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Shame on the Rugby “Experts”!!

April 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

 I’ve read as many Stomers-Sharks predictions I could find on the net & I’m sure there’s more but I must say that I’m really surprised at what I’ve been reading.


Tank from Sport24 isn’t willing to stick his neck out:


Neither is SA 


Or Gavin Rich of Supersport:


SA doesn’t give the Stormers a chance:


At least Planet Rugby thinks we’ll do it:,25883,3551_6903174,00.html


So lemme get this right: Only one of the “experts” (including the guys that don’t wana stick their neck out) gives us a chance to win at home against the Sharks?? 


Uuuhm question: Who in the hell do you think we are?? The Lions?? The Cheetahs?? The Bulls even?? 


I can’t believe this!! The conference leading Stormers who only lost ONE game so far is not gonna make it against the Sharks?? And we all knew that ONE game was gonna come some time or another. Last year it was the Brumbies at home, this year it was the Reds. One game. You know, that ONE game where everything goes wrong, guys don’t pitch up, 50-50 calls goes to the opposition, bounce of the ball don’t go your way & the other team punishes you for your mistakes.


Well that game is out of the way now; the guys are fresh and raring to go so, how can the Stormers just be a written off like that? Coz that’s the way I see it.

And the funny thing is, most of those experts above didn’t give us a chance in Durban either, even with the Sharks playing without their Lamborghini prodigy.


And look what happened.


Yes, Peter Grant who was arguably our best back of the competition so far wont play but Cronje will be be surrounded with experience & calmness in the shape of Duvenage & de Villiers. I think the kid will embrace this opportunity instead of being pressurized by it. Watch this space!! 


But hey, what do I know? I’m just a fan, right? I’m just supposed to say “Go Stormers!!” Or “Ofcoz we’re gonna beat them” Well ta hell with that!! This is why started writing these blogs in the first place, to have my say, to throw in my 2 cents and to stand up for what I believe in and I believe the Stormers will win on today. You damn right I’m bias!! I support them after all but I also consider myself a realist. 3 years ago I don’t think I would’ve been this confident in my team to pull off a win but ever since Coetzee became coach, the Stormers have been on the up & that’s why I believe we’ll beat the Sharks. And consider the following if you want reason:


§          We’re playing at home. I mean that still counts for something right?

§          We are the conference leaders and we’re rested

§          They got influential Lambie back – So? we got de Villiers, Elstadt & yes, even Habana back.

§          They’ve got a “better” bench than us but Bismark & Deysel are both coming from injuries

§          They’re not starting with their best team: I don’t care what you say but you’re not gonna convince me that Smit is a better hooker than Bismarck or the Odwa a better back than Lwazi


I hope the Stormers surprise the Sharks by giving the ball some air. I doubt it will happen and I guess it will depend on the weather too (even though the weatherman did say to expect clear skies). Everyone is expecting a tight game and it probably will be if you consider the recent history between the two teams. But a surprise or unexpected approach wouldn’t be a bad idea however, regardless of the approach: Stormers to win by 9!! Yeah, the expert of this blog said it!!


I’m outy

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El Classico: Part Four!!!

April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

And so the El Classico duel continues between two football giants: Real Madrid & Barcelona!!!  The previous game between these two bitter rivals ended with Madrid captain Iker Casillas holding up the Copa Del Rey cup, the one trophy that’s eluded him in his so-far-illustrious football career.


I remember the first time I saw the Spanish keeper play for Madrid, it was in the 2002 Champions League final against Bayer Leverkusen. Ceasar (our regular goaly) got injured and with 5 – 10 minutes left & a 1 goal lead, a young Casillas was thrown into the deep end & got attacked with waves & waves of attacks & shots at goal as a Michael-Ballack-led-Leverkusen team tried their utmost to tie up the game to go into extra time. But the young goalie came through every time doing his split-second dives & leaps, making stops we’ve become accustom to seeing from the Spaniard. I mention this game because Barca did the same thing last week Leverkusen did almost 10 years ago. And even though the teams were different, the man himself a “little bit” older, during the second half of the Copa del Rey final, one man again stood between Barca & a goal that could’ve clinched the cup for them.


