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The "next best thing"

March 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

“His 2008 season was hampered by injury and he did not feature much in the Province campaign, but when on form, Dylan is one of the more creative midfield players around and has the ability to put lots of points on the board” This is what the SA Rugby website says about Dylan Des Fountain. I went onto the WP rugby website (that pic of the WP jersey in the top left-hand side looks disgraceful by the way) as well as the Stormers website & they say the same thing about this guy. A Bit of copy-paste there ey!!

STOP THE PRESS!! This just in: Dylan might start against the Tahs!!

Anyways, If I’m not mistaking (& you guys are more than welcome to correct me), Dylan also went to school where WP star centres De Wet Barry, Marius Joubert & Jean de Villiers learnt their trade: Paarl Gym. Now the reason why I mention this is because when ol Dylan my boyee decided to leave the Bulls in 2007 and come back to WP, he was being billed as the “next best thing”. Some even said at time (2007) that this guy is better than where Jean was at the same age, which were 21. You are kidding me right!? It’s been 2 years now & I kid you not, but I haven’t even seen ONE moment of creativity or brilliance from Dylan. Now don’t get me wrong, I know he’s been injured a couple of times and he’s also didn’t get a lot of game time when he wasn’t (injured) but surely more faith must be put into the “next best thing”!! He’s preferred position is inside centre (that’s just too bad) but he’s also big, strong & fast enough to cover wing. Hey, isn’t the Stormers in a bit of pickle at the moment when it comes to the wing position? I mean we flying Wylie Human in for peet sake!! Anyways, I think this is Dylan’s best chance (that’s if he starts) to show Rassie AND ME what he can do!

This is what I’d love to see the Stormers backline looks like against the Tahs:

9: Ricky

10: Bash

11: Dylan

12: Jean

13: Slo Mo Naqelevuki

14: Jantjes

15: Percy

Bench: 20: Duvenage 21: De Waal 22: Bobs

Now I have good explanation for this line up:

- Ricky & Bash has been playing well together and has a good understanding with Jean.

- With a “strike” runner like Slo Mo outside of him, Jean will have much more options outside of him than with previous partner Bobs. It will be impossible for the Tahs to ingnore Slo Mo in the midfield and this is also where Jean can very dangerous

- With Dylan on the wing, it would be good thing to have cool heads Conrad & Percy there in the back 3

- If this backline don’t work & we lose, we screwed anyways!!

Im outy

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Newspaper reads: The two Devills are the new vice-captains!! I say: It’s about gaaad-damn time

March 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m being gullible again, eating up every word the media feed me about my 2 favourite SA stars: The de Villiers boys Jean & AB!! From about last year already these 2 has been touted as future Springbok & Protea captains (respectively). But now my question is, why not do it already!? Why not make these two guys the vice-captains of their respective national teams? Both of them have the experience on international level, both are respected by team mates and peers alike & most importantly both can learn the trade from probably our most influential & respected captains: John Smit & (only recently) Graeme Smith. Don’t worry Biff, I had confidence in you all along.

For me, cricket is a bigger problem than rugby should these two “Devills” (that’s what I call them) become vice-captains or captains. I can’t recall AB ever being a captain for a game, not even with the Titans but he does have the confidence of the Mickey Athur, Smith and the media, so it can’t be that bad but I still think it’s a problem. Jean on the other hand is the captain of my beloved Stormers and has captained the Boks in a game or two. But going back to the cricket. What is going on there!? Is Prince the vice-captain of only the test side? Is he vice-captain only when Biff is captain? Is Kallis 3rd in charge followed by Boucher? Does this mean AB is only 5th on the list!?

& this is only with the test squad. Now lets go to the ODI’s.
There’s Biff & when he is injured (stop it now Biff) Johan Botha comes to the fore (& he’s been not too shabby ey nige). But who’s vice-captain when Botha is captain!? Bouch!? Kallis!? AB!? Or is everyone vice-captains throwing in the 2cents when Botha calls for it (or not). If Biff returns to the ODI squad, who is then vice-captain!? Oh man, I hope it’s Botha!! Damn, this is confusing!!

