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A South African Rugby Fan is like mother loving their children unconditionally!! Even if they’re kak naughty sometimes!!!

May 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

I actually meant to write this blog a week ago but it’s a good thing I waited and I’ll tell you in a second why.. I had a thought a couple of weeks back, a thought that come to my last week Monday when I realized that I haven’t wrote a blog in a while.. This thought was regarding my beloved Stormers and WP rugby team.

Prior to the Force game, the one commentator said that 18 of the Stormers first choice players have been or are injured!! 18!! ONE EIGHT!! EIGHTEEN!!! Add 5 more, and you have a full rugby team and ofcoz, JAN!!! Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming our long list of injuries for our dismal season or for the reason we played so poorly and sometimes just plain awful, but I’m not gna sit here and deny that it didn’t play its part… But the super 14 is over for us now so there’s no reason for going on about what could’ve been… I’ll rather take out some positives out of all this.. When we came back from out dreadfull (& yes I’ll say it: UNFAIR & UNREASONABLE) overseas tour, we only lost to the Chiefs with a 2nd rate team. This team then went on to beat the Force and then the Cheetahs (away)  and that’s when I realized (after the Force game) and then confirmed (after the Cheetahs game) that we actually might be OK for the upcoming Currie Cup. You know it’s been almost 10 years that we’ve last won it, so I think Allister, Fleckie (Welcome man!!) and the boyz can actually make alotta noise this season. But we’ll need a bit of help from ou Pietertjie..

Last year he really hurt our Currie Cup campaign by picking players from the province and not using them. I’m just scared that he’ll do that again this season. For some strange reason, P Divvy isn’t a fan of Peter Grant. But he’ll probably pick him and then wont use him. Luke Watson had an awesome Super 14 & deserves a call-up but I fear picking Luke in the Bok squad, will bring unnecessary tension prior to this important upcoming series. Having said that, these guys are pro’s and should be able to deal with it, but I don’t see that happening. And if you look at the pecking order, Luke will probably only play if either Spies, Hoff, Burger, Smith, Brussow & even maybe Vermeulen doesn’t so why not leave him at WP Pietertjie and let him captain us in the absence of Jean de (devil) Villiers? Coz he did one helluva job so far.

As always player 23 is always optimistic before a season starts!! And whether it’s the Boks, Stormers or WP season that starts, that how I’m gna be!!! and thats why no matter how upset or dissapointed my “children” make me, I’ll keep on loving them and supporting them!!

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