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Why Jean WHY!!??

April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Why is it that the Stormers match I DECIDE to miss, the rugby gods punishing me by injuring my favourite player, Jean de Villiers? When it comes to big tournaments, Jean has always found himself very unlucky.. First it was with the ‘03 World Cup then the ‘07 World Cup and now there’s a chance that he might miss the upcoming tests against the British Lions. Now I’ve read that if all is well, he’ll recover in time and if this is the case he’ll most likely get chosen. The Sharks & Bulls fans (that support their teams more than they support the Boks) are probably jumping up and down because now Francios Steyn or Wynand Olivier (who has been good & consistent) can get a chance to play inside centre with either Jaque or Adi at 13. If I could choose I’d rather go with the centre combination that did us proud at the 2007 World Cup. But (and this but is bigger than the ones on the Biggest loser) if Jean is fit, he should not only play, but start at 12. Form is present but class is permanent & Jean has oodles of it. Talent is written all over Steyn and the form inside centre of the Super 14 has been Olivier but even you die-hard Bulls & Sharks fans know that if fit, Jean should wear the nr.12 jersey. He’s qualities as a rugby player doesnt just stop with his skills & rugby brain but he also carries a leadership role that the Boks backline will need with Percy retiring.. So lets all hold thumbs..

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What are they doing? They’re beginning to believe!!

April 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Any Matrix fans out there? Well, I’m one!! Especially the first one!! The last one was a bit disappointing but I was satisfied with the ending. Now back to the 1st one. Remember these words?

Neo: “What are saying, that I can dodge bullets?”

Morphius: “No Neo. What I’m saying is, when you’re ready, you don’t have to”

Wow, just got goose bumps.

But one of my favourite parts of the movie is close to the end where Neo decides to stop running from Agent Smith and Dozer’s brother asking Morphius: “What is he doing!?” and Morphius replying: “He’s beginning to believe” And then off course the end where Neo gets up after being shot a dozen times by Agent Smith & then stopping the bullets in mid-air when the agents try again by merely saying: “NO!” Wow, goose bumps again..

Now what does this have to do with Sports you may ask. Well, everything!! One sport & team in particular, Rugby & The Stormers!! Its time my Neos start believing in themselves & in their attacking capabilities. We’ve already played the best defensive systems in the Sharks, Bulls, Crusaders & Waratahs and apart from the Sharks game (where we lost our best attacking back & captain Jean de Villiers) we could’ve won all those games including the game against the Blues. But just like Neo for ¾ quarters of the movie, we didn’t believe! I still believe in this team and eventhough the chances of making the semis are (very) slim, I cant help but hope.. So this is our chance, starting against the Brumbies. The death of their team mate obviously disrupted their preparation for the game and even though this is very sad for the Brumbies & the Mackay family, we should remember that this is a competition; rugby is the Stormers players’ profession & should therefore focus on the job at hand. It’s nothing personal, its business!! Coz lets be honest, Sport is a business these days.

So to Jean, Rassie & the rest of the Stormers, come Saturday & the 1st half kick off has gone, MAKE the crowd ask: “What are they doing?” Where Rassie will reply: “They are beginning to believe!!” And when it looks like it’s the end for you and the Brumbies are coming at you, GET BACK UP, BELIEVE, & SAY: “NO!!!!!”

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