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Hey Wobblies, you’re not THE BOKS!!

September 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Are guys for real? Do you really think you can just walk into New Zealand, get the win & leave again because that’s what the Boks did? Uhm, how many games have you won so far in this competition? Uhm, when last did you win in NZ? Guys, I just wanna know.. do the Aussies really think they can beat the All Blacks, just because we did it n coz they beat us a couple of weeks back it’s a given that they should win? That’s like the griquas saying, ok since we beat WP at home, n they went on go beat the Sharks at the Sharks Tank, surely they’ll beat the Sharks too.. Are you kidding me!!?? The Aussies, I think is in for a hiding this weekend for the simple reason that the all blacks wants (n needs) this victory much more than they do. That and the Boks proved to everyone that the Brisbane game was just an off-day at the office. Sure the Wallabies were in the same situation that NZ finds themselves now & certainly played that way, but one can not deny the influence Wayne “I make dodgy calls – Deal with it Boks” Barnes  had on that game. But like I said, we had a off day..

Then there are people in Australasia that says standard of play of the Wobblies & NZ gave the title to the Boks on a platter. Hey, ever tought that maybe we put so much pressure on them that we didn’t allow them to play any other way.. The same people that still probably says we didn’t deserve to win the World Cup coz we didn’t face NZ or Australia.. Should it be our fault that the Aussies sucked against England or that NZ choked against France (with the help of Barnes ofcoz). Or in this tournament, should it be our fault that we executed our kicks in games better than Aus & NZ because as much as they complained about our “boring” game, they kicked too, it just didn’t pay off because they didn’t execute it as well as we did. And how about the fixtures? Playing NZ twice, then Aus, getting a break, n then touring for 3 weeks & still manage to come out on top. So no, im taking this tri nations title just like I took our British Lions series win and World Cup title: With alotta pride & sticking it in everyone’s face who was against us. We are the best in the world!! Celebrate with us or deal with it!! So this is why im so pissed off right now, reading about how Australia think they can beat NZ in NZ too, like their ONE home win made them the form team of the tournament.

If you’re not playing the Boks, then im all for the home team to win, so im backing NZ to show everyone that they are still a quality side, that it is still tough to win in NZ & Australia is still the 3rd best team in this competition.

Ps: Wasn’t it awesome to see Barney tackle the crap out of Thorn? Talk about revenge.. Or what about scrumming NZ off their own ball 10 meters from our tryline!! Damn, it feels good to be Bok bef*k right now!!