1 Step forward – 2 Steps back for Meyer

From the get-go I’d like to say that I’m not Heynecke Meyer’s biggest fan but it looks like he’s here to stay so regardless whether I dislike his game plans & player selections, I’ll just have to suck it up & get behind Springboks. But one of the most frustrating things for me as a Bok fan is how HM seems to be taking 1 step forward – 2 steps back. His latest 1-2 step: Next year

I just read an article about how HM admitted that he made a few errors regarding player selections & how certain players surprisingly impressed him… How he’s looking forward to 2013 where he’ll hopefully have a bigger pool of players to select from because he was starved of the likes of Burger, Bismarck, Smith, Bekker, Spies etc. in 2012. Now that’s all beer & biltong but then HM goes on to say that he would like to continue with Jean de Villiers as captain of the Bok team.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been a JdV fan from the first minute I saw him play & I think he’s been one of our best 12’s we’ve ever produced. He should & will be regarded as one of our modern Bok legends along with the Smits, Matfields & Fouries that played in our glory years of last decade. Having said that, I do feel that he’s past his best and has been for a while now. He has shown flashes of what he can do but we’ll need much more than that from one of the senior players of the team.

I understand that Meyer didn’t have a lot of options for Bok captaincy in 2012 & therefore Jean was a logical choice but surely he’ll have more options come 2013? In fact who’s to say that JdV will even be available to lead the team considering his injury history? But the most important question HM should be asking himself is: Does he really think that a then 34 year old de Villiers will be able to compete with younger & probably better & faster centres & still lead his team come the 2015 Rugby World Cup? I’m sorry but I don’t!! So shouldn’t HM be looking at someone else he can use as a long term captain? And shouldn’t HM be looking at more options at 12 & 13’s to nurture into his squad & game plan while he still has the time? I mean besides Francois Steyn & Juan de Jongh, who else has been tried? Taute, who HM sees as his future fullback? JJ Engelbrecht?  Shouldn’t a Whitehead or Venter, Brache even Serfontein be given a shot. Now maybe HM will call up some of these guys but what are the chances of them getting any game time, hell even a guy like de Jongh (arguably SA’s best 13 this year) struggled to get game time this year. What will happen to him once Steyn is fit again?

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