This might sound a little bit bias but I do feel that Madrid should’ve at least had 3 goals to show for their first half play. We really went after Barca & weren’t afraid to attack when given a chance. We put their best players under so much pressure that the team looked very averaged when they attacked us but through it all we just couldn’t capitalize, it was either that or we were just bad luck in that half as shown when a Pepe’s header hit the woodwork just before half time. Anyways, it was a game of 2 halves, Madrid won the cup with a brilliant header from Ronny in extra time and now we move on to the Champions League!!! The one trophy, not only Casillas, but everyone involved with Real really wants.. Badly!!! I mean that’s why we went out to get Mourinho this season, that’s why we went on those shopping sprees – not just a few seasons ago but for the last 10 – 15 years already when we got in the Zizou’s, the Figo’s & the Ronaldo’s (the Brazilian) – to win the trophy we’ve won a record 9 times.


But now we have our fiercest rival standing in our way, a team that until recently, have beaten us the last 3 seasons.

A team that will be hurting & will be looking to gain the early advantage in this 2-leg semifinal by scoring on our turf and getting that crucial away goal or two.


But like I said in my blog I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

If Real can beat Barca in any of the two games they play before they meet up in the semis that will be a huge psychological boost for the Whites. But Real went one better in denying Barca a win in the last two classics drawing the league fixture & ofcoz the wining the Kings Cup. We should be confident by now that we can beat Barca but in this crucial stage of the competition it’s not just about beating your opponent but how you beat you opponent as away goals comes into place & counts more than scoring at home. Mourinho has been quoted to say that he wouldn’t mind a goalless draw (or a 1 – 0 win) at home against then quarterfinalist Tottenham Hotspur but I doubt he will have the same approach to a team that beat his side 5 – 0 the last time we played Barca at the Camp Nou. And even though we did dismantle the Spurs at home, it will be more crucial this time around to score goals at home against a team of Barcelona’s pedigree as away goals I think will be very difficult to get this time around.


It’s interesting that I like teams that play a similar type of game even though they play in different sporting codes. My WP & Stormers teams were well known for their attacking & entertaining type of play but recently they’ve adopted an approach where they concentrate more on defense & attack teams when they make mistakes. The same with Madrid, who also liked to attack & was popular for the you-can-score-but-we’ll-score-more approach. But under Mourinho, they’ve become more structured, played better defensively as a team and counter attack teams against the run of play. Barca loves to keep the ball and 9 times out 10 they’ll dominate possession in a game which ignites their wave after wave attack so one can say that it will be offense against defense when the two teams meet. I like to think that tomorrow’s game has no favorite even if Madrid is playing at home because Barca is after all still Barca. It will be interesting to see who Mourinho plays though.

I mean it will be a bit of a surprise for me if Kaka doesn’t start as he scored 2 goals this past weekend. 

But I’m not gona raise an eyebrow or question a man’s tactics who brought Real a title they haven’t won since 1993 not to mention that we’re in the semis of the Champions League – a place we haven’t been the last 7 seasons. And how do you question the Special One anyways??


I guess there’s only one thing left to say:


Vamos Madrid!! Vamos!!!

I’m outy.



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A bottle rum for Champions League glory

April 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

In a space of not even 3 weeks, Real Madrid & Barcelona will be play 4 games.. in 3 different tournaments & 1 of those games will be a final. Talk about torture if you’re a Madrid fan which I am ofcoz.

The 4 “El Classicos” starts tomorrow in Madrid where we’ll face Barca in a La Liga fixture, the next match up will be the Copa del Rey final in Mestalla on the 20th of April followed by the 2 Champions League semifinal fixtures on the 27th of April at the Santiago Bernabeu and the 3rd of May at Camp Nou in Barcalona. I guess I can take some comfort that Barca will only play 1 of the 4 games in their own backyard but the way they’ve been playing, it doesn’t really matter where they’re strut their stuff ey..


The last time these 2 football giants met, it wasn’t even close, with Barca entertaining their crowd with 5 goals to 0 & with that tightening their choke grip they have over my beloved Whites.


But tomorrow, Real has a huge opportunity to retaliate & fight back. Our charismatic coach has been quoted to say that each game will be different and he won’t think ahead to the next 3 games. Pep Guardiola has been doing some mind games of his own saying: “No matter how many times we play them, they are still the most powerful team in every sense – the strongest, the ones in the best form, the ones with an unstoppable squad. “

  Nice try Pep, nice try in deed.


