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The last match of the series should be Mickey’s last chance!!!

January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

The 4th & final test between SA & England are at our doorstep, we are 1-0 down in the series yet no heavy, serious changes have been made to the Proteas squad!! & I for one are going to blame the coach, the captain & then the players if we should lose this series, n I’m going to blame it in that order!! Before we started our 2nd innings of the 3rd test, I wrote on my FB wall that Prince should be moved to 5 & that either Amla or AB should open the batting with Smith.. & just as I feared Prince went out for a low score & much to my satisfaction, Amla & Smith put on a partnership that was a joy to watch!! Has Mickey mouse learnt nothing!!?? Coz I bet you that he’s gonna open with Smith & Prince again!!! You know I hate doing this coz it’s comparing pears & apples but as much as Pieter de Villiers sometimes makes me wana pull out the little hair that I’ve got, one thing you cant take away from him is that firstly: he admits when he got it wrong & secondly: he acts on it & makes the necessary changes…

Perfect example: His love affair with Ruan Pienaar at 10 during the Tri nations.. Ruan kicked poorly & instead of continuing to play him he started Morne Steyn for the rest of the tournament & the rest is history.. Why can’t Mickey mouse do the same!!?? I mean it’s obvious for everyone that the Prince experiment didn’t work.. TRY SOMETHING ELSE!!! Now there’s talks about Alviro Pietersen opening the batting with Smith.. Are you kidding me!!?? Have these people learnt nothing!!?? Trying ANOTHER middle order batsman (who has yet to play test cricket) open the batting in such a crucial match. I just don’t understand why Amla cant open the batting with Kallis coming in at 3 & AB at 4. Can somebody please tell me why that won’t work!!

& I’m not saying drop Prince, just let him bat at 5 where the guy nearly averages 65 runs!! It’s not rocket science!! Having said that, Prince along with JP Duminy should really be walking on thin ice now.. Of the “Glorious Top 6” these two averages the least amount of runs. In fact according to ESPNCricinfo, only Frediel de Wet & Ntini averages less runs than Prince & Duminy. Still don’t get how bad it is!? Ok, Seamers Dale Steyn & Morne Morkel (whose primary job is to take wickets) & even Paul Harris averages more runs in this series than Duminy & Prince. That is unacceptable!! Of all my friends that supports SA cricket, I’m the only one who has not been impressed with JP, thinking he’s a bit overrated.. Remember that song: “What have you done for me lately” well that’s what I think of when I think of Duminy. Talent, that he’s got but saying he’s suffering from 2nd season blues in the test arena is an understatement & it won’t get any easier in India either. Maybe put Alviro in his place?? Nah that wont work, because Paul Harris is the only other “recognised spinner” in the team & if there’s one guy that hasn’t been playing well (other than JP & Prince offcoz) its Harris. He really needs to go!! I’ll take Ntini & Parnell over him any day. Four seamers may not be such a bad idea & it has worked for us in the past. & if we need some slow bolwing, Ntini & Duminy can alternate.. lol.. Just joking Macky!!

The idea of cutting Bouch for Pietersen & letting AB stand behind the stumps is also total horsesh&t!! & saying that if Gilchrist could do it so can AB is even more horsesh&t. AB is currently 25 & played his 1st test for SA at the tender age of 20. Gilchrist played his 1st test at the ripe age of 28 & batted no.6, 7 or 8 behind guys like the haydens,slaters, pontings, martyns, waughs & recently symonds & clarkes who more times than not already set a pretty score on the board allowing Gilly to play his natural free flowing game. AB who comes in at 4 or 5 (a very important role in the test arena) still got a huge career ahead of him & can still score lots n lotsa runs for SA.. Jus leave him be, please!! This guy should be looked after, not taking advantage of coz of his talent.

On a even more serious note, heads need to roll if we don’t draw this series & mickey must be 1st in line!! Yes, we had opportunities to take the lead in this series but the record books will show either series drawn or series won by England. POINT!! One cant help but get the feeling that we’re still living off an amazing season we had in 2008 / 2009.. well wake up & smell your stinking feet Proteas!! Its 2010!! & your country’s pride is at stake here!! Pressure on = Game on Guys!!! Come on now!!

Ps: my team for this final team would’ve been: Smith, Amla, Kallis, AB, Prince, JP, Bouch, M Morkel, Steyn, Parnell & Ntini

Im outy!!