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Is Messi already greater than Maradona!!??

April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I took the poll.. you know the: Who is the greatest ever footballer – past or present? And I must say I was shocked with results.. Before I took the poll I tought it would be a 40% odd for Pele, a 25 odd for Maradona, a 15 for Messi and Cruyff getting the spoils or some die hard Ronaldo fans voting for their star. But nooooo.. a 3-time world cup winner, all-time top goal scorer of Brazil (the same country that produced poachers like romario, rivaldo & ofcoz THE Ronaldo) outvotes Messi with a mere 5%!! For me, that’s unbelievable!!

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Messi is not a very, very special player because he is. You would’ve had to been deaf, dumb & blind not to know about his talent and football displays the last couple of seasons but to put him in the same category as Pele, Maradona & even Cruyff , is a bit.. premature & to a certain extend, I think, disrespectful. The guys mentioned above are legends of the game, and players currently strutting their stuff are being compared to them. Hell Messi (the 2nd vote getter in this poll) is constantly being compared to Maradona, not the other way round. Besides as decorated as Messi (& Cristiano Ronaldo) are with their clubs when it comes to winning trophies and accolades, neither of them of have won any major trophies for their respective countries on the senior level. Some might tell me that Messi a won gold medal with Argentina at the 2008 Olympics, which certainly is an achievement but that won’t come close to a World Cup medal.

And this is not only happening in Soccer. I remember when Phil Hughes made his test debut for Australia against S.A, scored a couple of hundreds and all of a sudden “the next bradman” label started coming out. By the way, when last did Hughes score another century?? Our own JP Duminy was (and is) being hailed the next Kallis & Ponting. In NBA Basketball, Lebron James (currently the best player in the league) are being compared to Jordan & he hasn’t even won a single championship yet. Now there are some current players that can be hailed as legends in their own right & compared to other legends as well: Federer to Sampras, Woods to Nicklaus, Tendulkar to Bradman, Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan & even Ronaldo (the Brazilian) to Pele and etc, and etc.


I obviously respect people’s choice and preferences when it comes to their favourite sportstars, but I guess all I’m asking for is to give the legends of sports the respect and recognition they deserve. I wonder what the poll results would’ve had the question be asked differently, like maybe: Who is the greatest ever footballer period? I bet you Pele and Maradona would’ve received more votes and I for one think it would’ve been deserved.

Ps: Since my blog is mostly about him, I DO think Messi is the greatest of his generation, but not the greatest ever.. Not yet anyways!!!!

Im outy.