Look I’m not shortchanging my team at all & I have confidence that if they play well, we can beat any team in the world – including Barcelona. Having said that, I’m not gona bet my most valuable possessions on this game, ya know what I mean. I watched that first game of the season between the sides & I’m man enough to admit that we sucked. Barca played well, but we sucked. It wasn’t one of those games where both teams played well but the one was just a little bit better: They played well & we sucked. Fullstop!!


Tomorrow’s fixture isn’t that important when it comes the league itself as I think Barca’s got that in bag, Hell, Mourinho even said so.. why can’t I? But like I said earlier, it’s the psychological victory that’s more important to Madrid than the 3 points on offer.  We suffered our first home loss a couple of days ago & even though we were without many of our regular starters, a loss is still a loss. 


But if there’s one man that can lead us to the promise land, it’s the Special One, yes.. one Jose Mourinho.

I never gave the man his due when he won his first Champions League with FC Porto coz I thought it was a fluke. A double fluke actually considering they played FC Monaco in that final. Where were the European giants Madrid, Milan, Manchester, Munich etc during that season, I have no idea. Anyways, when he moved to Chelsea I thought even less of the man even when he won the league in his first season at the helm. I didn’t like him because I felt he was arrogant & I guess in a way I can thank the media for that. But then I started noticing how much his players liked him & how tries his best to take all the attention from his players & put it onto himself so that they can focus 100% percent on the next game, that’s where my respect for his ability as a coach grew.


When he moved to Inter, just like Chelsea, they were doing well in their own league but just couldn’t get their hands on the trophy that they craved for the most. A couple of seasons with Mourinho and Champions league trophy in Milan. 

And now we’re asking the same of him, in his first season no less & through our fiercest rival who have been beating us on the regular. No pressure coach!! Coz lets be honest here Real fans, that’s the one we want the most. A Copa del Rey is a distant second & one league game even further down the list.


I’ve got a friend that supports both Manchester United & Barcelona & I told him that I’ll buy him a case of beer if we beat Manchester in the final of the Champions League. I know you know have no reason to believe me but I told him that a couple of weeks ago when we were going through the Last 16 rounds. We actually made the bet last night that if Madrid makes the final, he owes me a Bacardi rum & if Man U makes beats us in the final, I owe him a Red heart.  It’s very comforting to know that it could still be a reality and that we CAN do it but as much as the Special One is playing it down, it starts tonight. Here’s hoping to see this celebration tonight


I’m outy

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Did the Rugby World Cup start already??

April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


Can we all just ease up on the Springbok World Cup campaign already!!! Geez!! YES, we know some of the senior Boks are off form. YES, we know the New Zealand’s guys are looking just absolutely awesome & we know the Ozzy’s aren’t going to be any pushovers!!



And if Riaan says it, then it must be so.


The RWC might be” just around the corner” in terms of planning team strategies & tactics and if you as a world cup coach still don’t know how you ‘d want to approach the tournament,  then your team is in trouble. BUT having said all that, the RWC is still -/+ 5 months away when it comes to the rugby players themselves. They’ve got that time to either play themselves in (or out of) form) OR God forbid get injured because there is still a lot of rugby left before the RWC. I don’t know if you know this, it might shock you.. here goes: Rugby is a professional sport.. Yeah, players get paid to play these days.. Now do you really think that a professional athlete like a Victor Matfield or a Fourie de Preez or John Smit or a Bryan Habana wouldn’t know that their games aren’t up to scratch & would go out there on the field and give.. say 60 – 70percent??  

Come on guys!! What competitive player would go out there, play like sh#t, think nothing about it & just move on during a world cup year. That will only happen if a player is busy with matchfixing don’t you think? I think that it’s actually the out-of-form guys that play too hard & try too much to win a game for their team. 


I have to blame the media & some of the sportswriters for this: Making it look like the Superrugby competition & World Cup rugby is the same tournament coz if just SOME players play poorly in Super rugby, then we’re in major trouble and alarm bells should be ringing & panic buttons should be pressed. Chill people!! Go & Whoosa some where!! Look, I am well aware about the Springbok issues, the John Smit scenario, Bok-Bulls like Matfield, FDP & Spies that’s not playing well , the current Habana being the artist formerly known as Jetshoes. But I’m not going to believe that our fate at the Rugby World Cup that’s about 6 months from now has already been decided based on a competition in April that’s just about to reach the 2nd half stage. A lot can still happen peeps!! I mentioned injuries earlier and I’m sure that Graham Henry says a special prayer before Dan Carter runs on to a field & he’ll light a candle every night for McCaw too when he’s back in Saders’ uniform. 

