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Will the Spurs rob the Heat of another title or does Thunder & Celtics still have a say??

May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

If they’re keeping an eye on what’s happening in the West, it doesn’t look good for the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics for that matter. The San Antonio Spurs are unbeatable, unstoppable, clinical and down right cruel with the way they’re going bout their business of acquiring another nba title!! The funny thing is that even though this is a little bit surprising, it really shouldn’t be. The last 2 seasons they finished with the best record in the West and this season they’re tied with the Bulls for the best record in the NBA, yet they still don’t get the love and respect they deserve. Mind you, that 1st round playoff exit last season against the Memphis Grizzlies didn’t help much. And because of that NBA’s GM’s only gave them a 7% percent chance of winning the Western Conference. The Oklahoma City Thunder (the team the Spurs are currently demolishing in the conference finals) got the lion share of 67.9 %. To make matters worse, the same GMs didn’t even give them a percentage chance of wining title this season.


I think the Spurs preferred it this way. I think Popovich wanted his team moving under the radar until his bubble got burst by picking up the coach of the year award. I think Tim Duncan wanted his fellow NBA superstars to get all the attention and he just goes about his business. But sorry Spurs, the secret is out, you are the team to beat and of the 4 teams still left standing in this playoffs, you are favorites to win the NBA championship. Yeah sure the Thunder can go home (where they’re 5-0 in the playoffs) and win game 3 & 4 and tie up the series but I don’t think it will happen.

Spurs will win the series in as early as game 4 or 5 and I think NBA darling Kevin Durant should just soak it all up and put this experience in his backpack he loves carrying around and learn from it for the future title aspirations. Jordan did it, Shaq & Kobe did it, KG did it, Dirk did it,  LeBron is still doing it and Durant’s turn will come soon.


 I touted Durant as a NBA darling on purpose coz the NBA’s villain is hands down LeBron James and for the life of me can’t understand why. Maybe it’s an American thing or maybe it’s the fact that some fans forget these guys are playing the game we love but they love it too and they were the lucky ones that were blessed with the talent to play at the highest level BUT it’s their lives, not ours. So they must do what’s best for them!! James has been internationally scrutinized for the Decision,  the petrol prize going up, his 4th quarter “meltdowns”,  everything!! And through all that he still manages to put up unbelievable MVP numbers.  He’s probably going to be in the no-win situation for the next 4 or 5 seasons because if he does win a title or 3 it would be coz of his teammates, you know the other the other guys fellow superstars also have on their teams. Should he not win a title he’ll considered the biggest under achiever of all time and that’s the burden he must carry probably for the rest of his career.


He’s Heat (yes, he’s team coz lets face it, it’s not Wade’s team anymore) are currently facing a Celtics team filled with potentially 4 future hall of famers and a team that’s looking at their last chance of winning a title with their current crop. Add to that the Celtics have Paul Pierce (James’ fiercest rival)

and they’re the team that’s had his number twice in the last 4 or 5 seasons, it’s going to be an uphill battle for the self proclaimed chosen 1. Also throw in the loss of Miami’s best frontline man in Chris Bosh for their current series while we’re at it. AND THEN, should they hand off the aging but determined Celtics, they’ll probably face a Spurs team that’s red hot at the moment and will most likely continue that trend in the Finals.  A Spurs team mind you, Lebron also has a history with as they’re the team that swept his then inexperienced Cavs team in the ’07 finals.

Will Lebron see this picture again like he did in 2007??

I really hope Miami wins the title this season or more importantly, James becomes a NBA champion this season. Few can deny that he deserves it. I don’t really support a team or teams in the NBA but more the players that play for that team. I wanted the Sixers to win the title back in 2001 coz I loved Iverson’s game. I was happy Boston won in ’08 coz I love KG’s game

And I want Miami to win coz I love Lebron James’ game. You cant tell me that if you were / are a Michael Jordan fan and you werent from Chicago, Illinois or even American, you would’ve supported the Bulls if Jordan played for any of the teams that overlooked him when he got drafted. Can you?? I know I would’ve supported a team in Alaska if Jordan played for them. Why? Coz I loved Jordan’s game.

I support him here too – Go Wizards!!

I’m going to set my alarm for 2 again tomorrow morning, just to see the Heat play and hopefully win the game, just like I did for Tuesday morning. I’ll follow the Spurs / Thunder with great interest (and fear) for the team I’m CURRENTLY supporting. It’s playoffs baby!! It’s where names are made!! It’s where the so-near-yet-so-far teams leave arenas looking down to the ground with their tails between their legs.  Hopefully, holding thumps, the Miami Heat will not be one of those teams.

7 more to go LBJ!!!

I’m outy.