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Keep riding Proteas but know the end isn’t far for JK

December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s so much fun isn’t it? Comparing newly found “superstars” to legends of the game. Or making those supposed to be superstars bigger than they really are. The media loves doing it & we love gobbling it all up. I’m mentioning this coz I saw this happening 4 years ago & it looks like it’s about to happen again.

I remember when JP Duminy burst onto the test arena in Australia with that brilliant knock (& make no mistake – it was brilliant), he was immediately dubbed a superstar.

One guy even tipped him as South Africa’s first ‘black’ cricket superstar ( & he’s probably not from SA coz there is a difference between black & coloured people here in SA. Sorry, but he’s messing a bit with my coloured pride here.

What pisses me off about that article is that just a couple of years before JP made his entrance onto the international arena, his schoolboy hero (Gibbs) played arguably one of the greatest one-day innings ever witnessed, oh & by the way, he’s also ‘black’. First Non-white cricket superstar? No, sorry but that role was already taken.

I also remember reading somewhere that JP was being dubbed the next Ricky Ponting!! Now I don’t like Punter, I for one am glad he’s retiring but I thought that was very disrespectful to the then Ozzie captain; that a test rookie was already mentioned in the same conversation as him. I had nothing against JP, I was very happy for him when he made those knocks but I honestly thought he was being overrated afterwards. That he was already being labelled some things he has the potential & talent to be but wasn’t there yet. And he proved my point the following 2 seasons after his debut when he struggled with spin bowling & bouncers & eventually got dropped from the test side…

Now back to 2012 where Duminy showed that he’s grown & matured a huge amount since that debut 4yrs ago as a 24 year old & he showed that maturity when he was required on a number of occasions to bat with our tail in the SA-Eng series earlier this year. I think he was a huge loss to our side because his absence upset the team’s balance especially when we went into that 1st test without Tahir. But one guy’s injury is another man’s test debut & JP will know that better than most. And what a debut it was!! A man of match debut!! I could even go so far as to say a man of the series debut because Faf du Plessis’ excellent & resilient knock really took the stuffing out of the Aussies, giving us the mental advantage heading into the final & deciding test in Perth. But here’s the thing..

I feel that just like Koppe played himself into test team, Faf did too but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves coz just like with JP, 2nd season blues could be looming for the Titans batsman (touch wood). And even though he may be better known internationally than JP was, there’s still a huge difference between test & limited overs cricket. Case & point: Kohli, Raina, Warner.. Morgan.. Guys that excelled in the limited overs arena but are struggling to do it consistently in test cricket. Luckily they’re all fairly young (including JP & Faf) so they still got time to settle in and that’s what we as fans, coaches & selectors should allow them to do: Settle in!! Especially with a rookie like Faf because he’s not going to be our hero all the time – something that a quality batting team like the Proteas doesn’t need a lot of anyways – there are going to be tough times because as brilliant as the 2 weeks was he just had, it’s still just 2 weeks.


Also, there’s been lots of rumours going around that Kallis will not bowl against NZ and Pakistan & that’s fine coz like the panel conferred on Supersport’s Inside Edge, we should have enough in our bowling attack to get 20 wickets against those 2 sides without needing JK to bowl. But I hope the selectors are thinking beyond that. By that I mean: What happens when Kallis the Batsman is no longer there? & make no mistake people, that time is approaching. Who will occupy that crucial nr. 4 spot? AB? JP? Faf? Elgar? Do the selectors even have an idea because I would hate to see what’s happening to Australia at the moment with the loss of Ponting happen to us.

 And let’s not forget that unlike Punter & probably-soon-to-retire Tendulkar (the other two 12 000+ run getters), Kallis is also widely regarded the best all-rounder of his generation, so that will make our loss even more difficult & more complicated than that of the Ozzies & India. Look I’m not saying chopping & changing needs to be done now, Not at all, we’ve got a nr.1 test ranking wave we’ll need to ride the crap out of. But have a waterproof watch to check the clock every now & then.

I’m outy.

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  1. I think there’s a fine line between giving someone time to settle into the side and giving someone who isn’t gonna cut it too much time. They say kallis really struggled in the beginning of his career, but he was given a chance to settle in and look where he is now. On the other hand, so much was made of Tahir and he has been disappointing to say the least (he’s also quite old so no use giving him a chance to settle in anymore).
    WRT replacing kallis, I think we need to look for a similar allrounder to replace him with. A good batsmen who can also bowl and take a few wickets. i dont know who that is though..
    SA definitely has the experience, class and talent to stay no1 for a long time now. BUT our coach and selectors have to maintain the right balance in the side from now on. Keep the old experience but also bring in some youth and develop new superstars

    • i agree with most of what you said leeu but similar allrounder is pushing it :) i personally feel that kallis is the best allrounder since gary sobers so it’s gona be almost impossible to find a similar replacement.

      i also believe that guys must get time to settle in.. i even gave rudolph til the end of sa-aus series but he’s gotta go now. the jury is still out for me on tahir, i think maybe a season or so..

  2. I have to agree that JP was hyped up a bit early. But he has really matured now and might well move down to the no.4 spot when JK retires. Or he might move to 5 and AB to 4.

    As for Faf he is a lot older than JP was when he first got selected thus a lot more at ease with his own game. Kinda like Hussey, and no I am not comparing Faf to Hussey’s ability mearly that both were not so young when they made their debuts.