And what happens if the Reds win the Super rugby tourney & Australia wins this year’s tri nations?? Are they then suddenly favourites to take the cup??

And what about our friends up north who’ve had someone representing them in a final every RWC except for 1995?? Or don’t we have to consider them?? I mean won’t their players be a little bit fresher than the southern hemisphere guys??


1 lesson that the Cricket World Cup thought me was: No matter how well (or bad) you play & no matter how long over a certain period you perform well, the knock out stages doesn’t give 2 sh#ts about that!! If you lose one game, you’re out!! Just ask the Proteas..  So telling me that New Zealand are now favorites to win the RWC will go in the 1 ear & out in the other. Hell, telling me NZ are the favorites in a quarter final of the RWC will be ignored.


And what about the Bok players that are carrying the flag for South Africa so far in Super rugby? What about Bismarck?

Andries Bekker? Jaque Fourie? Alberts? 

Pietersen & Mvovo? Basson & Aplon?


Burger & Beast? Lambie & Grant? Don’t they get any recognition?? Don’t they also get to cast a vote about when to press the panic button??

Lets try and look at our situation positively for a change man!! We can only improve, our players can get better. The Stormers, Sharks & Bulls at the moment are still in the hunt for the knockout stages & hopefully the trophy.And the Cheetahs we all can agree deserves to be much higher on the log than they are currently. New Zealand got Carter, we’ve got Steyn, Lambie & Grant!! So what if they have SBW?? We’ve got Jaque Fourie!! And you know if the Boks decide you’re not gona score them, then it’s sorry-bob-no-bonus for you Billy. Just ask Lomu.



So go & support team team you support in Super rugby and if they’re doing well, be proud!! If they’re not doing well, it’s ok to worry. It even ok to panic. But don’t do that with the Springboks. Not now in April!!


I’m outy

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The NBA is looking Rose(y)

April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know I usually write about rugby, cricket & sometimes soccer but felt that it’s time to go back to my roots so to speak. Write about a sport not very popular in South Africa but is still very special to me. I’m talking about basketball ofcoz & more specifically, NBA Basketball. When I started watching & playing bball back in the mid-late 90’s, the NBA’s slogan was: I LOVE THIS GAME & that’s exactly how I felt about that game.


Technically I don’t play the sport anymore. I say technically because once I put my NBA2K11 in my ps3, I don’t wana stop playing. So yeah, I don’t play anymore but I still follow the NBA to check the daily game results, news about teams & the standings and ofcoz how my favorite players are performing. I can’t really pick or support a team because I don’t feel any connection with them. I mean I support the Stormers because their based in the Western Cape which is where I grew up but I can’t be a Boston Celtic fan like Mark Wahlberg & Matt Damon or a LA fan like Jack Nicholson but I can be fan of the players and that is actually what this blog is about.


The NBA’s 2010 / 2011 regular season is coming to an end & it’s almost playoff time where 16 teams divided into 2 conferences will have the opportunity to play for the ultimate goal: winning a NBA championship. Usually during the 1st round of the playoffs we’ll also find out who this season’s MVP (most valuable player) is which is the highest individual accolade a player can get. There is also a NBA Finals MVP but in my opinion it doesn’t carry that much weight as a regular season MVP unless you can win both in the same season, something Michael Jordan did no less than 4 times!!!

  Do you have any idea how good you’ll have to be do that??


Put it this way: Of the current crop of NBA Superstars who have been ballin since MJ last won the double MVP award back in 1998, only Shaq & Tim Duncan have achieved the feat once in 2000 & 2003 respectively & both of them are considered all time greats.