We all know should Ponting get injured or retire (please do Mr. Excuses) Michael Clarke would become captain in all forms of the game because he’s the PERMANENT (that’s the keyword) vice-captain. Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we have AB as our PERMANENT (again, the keyword) vice captain in all forms of the game. Smith’s injury doesn’t help the cause at the moment but we only playing our next test close to the end of the year and it’s with the test squad, I think, the biggest problem lies. So I think this is what they can do: Biff comes back as captain (obviously) & AB is the vice captain. Sorry I forget: Permanent vice captain. If Biff gets injured (God forbid), Either Prince, Kallis or Bouch takes over the captaincy but AB remains vice. And the same can be done with the ODI’s. Can’t it work? You tell my why it can’t.

With Jean it’s just a matter of time. I think Jean should just go to P-Divvy & Smit and tell them he wants the job. & if they say: “No Jean, Big Vic is the vice-captain” he should just go on with his job at centre because he’s the vocal leader & captain of the backline anyways. But it’s just a matter of time for him to become Vice-captain. Sorry, Permanent vice-captain. Lemme know your thoughts coz I’m confused.

Im outy!!

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Go Bulls!? Or is it Sharks!?

March 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

First & Foremost, I would just like to say former Archbishop Desmond Tutu is talking crap!! Yeah I said it. In that add where he said the hardest words for people to say are: “I’m sorry” He’s obviously not a sports fan. I called this blog: Go Bulls!? Or is it Sharks!? & if you don’t know by now, Ima Stormers (and obviously WP) supporter, so then why go Bulls or Sharks for that matter? It’s quite simple really. They’re the log leaders (well the Tahs currently leads it but the Sharks & Bulls still have to play & the Bulls still have a game in hand) & this means that if they stay there and beat everyone that dares to step on the same field as them, it gives the teams that’s in the middle of the log like the Blues, Canes, Brumbies, Force, STORMERS, Saders etc a chance for that final semi-final spot. The Waratahs showed great character to beat the Blues in NZ after suffering two successive defeats and if they built on what they did today, the nr.3 spot should be theirs come mid-May. But a lot can still happen!! And the next couple weeks is going to be very interesting. It will be very difficult for my beloved Stormers with the Saders, Tahs, Brumbies, Canes & Highlanders waiting but they have their destiny in their own hands and with a little help from Sharks & that other team, there could be 3 teams from SA in the semis. So maybe I should change it to: Go Bulls!? Or is it Sharks!? To help the Stormers!!

Im outy


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Mid-March Madness & Mysteries

March 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

With the Super 14 almost half way (or I think it is already) here’s what I think is the form South African backline BUT also who I think is going to be in the Bok backline (and their back-up) come June. I’ll try not to be too bias


Form Scrummie: Rory Kockott
Rory has had a wonderfull start to this year’s tournament. His goal kicking ability has really helped the Sharks as injured Bok.10 Ruan Pienaar has struggled in the early stages & is now injured. His snippets around the rucks and the “cockyness of Kockott” is what makes him such a dangerman. Fourie du Preez hasn’t put a foot wrong in the Super 14 but still hasn’t shown that form of 2007 that made him the best scrummie in the world.

Bok Scrummie: Fourie du Preez & Ricky January
As mentioned above, Fourie is Fourie. You know what you’re going to get from him & the Boks know what they have with him. Having said that, P-Divvy isn’t exactly a fan of predictability and percentage rugby and this is where Ricky comes in. Kockott (obviously) isn’t exactly the Bok coach’s cup of tea but I think he really can’t go wrong with Fourie & Ricky.


Form 5-8: Morne Steyn
If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t know how this guy would perform in an away match against Ireland, France, New Zealand, Wales, Aus etc, I’d call him the most complete flyhalf we’ve had since the 2007 World cup. But I cant, because he hasn’t played for the Boks yet and just like Kockott, might find himself a bit unlucky.

Bok Flyhalf: Ruan Pienaar
Gysie se ‘laaitie’ really put up his hand on last year’s tour for that Bok.10 jersey with some good, solid & sometimes really good performances. He is the front runner & still has the backing of P-Divvy (read the article if you don’t believe me: ). Peter Grant got snubbed by Springbok management last year. He actually is my Bok.10


Form 11: JP Pietersen Form 14: Ashwill Willemse
JP has been playing that scintillating rugby he played in 2007 when he finished the leading try scorer in the competition. Hopefully history can repeat himself.

