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Its not over!! Not yet anyways!!!

July 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve heard alotta stuff about my beloved Boks these couple of weeks.. We cant adapt to the new interpretations of the rules, we’re acting like spoiled little brats, we’re playing boring and even sometimes no rugby at all, got an idiotic & useless coach, a captain overstaying his welcome and all of these stuff not even coming from sheep-loving New Zealand or anything-crazy-loving Australia, but from South African fans & media. But enough already guys, coz this is going a bit too far.

I’ll be the 1st to admit that I was one of the (probably) many Bok fans that believed we’ll win atleast one of away games against NZ but thinking back to it now, it was definitely a bit premature and even a bit arrogant. I mean yes we won at least 1 game in each of the last 2 competitions on NZ soil but when did the trend change that you can just rock up on NZ soil or any top nation’s home ground and win?? One thing is for sure that I am really disappointed in the WAY we lost to the AB’s but maybe they’re just that damn good this season. For me it’s almost like the men’s tennis these last couple of years:

Last season the Boks victory over AB’s was like the Nadal of 2008 beating Federer for the 1st time in the Wimbledon final: Unexpected and suprizing but a brilliant effort where nothing was gonna stop him from winning. The 2nd ranked player and team beating the 1st ranked player n team.

This season the All Blacks are 2010 version of Nadal, ranked no.1 and playing like the nr.1 player and team should. (if this doesn’t make sense, comment it on my blog).

So for me the only disappointment is that we didn’t pick up any bonus points from our losses and gave them a couple. But losing against NZ in NZ really isn’t the end of the world. And even though we’re playing a weaker side in Australia than NZ, the same rules apply. If they beat us, so be it. Lets just try and get the bonus point or points. People we haven’t lost the trophy yet, just like NZ haven’t won it yet.. 2 games were played by 2 nations and there are still 7 games to go.. It’s not all doom n gloom.

The selections look a LITTLE bit better for this upcoming came but I still think we could be better. I personally would’ve loved to have seen Louw given another go and maybe even giving de Jongh an opportunity to start in his 1st tri-nations game. If ou Pietertjie really wanted to throw the whole attacking backline kitchen sink at the Aussies, playing Ruan, Steyn, Habana, De jongh, Fourie, Hougaard and Aplon at 9 – 15 wouldve been the way to go. My only problem with the current backline is Wynand Olivier (and to a certain extent – Zane Kirchner). Fullback is a bit of problem at the moment but centre doesn’t have to be. We have de Jongh and HAD Jean de Villiers too, both of them have played a good amount of rugby with Jaque Fourie, so why go and change that!? Morne Steyn plays much better along with Fourie du Preez n I know that a highschool flyhalf can look good next to Fourie, but my point is they play well as a combination just like Jean & Jaque did and will again.

For Wynand’s sake, I hope he’ll hava blinder coz if he doesn’t, Fourie needs another partner in crime!!

Some criticism has also been thrown to senior players like Smit, Matfield, Habana, Fourie & Burger and will personally defend these guys at the drop of a ball because they are the core of this team. Smit hasn’t lost any of his leadership skills, Vic can still control the lineout like a puppeteer, Habana (eventho looking like he lost a bit of zest) has added defence, chasing and tackling to his game, Fourie is still regarded as one of the best (if not the best) 13 playing in the world today and Burger STILL gives 110% without giving away costing himself 10minutes in the cooler (touch wood).

We HAVE the players, we’ve lost 2 games AWAY from home but we’re STILL in this competition!!!

I’m outy

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That wasn’t the Springboks I know!!!

July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

We may not have Mastermind Du Preez, Steyn the leg & Brutal thief Brussouw in our reigns for this Tri-nations campaign, but I believe we can still cause some heavy damage in this competition. We were a highschool team against the AB’s so I hope the guys had their detention this Monday and will be better.. no scratch that.. MUCH MUCH BETTER in our next game.