Kobe Bryant could’ve done in the 2007/08 season after winning the MVP that season but failed to get past the Celtics in the NBA finals. Lebron James has won the MVP for the last 2 seasons but his then Cleveland Cavaliers team couldn’t even get to the NBA finals. Maybe there shouldn’t be 2 MVP awards. Just have one MVP award that you hand it out to the best player of the team that won the championship


In my opinion the regular season MVP is locked by one player but I’ll give you my top 4 candidates:


4. Lebron James – Miami Heat

Points: 26.6

Assists: 7.0

Rebounds: 7.4

Efficiency rating: +28.53

Team record: 56 – 24

It looks like it doesn’t matter where he plays or who he’s playing with, LBDub will still produce MVP numbers. Almost every game that he’s playing, he’s a triple double threat in that he can easily score more than 10 points, dish out 10 assists & grab 10 rebounds.  But it doesn’t matter what James can do on a nightly basis because in D-Wade & Chris Bosh, he’s got the help he could only have dreamt for in his first 7 seasons with the Cavaliers. He’ll probably finish second or third in the real MVP race but he’s nr. 4 in my books.


3. Dwight Howard – Orlando Magic

Points: 23.1

Assists: 1.3

Rebounds: 14.1

Efficiency rating: +28.39

Team record: 50 – 30


Superman is having another brilliant season but he’s team isn’t though and should the Magic be a failure in the playoffs, alarm bells with be going off as Howard is approaching free agency. They’ve also already lost Shaq in the mid-90’s & look what he went on to achieve. Dwight will probably win his 3rd consecutive Defensive Player of the year award, so if he can get the MVP, he’ll probably achieve something that hasn’t been done since that other Chicago Bulls guy did it in the late 80’s.


But Howard’s chances of getting that illusive award is severely damaged by his team’s lower-than-expected record.


2. Kobe Bryant – LA Lakers

Points: 25.2

Assists: 5.0

Rebounds: 4.7

Efficiency rating: 21.19

Team record: 55 – 25


Cometh the hour, cometh the mamba. Just like Hollywood, The Lakers have had their fair share drama, action & suspense & some people actually said they wouldn’t get past the then hot teams like Mavericks & Spurs in the Western Conference. But since the All Star break (& when it mattered most) L A has been on fire & they are spearheaded by Mr. L A himself: Kobe Bryant. He may not be the Kobe of a couple of years ago where he averaged 34 points, or scored 50 or more in 4 consecutive games, or scored 62 points in just 3 quarters or finish a game with 81 points but he doesn’t need to be that Kobe anymore as he got team mates now that can help him carry the scoring load. He showed in the All Star game that he still can jump & dunk & score points in a hurry, so come playoffs, watch out for the mamba. I still find it weird that a guy that’s been considered the NBA’s best player for the last 10 or so seasons has only one MVP under his belt when you also consider that he’s a 5 time champion but that’s coz the game has so many superstars these days.

  In the 80’s Magic & Bird ruled the NBA capturing 6 MVP’s between them. The 90’s were ruled by Jordan capturing the award 4 times & once in 80’s too. But since MJ, only 3 players managed to win the award more than once: They were Tim Duncan, Steve Nash & Lebron James & one has to wonder how many MVP’s James would’ve won had he stayed on in Cleveland. We’ll never know now. And my MVP is:


1. Derrick Rose – Chicago Bulls

Points: 25.1

Assists: 7.8

Rebounds: 4.1

Efficiency rating: 23.35

Team record: 60 – 20


Ah man, what a feel good story this guy is!! Born & raised in Chicago, this guy was an absolute sensation in highschool. Then he goes & play one season for the Memphis Tigers, take them to championship game & then he gets drafted to play for his home town Chicago Bulls. He obviously won Rookie of the year that season & now he’s on the verge of winning his first MVP award & from what I’ve reading he’s going to win it & well deserved. The Bulls are having an awesome season so far under rookie coach Tom Thibodeau & Rose is leading this team aplomb. There must a lot of pressure on a superstar playing in the city where Jordan did his thing. I mean how do follow up the greatest ever to play the game? I guess you do don’t & I also think that Rose realized that very early in his young career. And he’s doing it without any superstars!!! That’s the amazing part. Lebron got Wade & Bosh (2 of the top players in their positions in the NBA).

