger’s initial impact on the EPL during the mid-1990’s, dragging Arsenal kicking and screaming into the 21st century with a vibrant attacking brand of football led by such superstars as Thierry Henry, Marc Overmars, Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Petit and build upon the defensive solidity of George Graham’s imposing unit of Dixon, Adams, Bould, Winterburn, Keown and latterly Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole. Wenger provided some much-needed rivalry to Sir Alex and Man Utd’s EPL dominance and I, like many, had admiration for his team, his tactics and his footballing ideology.

    But that seems an awful long time ago now. The last Arsenal side to win a trophy of any description was way back in 2005 and this version seems further away than ever. Out of every domestic competition and hammered by Bayern Munich in the Champions League at home by 3-1 (a scoreline that flattered Arsenal in the extreme), Arsenal face an uphill battle to cling onto that fourth-place in the EPL. But should their prevails be all that surprising?

    Consistently selling their best players year on year, from Henry and Overmars to Vieira and Petit, to Ashley Cole (albeit through a conract dispute) and recently Nasri, RVP, Fabregas, Toure and Song?. Prioritising their bank balance over on-field success? And having a manager wholly complicit in this ludicrous delusion? I commented on your previous blog that one time-honored tradition of the EPL transfer window was hearing huge brags from the Emirates about how much they had to spend on players…you rightly point out that already the reported figure is £70M for the summer. But will Wenger spend it? No! Is he even capable of spending it? No! Who was the last really decent signing that Wenger made? How is it possible that a man credited with bringing Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira to the EPL now considers Gervinho and Olivier Giroud to be worthy successors? And the less said about Andrei Arshavin and Marouane Chamakh the better!

    You are right in assessing Arsenal’s many flaws. They really ought to have paid for their lax attitude before now but a combination of the general decline in the EPL standard and the abysmal performances of usual top-four candidates Liverpool over the last couple of years has saved Arsenal and Wenger’s bacon. But for Spurs implosion under Harry Redknapp towards the end of the season Arsenal would not be contesting the Champions League this season (a few could argue Arsenal haven’t actually ‘contested’ the Champions League for a few seasons now) and they must surely surrender their spot this year round.

    Wenger has always been tetchy and hostile to the media, but his rant in the recent press conference together with his petulant snub of Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes last night merely shows his own turmoil as his grand plan disintegrates before him. The players aren’t good enough and no longer believe in him. That much is evident on the pitch. The fans have also lost patience. Only Wenger’s ability to continually line the pockets of the board members while also taking the flack of the fans and media has kept him in the job thus far. You wonder how much longer that can continue to be the case?

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