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What’s in a number?

December 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

I just finished reading the “SA field dream top 6” article & im a bit baffled so all you “expert” cricket guys help me out here.. I’ve got a question: Does it really matter who bats where in that top 6 positions? I mean really, think about it. Apart from Graeme & JP, the other 4 guys have been shifted so much that they can bat anywhere in the top order. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t AB begin his career as an opener? Wasn’t Amla always an opener for his province? Kallis moved from 3/4 to opener in the shorter versions of the game with some succession, surely he can do that in test too, right? In fact Kallis & Amla are such similar type of players (not with batting style but composure) that any of the two can open. So why put Prince in as an opener? Making quick numbers in my head, Prince is probably the 3rd or 4th oldest cricketer in that team meaning he’s not gona be there for too long & if you’re going to look for a replacement for Herschelle Gibbs (coz that’s what Mckenzie, Khan & Prince are) surely you going to look for one of your more younger players like Amla or AB or any of the stars coming up in the domestic competitions.

I hate the fact that SA is similar to Australia for trying to keep their “big players” for as long as they can & having a blind eye for the young talents putting their hands up. I think this could’ve been a perfect opportunity for fielding a guy like alviro pietersen or any of the other guys putting their hands up instead of risking a guy like Kallis. You know he’s not gonna play forever…

I also read somewhere (cant remember now) that you’re 3rd and/or 4th batsmen are your most important (if not best) batsmen in your team. What a load of crap!!! & if they are so important, why don’t they open the batting then? You gonna tell me that AB isn’t as important as Kallis because he comes in at 5? You gonna tell me that Chris Gayle who is the Windies best batsmen (in my opinion) isn’t as important as Chanderpaul coming in at 3 or 4? Or what about the top 5 Indian batsmen? Who do you tink is more important? Openers Gambir & Sehwag? Tendulkar? Dravid? Dhoni? Are you kidding me, how can you choose?

So herefore my dream top 6 would be the following:

  1. Smith (obviously)
  2. Amla (He’s more than capable of opening the batting & considering that there’s always the possibility of losing an early wicket, he can easily find himself in a situation where has to come in & bat in the 1st 2nd or 3rd over.)
  3. Kallis ( I’ll put him at 3 merely coz he bats a tad slower that AB)
  4. AB ( In my opinion, South Africa’s best cricketer let alone batsmen)
  5.  Prince ( JP is still a bit “wet behind the ears” when it comes to test cricket & no. 5 is Prince’s favourite position to bat. The vice-captain should get what he wants don’t you tink?)
  6. JP (The guys above him are too good not to give England lots & lots of headaches & their bowlers nightmares. JP can only benefit coming in at 6 with a total of 250 – 350 already on the scoreboard. Besides he has showed that he can step up when needed. Even if it was just that one game.)

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