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United public enemy number one!

January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

I could be wrong, I could be right or I could simply be labelled as a foolish follower of Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. I will state for the record that I am a Manchester United supporter and always will be. It is in my blood. It has been brought to my attention not once but several times in this season alone that United get favourable decisions from Match Officials. It has also been mentioned by Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew, that there is a different set of rules for Fergie and his men.

I seem to remember when Rafeal Benitez was in charge of Liverpool a couple of years ago, he decided it would be wise to go to war against Ferguson and the end result was that United won the League title. Perhaps it would have been wise for Pardew to consider that particular incident before making statements about Ferguson and United. Since Man United defeated Newcastle 4 – 3 at Old Trafford, Alan Pardew has seen his side slip further down the table with no sign that it will improve anytime soon.

The recent decision of a linesman to deem a foul on Wayne Rooney as not worthy of a penalty is absurd. What is even more remarkable is the fact that the same linesman allowed Didier Drogba’s goal to stand even though he was offside. It was a crucial decision in terms of the title race which Chelsea eventually won. The failure or incompetence or just blatant hatred for Manchester United has become obvious for everyone to see. It is no wonder Fergie is once again throwing his toys out the cot and once again it is for good reason. I can point towards Manchester United’s recent game against Liverpool as a real indication of how incompetent and inconsistent Match Officials are these days. Howard Webb had a shocker plain and simply.

It is unacceptable that these men in charge of the game have a say in the outcome of such a crucial match and more importantly, has a say in the outcome of the title race. People are quick to point a finger at Ferguson ranting and how he gets favourable decisions but no one seems to see the blatant and unbelievable abuse of power from match officials. The greater the power, the bigger the chance of abusing that power.