Kobe got Pau Gasol (the best player ever to come out of Spain) & before that he had Shaq (the most dominant big man in this generation), The Celtics are not the Big Three anymore, not with Rajon Rondo being their MVP, Tim Duncan got Manu & TP. Hell, even MJ had Pippen (probably the most versatile player in his era). Who does Rose have?? An up-n-coming center in Joakim Noah & a FORMER all star in Carlos Boozer. 2 players that didn’t play for a combined SIXTY games this season & look the Bulls team record!! Nah man, Rose has got to be MVP this season & with this guy at the helm, the Bulls will have lots of chances to add to their 6 titles coz he’s just 22 years old & should he win, he’ll become the youngest player in the historty of the NBA to do so.

  And just like Ahmad Rashad did back in the day: I’ll add him to my main man list.


So yeah, I think I they should have just one MVP award at the end of the season & award it to best player on a team who won the NBA title that season. If that was the case Kobe would’ve deservedly won 2 or more MVP’s & guys like Duncan & Shaq would’ve won at least 3. As harsh as it may sound, you cant win such a prestigious award & not take your team to the promise land and that’s also why I hope Rose wins it this season – just incase the NBA actually do what I suggested.


I’m outy  



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Rebuilding Fortress NEWLANDS!!!

April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

 I’ve been a passionate rugby fan for just over 9 years now which isn’t that long if I compare it to some of the guys I watch rugga with.. And when it came to supporting teams, it was pretty simple for me: Im South African, so I support the Boks & I was born & raised in the Western Cape so I support WP & Stormers. But if there’s one thing I’m not proud of, it’s that I’ve only been to a live game once and that was just 2 weeks ago when the Stormers beat the Force to a pulp at Newlands stadium. It was an awesome experience and even though I’m happy that I’m not a Newlands-virgin anymore, it does saddens me that it took so long for me to get there and that I can’t be there more often.


If I lived in Cape Town I would’ve probably been there every 2nd or 3rd weekend. 

(The Stormers – Force game I attended)

Why didn’t I say every weekend? Well you can’t be on the stadium & watch the game with a cold one in your hand & to me that’s just not right AND being around your rugby mates, doing game analysis that Darren, Naas & Co will be proud of while something’s burning op die kole, isn’t that bad of a replacement to have. But like I said being inside the stadium, a stone throw away from my sporting heroes was just awesome even though I have to say I was a bit surprised more people didn’t show up.


The Crusaders have their AMI stadium (or Jade stadium) & the Bulls have their beloved Fortress Loftus and anyone that has been following super rugby for the last 5 – 10 years will tell you difficult it is for an away team to win there. 

It’s a tragic shame that the Saders can’t play in Christchurch at the moment but they’ve proved that they can beat you anywhere. And as much as I want that for Stormers, I also want Newlands to become a fortress again. It must be so tough to win there that if an away side do actually win a game, it should be considered a fluke coz that’s what I thought happened at Loftus when the Highlanders beat the Bulls. I guess rugby players will always like Cape Town for its natural beauty & relaxing vibe and the very good players will always love to play infront of hostile crowds but I want Newlands to be like that again.

Players must say things like: It was awesome to play in front of such a passionate crowd but I’m glad we only play them there once a year       

I guess at the end it’s up to the Stormers’ & WP’s form in competitions that will determine how many supporters they can lure to the historic stadium and currently the Stormers’ form does merit a packed Newlands.

They are doing their part & so now it’s up to us, the supporters to do ours. This coming weekend we’re playing a dangerous & confident Reds side and from what I’ve been reading they’re talking about winning this match. A match that features 2 sides leading their respective conferences. Coach Mackenzie said that he’s been coming to Cape Town for 20 years so it’s nothing for him really. Cooper said that he’ll keep on playing his style like he played backyard footy back in the day. Both of those comments are bordering between confidence and cockyness for me and I hope, no scratch that, I know the Stormers took note.


So come on Newlands faithful!! Go down to the stadium Saturday afternoon!! Scream & shout your lungs out for your team!! Lets start building our very own fortress so that Mackenzie’s post match could start with: Well I’ve been coming here for 20 years but have never experience anything like this. This crowd was crazy.

Make Cooper understand & take note that isn’t his backyard where 2 or 3 sheep are watching & respond with a simple Mehhhh when he makes a bad play!! Let him & he’s mates know that for 80 minutes they’re in hell & your voices are the fork that assist the devil’s wrath!!!


Then you go your separate ways & celebrate, next week have your braai at a mate’s house or chill at your favorite pub while watching the Stormers play in Jozi. But come 30 April, go back to Newlands & continue building your fortress.


I’m outy



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