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Bok fans need to relax man!!

August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Damn, I wish the Rugby World Cup could just start tomorrow.. Better yet, I wished it was finished already so that we can just move on. The fact that this year’s tourney is being played in New Zealand, I can only see 3 teams who has a serious chance of hoisting the Webb Ellis trophy and they’re currently numbers 1, 2 & 3 on the IRB rankings. Supporters of the teams up north, I’m sorry but that’s my opinion.


2007 it was a bit more open than what I think the 2011 version will be: Northern Hemisphere teams like England & Ireland had solid teams that had the potential to make a lot of noise, England certainly did, even though not a lot of people knew which England side would rock up. France was the host nation and back-to-back 6 Nations winners so a semi final was probably the lowest they were expected to fare. From the South, Australia even though a bit on the aging side was still Australia & then the sole owner of 2 WC titles so you could never write them off.  The All Blacks virtually walk into every WC tournament as favorites but on the other hand Darren, they also walk into every WC tournament as favorite chokers. And the Springboks, well the Boks, just like England I guess were a bit of an uncertainty, which is a little bit ironic as they were the 2 teams that played in the final. The world took notice though when we compressively beat England in the round robin stages. Throw in the world cup darlings Argentina, who surprised friend & foe with their run to the semis & that will further back my point that the 2007 edition was open for anyone to win.


Forward 4 years & I can’t see any team beating the All Blacks, well maybe one team.. And that’s ofcoz the All Blacks themselves. The last 12 months or so Australia wrestled away the New Zealand’s-biggest-threat tag from the Boks but even they have shown that beating the current All Black side at home will take some doing. Yes, any team that comes up against the All Blacks in the WC’s knockout stages has a chance to beat them as Lady Luck have been avoiding them like Bakkies does speaking English during a post match but one get the feeling that this team will not be stopped.


And I guess that’s why I’m not too fazed or nervous about our boys’ chances of playing well against them this weekend or when we should meet them in the tournament. They’re the best team in the world & apart from Australia, the most in-form team in the world. They’re playing at home in front of supporters who will be yearning for that elusive trophy almost as much as they will. When you think of it in that way, losing against them will be disappointing but certainly not the end of the world. Right?? Australia (if they don’t win this year’s tri nations) will be a team who haven’t won a major trophy since?? What?? 2001?? You know how bad that it is?? 10 years!!! Put it this way (& excluding 2011 6Nations, Tri nations winners & the British Isles tours) of the top 7 rugby nations in the world right now:

-          New Zealand got 7 tri nations trophies

-          France got 5 6nations trophies

-          Springboks got 2 tri nations & 1 world cup trophy

-          England got 1 6nations & 1 world cup trophy

-          Wales got 2 6nations trophies

-          Ireland got 1 6nations trophy

-          Australia got shit..


It looks like they might be able to break their duck this year in the Tri nations but in this year’s World Cup?? I’m not so sure..  And everyone is on our case coz we’re not playing well at the moment?? Mostly our own fans!! Relax people!! We have it easy compared to our Australasian rivals. We don’t have that much pressure to perform very well or win the whole thing just coz we’re the defending champs. Coz it’s evident that title doesn’t mean much during the tournament. Just do what I do, support your team whenever they’re playing, back them against any team anywhere & if we win, be happy!! Go & get wasted, predict that THIS is our year!!! & if we lose, say: “Well played boys, don’t worry, well get them next week, next month, next year or in 4years time..“ And believe that each member of OUR team gave their all even though it wasn’t enough. But please don’t make a loss or a semi final exit in the RWC look like it’s the end of the world!! That’s the Aussies & All Blacks supporters’ job!!


I’m outy

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From Hero to Zero in my book!!

August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Sport24, I’ve got a huge favor to ask you.. Or actually it’s a 2 part favor: Can you please stop printing comments or articles about Jake White & if you really have to do it coz it makes for interesting reading, add some pride by atleast giving your opinion that could maybe counter what this “traitor” is blabbering on about.


Ever since SARU said that P-Divvy got their back at least until the end of the Rugby World Cup and that they will not consider hiring White as a “bail out” or “caretaker” coach, Jake the Snake has had nothing good to say about the Boks. I love reading sports news & I love this website but this shit really needs to be put to an end. Like every other Bok fan, I was grateful & thankful for what Jake did during his tenure as Bok coach. Not only did he bring trophies in but he also did something that could be considered even more important than wins: He brought pride back into SA Rugby!! I for one wanted him to stay on, I mean you don’t change a winning formula right?? But he didn’t stay on, we got P-Divvy and the rest is history.


Now this guy is bad-mouthing the same team & players he defended so admirably while he was coach!! Am I the only one seeing that?? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he’d want us to fail or be a disaster just so that he can say: “Well if I was there, this would not have happened.”  Cause this is what he’s doing now!! Opposing coaches like Deans & Henry says nothing but respectful things bout the Boks & they’re the guys that’s beating us at the moment & still, they’d think twice about saying something negative bout us but the guy who basically started this whole process seven years ago can’t wait to have go at the Boks. I just read an article now of All Black assistant coach also giving P-Divvy some praise:

Maybe it was said with a bit tongue-in-the-cheek or maybe he’s just being “nice” before the big game but the point is: no bad mouthing.


If it’s not comments like guys like Smitty is done, then it’s Habana can’t defend anymore.. If it’s not the Springbok strategies are flawed then it’s P-Divvy doesn’t know what he’s doing.. He’ll obviously never say anything like that out loud but come on, you can read between the lines can you?? And what really pisses me off about this guy is that we weren’t exactly RWC favorites before the tournament started in 2007 either and it’s not like he had 3 years of plain sailing as Bok coach either.


A lot of flak is probably gonna come my way for writing this blog but I don’t care.. the snake has to be removed from the grass so to speak..


I’m ok with everyone getting on the Boks & Pieterjie’s case when things look doom & gloom, I’m use to it coz we’re a proud rugby nation and we all want to see our team do well. But what I can’t take is a man that’s been there, that knows how difficult it can get sometimes & knows how important it is to have the backing of everyone involved… I can’t understand how someone like that can’t have anything positive to say about the Springboks!! Shame on you Jake White!!!


I’m outy..