    JK prob has 2-3 years left in his old bones. I do believe that JP should shift up the order. Maybe a guy like Ryan Mac can bat 7 and bowl 5 choice?

    Thing is players like JK are once in a 100 years type of players. You can’t replace them but you can build a new team with other superstars.

    • well said general.. came back well with the faf – hussey thing coz just when i was thinking ‘ag no, not another comparison’ you made a valid point.

      Ryan Mac i’m not so sure of, maybe someone younger.. but damn right about JK, who i feel doesn’t get the respect he truly deserves.

  3. Ryan Mc had the ability but he got wasted at the Knights and in Eng and prob too old for the full arounder. I am worried that Elgar is going the same route as he can be true front line spinner who can bat at 7 which will allow for a Ryan Mc or preferrable Marchant De Lange or Hardus Viljoen to play.

    We need another bowler to bowl 140km/h to backup Steyn and Morkel. Big Vern is classic Pollock mould and hopefully he can get his batting average to 30 as well.

    I would love to see JP and Elgar to bowl as spin twins with Faf as odd variation. It is difficult to predict but AB could take batting at 4 and the destructive De Kock as Keeper/ Batsmen:

    My team for 2013:
    Smith, Peterson, Amla, Kallis, Duminy, De Villiers, Du Plessis, R Peterson, Philander, Steyn, Morkel (Elgar, De Kock, De Lange)

    Smith, Peterson, Amla, Kallis, Duminy, De Villiers, Du Plessis, Elgar, Philander, Steyn, Morkel (De Kock, De Lange, simon Harmer / AN Other spinner)

    Smith / Van Zyl, Peterson, Amla, De Villiers, Duminy, Du Plessis, Elgar, De Kock, Philander, Steyn, Morkel

    • i like your teams grumpy & i also think elgar should definitely remain in the squad as he’s got a lot of potential & we must start getting de kock involved internationally as well..

  4. Elgar can be become a true frontline allrounder, better than a Symcox and with JP we will turn the ball both ways, but he will need to make the mental adjustment. AsSA u/19 Capt he performed that role with aplomb. we also need to start grooming another opener to be in the wings

  5. My view is we should be looking for a real quality batsmen at 4. (if it is to be AB then we need a new Keeper.)

    I don’t see duminy in the same class as Amla, Kallis, De Villiers.

    The loss of the bowler can be made up by a bowling all rounder replacing one of our bowlers or greater work being put into our tale who can all bat a bit and then picking the extra bowler.

    • i see your point..
      look i love AB, he’s been my favorite player ever since he came into the proteas squad but i do think that jp is a better option at 4 than AB. Even though AB has shown in the 2nd test against the Ozzies that he can knuckle down & play a conservative innings, i just think that jp’s game is better suited for that. plus with ab at 5, he can still keep wicky till de kock is ready to come in..

  6. The big problem we have in trying to replace Kallis is that we are looking for a seaming all-rounder. There is plenty of spinning all-rounders available. I already believe Duminy to be close to our top options, Faf has shown talent in local cricket and Dean is talked up quite a bit.
    Robin P is an excellent one-day player, but he’s not going to win matches in tests too often. He would be the unfortunate player in my team who will still have 3 spinning options originally, giving all 3 players the opportunity to settle in an all-round ability, while leaving us with the strongest batting line-up in the world…
    Smith, Alviro, Amla, Kallis, JP, AB, Faf, Elgar, Philander, Steyn, Morkel

    • wow, that is very strong batting line up.. the balance is a little bit off coz neither jp, faf or elgar are spin bowlers. they’re basically batsmen that can spin but still i would love to see what a team like that would do..

  7. I just dont see Duminy as being that good. His record is in fact nothing spectacular and 3 & 4 are normally your premier batsmen.

    If AB keeps the gloves(which he should IMO) then he must bat 5/6 with Duminy taking the other spot.

    Still leaves us short of a 3/4 as Amla could move down if he wanted as Kallis Did after Cullinan.

    To be honest I don’t watch enough domestic cricket to know about up and coming stars. There are only 2 assesments I can make:
    1)Jaque Rudolf spoiled the Careers of many far better players, Martin Van Jaarsveld, Neil Mckenzie and Zader debruyn and 2)Duminy will never be considered a world great.

    • whoa.. dude, amla Must stay where he is!! & i think jp is going to prove you wrong sir..

  8. Interesting comments and I like the prediction for the Test team from 2013 through to 2015 by Grumpy. The only question is whether by 2015 Steyn will still be the force he is today. No way to predict but we better hope another bowler like Parnell comes right.

    The weakness is no major wicket taking spinners (as has always been the case). Simon Harmer might help. What you guys think of that Shaun von Berg? He seems to have a decent FC record, although I don’t know how much of that is in the CSA series rather than the 4-day version.

    • Steyn will still be a good bowler come 2015 dude.. & yeah you’re right about parnell.. duno much about shaun von berg unfortunately..

  9. Start grooming de kock.But who do you leave out.Maybe when Smith calls it a day.Our batting line up is great.There is’nt another allrounder like JK right now and not likely to be any time soon.This leaves an option to play a batter who can bowl or a bowler who can bat a bit,depending on conditions

    • luckily de kock is still young.. biff can still for another 4 or 5 years if he want’s to.. de kock will probably replace JK with either AB or JP moving into 4. With JP & Faf there as part time spinners, we’ll have the option of either going with an out-&-out spinner or another seamer (depending on conditions) to go along with Vern, Steyn & Morkel..

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