There hasn’t been a stand-out 14 in the tournament (well not from the south African sides anyways) but Odwa came close but I’ll have to go with Willemse who looks like he is playing with new life and a bid for a Springbok call-up.

Bok 11 & 14

Bryan Habana & JP Pietersen
JP as mentioned earlier has been the form wing but one cannot deny that even though Bryan’s form has dipped, he’s still a dangerous player and he WILL come to the party sooner or (hopefully not) later.

Inside Centre

Form Inside Centre: Jean de Villiers
It was a toss up between him & Wynand “Prince Charming” Olivier with the coin falling in “Kasper’s” favour. If it wasn’t for the respective team records, Jean would’ve won by a landslide, but the prince has made the Bok staff stand up & take note.

Bok Centre: Jean de Villiers
Current Player of the year is something only one player can say he’s got & this man’s got it. Enough said.

Outside Centre

Form Centre: Jaque Fourie
I really hope that he can convince the Bok selectors (scratch that, convince P-Divvy) that he should be Bok.13. I can’t help but fear the worse for him, but if he continues playing the way he has, he will force himself back in the Bok starting line-up

Bok Outside Centre: Adi Jacobs
Jacobs showed against the Blues a couple of weeks ago why de Villiers rates him so highly. Both he & Jaque have qualities to be South Africa’s (& even the worlds) best outside centre. Honest opinion, I want Jaque to be that guy.


Form Fullback: Louis Ludik
He has been the form full back. Zane Kirchner is right behind followed closely by Percy Montgomery. The following couple of weeks should be an interesting one to see if Ludik can hold his place as front runner and a chance for another bok call-up.

Bok Fullback: Conrad Jantjes
He might be injured and did perform as well when he wasn’t injured but the incumbent Bok.15 should get the nod come June.

I’m outy!!

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Comparing apples & pears!!

March 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was bored at work and thought of something I can write a blog about.. And then it hit me, why not compare my beloved Proteas to my beloved Springboks. So here goes:

The teams

The Proteas are coming off a high after beating arch rivals Australia in their own backyard. I have to say that I was worried that Aus would come here and do the same & after this test series that just finished, I had reason to be worried. Having said that, the Proteas have played some good cricket the last couple of years, moving between the nr. 1 & 2 ranking in both forms of the game. We really peaked in the ODI’s prior to the 2007 world cup and just like the New Zealand rugby team, we did “THAT” thing again. But we are preparing a team for the 2011 WC & as always, Im confident we should win it. Favourite players: AB de Villiers, Gibbs & Smith

The Springboks (I can still call them that, right?) haven’t been as constant as the Proteas in winning matches but has won 2 more world cups than their “brothers in sport”. Jake White really brought pride back to the Bok jersey and the results showed on the field especially on a certain 20 Oct 2007 in Paris, France. Ah, what a beautiful night that was!! But with a new coach comes new game plans, new ideas and off course some new players. The Boks (just like the Proteas) have the talented players to be the best team in the world. New Zealand will be tough nut to crack on their homeground come 2011 but if the core group of players stick together and politics just keep their noses out of the sport (hahahaha, sorry had to laugh at one), we should be a tough nut too. Favourite players: Jean de Villiers, Jaque Fourie, Ruan Pienaar

The Players Comparisons

Graeme Smith & Juan Smith
One obvious similarity is that both these guys are huge & their attitude is that of “Opposition team just bring it on, don’t worry my team, today I’ll lead you to the promise land” Captain Graeme loves to lead from the front, loves to attack (almost bully) the opposition bowlers. For me that’s kinda the same how Juan gives hand-offs when trying to get over the advantage line.

Ashwell Prince & Adi Jacobs
Both players are seasoned campaigners. Both players’ loves to play an attractive, attacking game, both players have re-kindled their form after injuries & international wilderness to perform on a very high level.

Hasim Amla & Bismark du Plessis
I know you probably saying: What!? You kidding me, right!? But both these players are still young but both plays a very important role in their respective teams & both players can stamp their authority on the game.

Jaques Kallis & John Smit
Both players have ample records in their brilliant careers. Both are truly classy, focused & professional players and it shows on the field! Smit is a natural born leader so he shades Kallis there but Kallis is the best all rounder (sorry Ventori & Flintoff) in the world so I think we can equal them out.

