Grudges are for fans.

“A grudge is something that is held against someone for something or an issue they haven’t resolved peacefully or discussed” – Wikipedia

Lions vs Kings, Ellis Park, Saturday 9 February 2013.

Many Lions fans have been licking their lips for this match since it’s announcement. The “love” between the different team’s fans are evident at every braai, pub, wedding, office, you name it. Since the SARU / Kings / Lions saga the banter have been flying all over the place between Kings and Lions supporters with the occasional opportunist just throwing some fuel on the fire. So that being said this match sure does pose as the perfect grudge match.

A fan “feels” for his team. If they win you win, if they lose you lose. It’s a feeling one can’t describe but only experience. The outcome of your team’s match often determines your mood for the rest of the day / weekend / week. The announcement by SARU that the Kings will play S15 at the expense of the Lions left many fans in utter despair but that’s what happen if you have someone running rugby that will make Circus de Soleil blush. Despair shortly changed into hate. The Kings took the crown from the Bulls as the most hated team, at least in my books. A grudge have grown inside me which will only be satisfied when the Kings get hammered that’s until I’ve heard the interview by Barney Simon with JC Janse van Rensburg on Jacaranda…

What a modest oke for someone that scrums most of SA’s props into submission! I’m not going to replicate the whole interview but one particular part just humbled me completely. Barney asked JC how do they feel about their omission from S15 and if the match against the Kings will be a grudge match by which JC answered that they obviously were shocked by SARU’s decision but that is a thing of the past and they have moved on now. They will now focus on the task at hand and not see any matches as grudge matches.

This made me think – isn’t it perhaps time for the Lions fans to do the same? Yes his words were humbling but only for a couple of secs. In the ideal world the answer would be to move on but this my friends is South Africa and I’m a fan not a player. I hope the Lions demolish the Kings and just prove their unworthiness of S15 status. Well if this doesn’t happen some seriaaaas egging awaits…

Good luck Lions.


8 thoughts on “Grudges are for fans.

  1. Good first post, CT

    And I agree, we obviously want the Lions to give the Kings a snotklap, whichever team they send but in the end it’s about building a team to
    1) Get us back into Super Rugby
    2) Be competitive in the Currie Cup, and
    3) Be competitive in Super Rugby next year.

    Hopefully the team will remain focused on the right things on Saturday – winning the game and not the fight.

    • Thanks Baylion. I totally agree with you. The Lions should put in a clinical display of good focused rugby otherwise this game will be of no value to us.

  2. Easier said than done.. SARU and the queens have screwed the Lions, their fans and SA rugby in general in so many ways, its difficult to just let it go and move on. And in some ways I dont believe we should, as SARU needs some egg on their face, so do the queens.
    I agree with Baylion that the Lions should focus on building a competitive team for the CC and promotion/relegation games to gain entry to super rugby next year. But, if they do lose this game, please start a fight in the last 5min and donner those queens then! ha ha ha

    • LOL. If you lose the game you should at least win the fight. I just saw the Kings team and those expecting them to win is like expecting 4 tries in a match from the Stormers.

    • That pic is rather interesting because the Sharks and Bulls buys most of their players thus the Stormers, Cheetahs and Lions should be the more evolutionized but you can then look at it the other way and say since they buy players from the other unions they make them the finished product thus the Bulls and Sharks should be more evolutionized.

      Just my way of thinking!

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