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Life goes on Bok fans..

October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

You know I didn’t want to start my blog this way but anyone who has read any of my rugby blogs would know what a passionate Springbok supporter I am and the obvious disappointment I still have that we’re no longer taking part in the 2011 RWC. Reading the rugby articles and the social media comments, I’ve noticed that the 2 reasons why we lost jump out more often than the others. & they are: The Boks didn’t take / use their opportunities & ofcoz, Bryce Lawrence.. I’m kinda dragging my feet, unsure which way I want to go coz I’m still a bit emotional (obviously) & neither option is very comforting. Maybe even writing this blog is still a bit too early. I mean I’ve already joined the petition to have Bryce sacked but I did that out of anger. I probably would’ve joined any petition that could ruin this guy professionally or make his life hell.. from kicking his dog to having him only officiate high school games in small South African towns known for their over-passionate & sometimes violent supporters!! BUT, I took my name off the petition coz I trust the IRB will handle him.. Yeah right!!?? And to think I was so happy when I read Stu DICKinson was retiring man. But what’s done is done and we’ve just got to move on. I’ve tried to focus my attention on the Currie cup with my beloved WP getting their Boks back (hopefully this weekend already).


However what saddens me about our premature exit (yeah I’m gona call it that) is that it could mean the end for our colorful Bok coach. I mean unless SARU provides us with the biggest surprise since the AB’s exit in the ’99 RWC by re-appointing P-Divvy, what other team is gonna want his services?? Ou Pietertjie never got the respect he deserved from almost everyone in the rugby world and yes he didn’t help himself with some dodgy (yet creative) answering of questions & comments in the media but I guess what mattered most to him was that there was mutual respect between him and his players and even with speculations that the senior boks “managed” the boks, I think it was far from it coz just like Franky, Ou Pieterjie did it his way and you definitely can not deny that. You’ve got to respect the man for that and I for one wish you well Mr. De Villiers. Would I reappoint him you may wonder? I have to say no. We need something new, something fresh. We broke borders when we appointed our first non-white coach, maybe we should continue the braking border trend by appointing our first foreign coach?? Hang on, hang on.. It’s just a suggestion.


I read the Sports 24 article where it was said that Coetzee, Rassie & Smal where early favorites to take over their reigns from P-Divvy with Treu a favorite to be the backline coach? Wait a minute.. I thought the head coach has a say as to who he want his assistants to be. I mean it makes sense doesn’t it? What happens if one those 3 coaches get picked and they don’t even like True’s coaching style? Do they just suck it up?? Me personally would like to see someone like Rassie or Coetzee take over the reigns with someone like Smal, Jones or Mitchell as your assistants but I doubt if the latter coaches would be interested in that. Who ever take over from P-Divvy will be blessed with a very strong Bok squad. With up & comers like Lambie, Hougaard & de Jongh, regulars like Bissie, Bekker, Brussow & veterans like Jaque, Schalk & Juan that will be probably still be there, I’m looking really looking forward to the next 2-4 years. Throw in youngsters like Johan Goosen, Siya Kolisi, Francois Venter, Jaco Taute & Arna Botha who are quickly making a name for themselves in the Currie Cup, you can’t help but to lick your lips for 2012!! Noticed how my mood & optimism changed from my first paragraph to last?? Yeah guys, I know it hurts, trust me on this one but we’ve got to move on!!!


Ps: In my previous blog I said that if we don’t win the RWC, then I hope New Zealand wins it & even more so now after what happened on Sunday. So with that & I can’t believe I’m going to say this but uhm.. (..cough-cough..) good luck all blacks!!


I’m outy

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The Rugby World Cup is wide open!!

October 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

And so the time has come.. The big boys have been separated from kiddies & NOW the real rugby world cup can begin. I know it is a harsh thing to say but it can’t be any further from the truth now can it?? What’s scary though is that my beloved Springboks can be on their way home next week or any of the other 6 teams competing in the quarterfinals for that matter. I didn’t put NZ in one of those 6 teams coz they’re already home and they’re probably the only team in the quarters that shouldn’t have any trouble “taking care” of their opponent which is Argentina.

The loss of Dan Carter is huge but they’ll only feel that in the semis and MAYBE in the finals. Lady Luck has abandoned the All Blacks once again in a RWC and one has to wonder if she’ll come back next week or the next. I hope she does coz if it’s not the Boks that are hoisting The Bill come 23 October, then I hope it’s the All Blacks. One can’t deny that they’ve deserve it for ruling the rugby world the last 20 or so years. But back to the quarters.

I made my quarterfinals predictions this morning and I’ve changed it bout 2 or 3 times ever since. 4 years ago, I predicted the results of the quarters, semis & finals to a T but this time I cant do it. Hell, I don’t think anyone can. I mean lets examine these quarters shall we apart from the NZ – Argentina one coz really.. come on:

Wales vs Ireland

These two teams can easily be tipped as the form teams during this RWC behind host NZ. Yes, Wales did lose against the Boks in their opener but they’ve improved in every game they’ve played since then and displayed that by dismantling Fiji in their last round robin game, the same team that cost them a quarterfinal spot in ‘07 version of this tournament. Ireland’s win against Australia have given them heaps of confidence and they got some more of that with their convincing win over Italy. I went for Wales to win this one but I’m really not convinced & I might even change my mind later in the week but right now I think Wales could be 07 version of an Argentina or maybe even England.

England vs France

From two of the hottest teams to two of the luckiest-teams-to-still-be-here in this RWC!! Both teams have been unconvincing as well inconsistent during the Round Robin stages as England could’ve easily lost 2 of their 4 games (against Argentina & Scotland) and France did actually lose 2 games and one of them was totally unexpected, even by their expect-unexpected standards. But with that in mind, I actually tipped them to win this one. We’ve already seen the awful French side so we’re bound to see the brilliant one, right?? England have had their number in the last 2 RWC knockout stages and that too could be used as motivation for the cocks (just couldn’t help myself) Having said all that, I don’t think anyone will be surprised if England wins but the same could be said about France.

South Africa vs Australia

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I tipped South Africa to win based on nothing but what I believe in my heart. Hell, that’s all I need. Australia should be regarded as favorites to win this game but the weird thing is, they’re not and I don’t understand why. They’ve beaten us (comprehensively sometimes) the last 2 years or so and throw in the fact that the last time we met them in RWC they beat us as well. All of a sudden it doesn’t look too good for the Boks. However, there are two teams Australia doesn’t want to face in this tournament and we are one of them so they’ll either exit the RWC this weekend or the next, I believe.

It’s really cool to think that apart from a NZ exit in the quarters or semis, there’s not really gonna be any upsets for the rest of this tournament and with Dan Carter out of the tournament, it kindof balance the tournament out a little bit but not by much. This RWC is still theirs to lose.

Ps: If my 07 predictions are anything to go by, we should see a South Africa – Ireland final with Ireland coming on tops:

The Boks face Australia in the quarters just like England did back in 07. Should they progress, they’ll face the host nation in the semis just like England did and then meet a team in the final who haven’t lost a game yet in the tournament and had the “easier” route to the finals. Wouldn’t that be something???

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