AB de Villiers & Jean de Villiers
Both players are in awesome form for the last couple of years or so, both players have been billed as future captains for their respective teams, both are media favourites and most importantly, both are my favourite players. hehehehe!! And both players are very entertaining when on song

JP Duminy & Ruan Pienaar.
Talent & bright futures are just some of the first things that springs to mind when I think of these 2 guys. I am a bit worried that too much pressure are put on these guys to lead their respective teams especially Pienaar (having to play nr.10 against the Lions). Having said that, I started this comparison with the word “talent” and I believe both these players will shine for a long time.

Mark Boucher & Victor Matfield
Both players have dipped in form a bit (That’s my opinion anyways) but both provide leadership when regular captains Smith & Smit are not playing so in that way I think they’re very similar. Another similarity is that these guys always plays small but major roles in putting their teams in winning positions: Mark with his cameos to push up the run rate when needed & Big Vic with stealing the opposition’s lineouts.

Albie Morkel & Schalk Burger
This comparison is probably a bit unfair to Schalk considering what he has achieved so far but for me I kind of see a similarity with the blond beast flying in for tackle and Morkel’s ability to let the ball fly to the boundary.

Morne Morkel & Francois Steyn
Another comparison unfair to the rugby player. Having said that, both players are hot-heads & future (in Morne’s case) stars in their respective sports. Another similarity is the inconsistency in these guys’ games. The one moment Morne takes a beauty of wicket because of his raw pace & the next game he gets beaten into a pulp. Steyn’s heroics and what-the-hell-was-that plays are very well documented.

Paul Harris & Jaque Fourie
Both players are not too flashy but very important to their teams. Harris for his “spin” bowling (nah lets call it slow bowling) & Fourie for his defense and “reg-op straight” running.

Makhaya Ntini & Bakkies Botha
The workhorses of the team. Ntini might have lost a bit of pace but he still looks as tireless as he was when he was in his peak. Bakkies, well don’t have to say much about what he does.

Dale Steyn & Fourie du Preez
I cant remember when last these guys didn’t deliver for their respective teams. Both players are considered by peers & media alike the best in what they do.

Herschell Gibbs & Bryan Habana
When these guys bat (Gibbs) or run with the ball (Habana), you are glued to your seat to see what’s going to happen next. Habana has dipped in form & Gibbs has had an awesome Pro-20 series but the word that goes hand-in-hand with these two are: entertainment.

Well that’s it from me.. Now lemme go think up some more crap I can bore you with

I’m outy

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And then the commentator said…

March 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

“These guys are playing well and must play well because they are fighting for a spot to open the batting with their captain Greame Smith” Wait, what!!?? Are you telling me Ashwill Prince have to fight to get a place in the Proteas squad? That the average of 60 odd runs a game he had for the year of 2008 means nothing? Are you telling me that if he fails to produce the goods in this “dead rubber” test in a position he has never batted in the 48 tests he played for his country, he would have to prove himself again? That’s’ CANNOT TYPE THESE WORDS crap!! JP Duminy produced the goods in Aus this past summer, he really did. Big ups to him!! I really hope he’ll produce many times more in the future for his country!! But I’m just thinking out loud here… What happens if the following scenario happens (& please note if this does happen & we win the test match, I’d be a like a man whose wife gave him permission to go to the bar with the boys): Khan makes a century in the first innings & leads us to a 150 run lead. Prince goes cheaply for 30 – 40!! 2nd innings Khan makes a 50, Prince dismissed for 2 or 5 and JP scores an unbeaten 90 to lead us to victory. YAY!! We won!! Man of the match: Imraan Khan!! But what now about Prince? Because Khan fought for his place in the squad, just like Duminy did back in Aus. Does Prince get the axe again? No man, come on out behind that bush Leon Schuster, the joke is over now!! By the way, hasn’t he been the test squad vice-captain for the last couple of years or so?

So here’s what I would do if I was the selection panel come the next test series against England (pending injuries off course): Open the batting with Greame & yip you guessed it, AB de Villiers!! AB is my boy!! He’s my future captain, my guy that will rule the cricket world in the very near future!! Just the other day he said that he wants to become SA’s premier batsman & score the runs, where better to do it at nr.1 or 2? Damn, I forgot about Amla, but no, I’d prefer AB and Greame to really have a go at the opposition bowling attack. