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Lebron James got one bit of business to take care of

June 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wanted to wait until a team was a declared a NBA champion before writing this blog but after watching Game 4 where the Miami Heat moved within one game of winning their 2nd title I just couldn’t help myself. Why you may ask would I want to do that now with 3 games still left in the series? (Potentially ofcoz) Well, I have this confidence that the Heat won’t lose it this year. Not after they right all the wrongs they made in Game 4 of last year’s finals. Not when they showed much against popular belief that this is a team that plays together, for each other. And most certainly not coz no team has come back from a 3 – 1 deficit to win a NBA Championship. In a sense this Heat team remind me of the ’08 Olympic basketball team that won the gold medal after they were humiliated the previous Olympics by collecting the bronze. This Heat team can be the Redemption team 2.0 should they win the title this year after that miserable meltdown in last year’s finals.

And as usual right smack in the middle of everything is non-other than Lebron James.  

Man I want this guy to win it all so badly. Not just to silent all his critics and haters (and there are thousands of them which will probably continue their merry way even if he does get a title) but because in this playoffs & finals series no one deserves a title more. Guys like Garnett, Nowitsky, Pierce, Kidd, Allen & Wade got their ring and will probably be hall of famers. Guys like Kobe & Duncan (the greatest of their generation) got their rings and legacies locked down. Durant, Rose & Griffith still got lotsa time on their hands to achieve what some of the guys above did or come close to it. But for Lebron, it’s about winning now!! Winning Game 5 or 6 or 7 and with one ring can he bury all his past season’s disappointments, failures & demons and immediately enshrine him in the NBA elite. And fair or unfair, that is what is expected from him.

The kid from Akron’s margin of error is so small; he’s lack of appreciation so little that winning titles is all that matters, for him, his critics and everyone in his circle. Mind you, he didn’t help himself when he told Heatles’ fans that they’re gona win not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 (nba titles) before he, Wade & Bosh even played one game together as team mates. But in his defence, he did get them to the finals in his 1st season with Miami since 2006 AND they’re now one win away from title nr. 1 as the Big 3. Anyways, my point is no one got it worse than James. Kobe doesn’t win? His team is too old. Chris Paul doesn’t win? His team is too young. Durant & Rose doesn’t win? They’ll get comforted and encouraged that their time will come. Lebron doesn’t win? Nope, sorry got nothing for you except a HAHA, you lose again!! Some want him to fail, expect him to fail and if he doesn’t they’ll just say: Big deal, so what!?

But Lebron James stopped caring what his naysayers are saying and writing about him and just went about his business. And by business I mean:

-       Capturing a 3rd MVP trophy in one of the most efficient seasons a nba player EVER had

-       Adding a new nickname (by his coach) to his many namely: 1 through 5 (coz he covers all positions offensively AND defensively)

-       Coming through for his team when they needed him most: the 40+ points & 18reb effort against the Pacers in Indiana, the 45pnts, 15rbs, 5asts game in Boston when his team was down 3 – 2 & a 3 pointer in Game 4 of the NBA finals that gave his team the lead with 2 & ½ min to go & stretch their series lead to 3 – 1 on a leg that gave in on him just minutes before he took the shot.

The only business left to take care of is getting another win & reserving one of Miami’s best nightclubs for the weekend party!!

Ofcoz the Thunder will not make it easy. Last time I checked they’re still the same team that eliminated last season’s champs in the Mavericks, blew by the Bryant & the Lakers & took care of the Spurs, a team that had the best record in the NBA, a team that led them 2 zip in the Western conference finals & were riding a 20 game winning streak before they lost 4 straight against the team from Oklahoma City. And the Thunder’s big 3 of Durant, Westbrook & Harden still has to play a game in this finals where they click on all cylinders so it’s not going to be easy for the Heat.

But it looks like the stars are finally aligned for NBA’s biggest star and I’m sure he’ll do anything and literally everything to get that elusive ring. He’s been so unstoppable in this year’s edition of the NBA Playoffs & another big night (or 2 or 3) from James, he could finish with a playoffs average of 30 points, 10 boards & 5 assists. Something no other player has EVER done in the modern era!! In fact only 3 other players averaged James’ current average of 30 points and 9 boards in the playoffs and they were all centers. Not just any centers: Abdul Jabbar, Olajuwon & Shaq!! Throw in his game high 12 assists he dished out in Game 4 & do you understand now why his latest nickname fits like a glove?? And if he didn’t get injured with 5 min left in the game he probably would’ve finished with a triple double (26pnts, 12ast & 9 reb).

I’m sorry haters but I love the game of basketball!! I don’t play it anymore so I now watch the shit out of it and there’s no else I enjoy watching more because of his skills and talents (couldn’t help myself Cleveland). The complete baller playing a complete game at the highest level with everything at stake. And that’s why I’ll set my alarm once again for 2.30 tomorrow morning to buoyantly be a Witness (Sorry again Cavs fans) to watch Lebron James hopefully & rightfully become a NBA champion.

I’m outy