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What about the Silent Assassin??

March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Is it just me or do you Protea fans also feel that Hashim Amla doesn’t get the credit and respect he no doubt deserves. The last couple test series’ it’s mostly been about the other guys in the top 6 that got the attention. Whether it’s in a negative or positive sense. Stories have either been about Biff and Rudolph’s struggling form, Should Kallis retire (then he scores another 200 & we shut up for a while), Alviro providing stabilization upfront or AB showing that vice captaincy (or ODI captaincy) doesn’t affect his playing style.

But what about the peaceful warrior?? The silent assassin??

Even in the preview of the first test and the match up battles, Amla’s amazing average of 108 in 6 tests against NZ comes across like an after thought and even though the match up of Vettori vs AB could be an important factor in this series, Amla (also a good – if not the best – SA player of spin) could be just as an important factor.


He (& funny enough – AB as well) haven’t played test cricket in NZ until now so it will be interesting to see how he goes along. But having that, I’m sure that Amla doesn’t mind his colleagues getting more ‘attention’ than him, in fact I think he prefers it that way so that he can just go on about his business but I for one just want to say: I’ll be watching you Hash!! (or actually following you – coz i’ll be sleeping when you guys are playing) But I hope you’ll continue on your merry way of scoring runs and doing it in such a manner that NZ  doesn’t even notice it until it’s too late. Way too late and you’re doing your signature thang already!!! 

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