If I really needed something to stop me from rolling around in my bed Saturday night, I had plenty of options: The Boks’ pathetic (& lack of) defense, lack of cohesion & obviously silly, silly down right julius malema – like mistakes. We were pathetic in every facet of play and the little opportunities we did get, we actually went out of our way to mess it up!! N Bakkies!! Ai Bakkies, I’m sorry.. you gotta go man.. Yeah I saw what Jimmy did to you but come on dude, in this day n age did you really think you’d get away with what you did!? Especially you!! I should’ve lost respect for you that day when you did basically the same thing to Gio Aplon but I let it slide coz I know you like to be physical n I like that about you.. But now I realized that maybe you are just a dumbass bully. Harsh words I know, so prove me wrong!! Luckily we got Danie and even Bekker that can play lock so I think we’ll be fine in that department.

Now the Bulls fans are gonna be really pissed off with me but like I care: Wynand Olivier cant play 12 at international level. The guy is a cut above the rest in the Super 14 competitions but looks like he cant step up that extra level for test rugby. Now I wont klap him in the face to tell him that he should surrender his number to ( the talented but still a rookie) Juan de Jongh but it is time that Jean de Villiers comes back to familiar position of 12 but more importantly, his partnership with Jaque Fourie. I mean why call him back but not utilize him the very best way you can.

And for this I blame the coaches, I hate it when they play players in positions that’s not their preferred choice. Yes, there have been players that played one position but excelled in another ie: Jaque Fourie from fullback to O-centre. But most of the time, it just messes the players up. I also don’t believe in that shit of We play the player in a position because we need him to be on the field. If you need the player, then play him in his preferred position!!!!

Having said all of this, I think it all comes down to mentality, attitude and desire of all the players. Because the Boks didn’t field a bad side. I mean if JDV played 12 and Aplon 14, that team would’ve been perfect (for me that is). The AB’s wanted this more and you could see it in the way they approached the game. If they’re gonna run every chance they get then we’re gonna have to tackle every chance we get. They’ve shown us that they not afraid of our defense, well we’re just gona have to give them bucket loads of reasons to be very afraid!!! Come on Boks, I still believe!!!

Im outy!!

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Fitzpatrick is smoking the good stuff!!

July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

What in the hell was Sean Fitzpatrick thinkin? I just read snippets of his column that Sport24 was so kind to put on their website for us and I would really like to know who is this guy’s weed dealer so that I can also get some of that shit his smoking!!

Ok, yeah he said SOME stuff that made sense but saying that Bok fans will actually be happy if we lose against NZ, im sorry to say is a bunch of crap!! Its all a bunch of reverse – reverse psychology if you ask me. You can’t tell me that a proud former NZ captain wouldn’t be happy if he’s beloved All Blacks has a number over their old rival coz this (to me) is what Fitzy is saying:

“Hey Boks fans, if you guys lose against us in NZ, dnt feel sad n blue just like we wont feel happy n relieved. You’ve actually upped your chances now of winning the WC in our country. Sure we got confidence of beating you guys and will take that into the tournament next year, but trust me guys, you’ve actually done yourself a huge favour”

HEY FITZ!! NEWSFLASH!! WE ARE NOT NEW ZEALAND RUGBY!! WE DO NOT CHOKE AT WORLD CUPS!!  Shiet dude, you take away a fluke dropgoal in 99, Strauli & Kamp Staaldraad in 03, you’ll be looking at a team that played 2 and won 2!!

And by the way, even if we win (or lose) the tri nations this year and next year, hell even if we don’t lose a game walking into the World Cup, NZ will STILL have all the pressure on them to win the gaad damn thing!! So don’t come to me with your PEP Stores psychology dude!!

As a Bok fan, I want my team to win!! I don’t care who we play and where they play!! You think I give a shit RIGHT now bout the WC where we have the opportunity now to defend our tri nations title for the 1st time in our history!!?? Ou Pietertjie and his boyeeeeez at SARU get plenty of dow yoh to worry about things like sustainability & health of players & keeping momentum to the WC next year!! That’s not my baby!! My baby is to support my team each and every time they run out on that field to represent me and my country!!

So Fitz, in my best impersonation of an chinese actor: Aah Soh-Soli!! Soh-Soli Noh Dumbass Ere!! Noh Dumbass Ere!!

Im outy!!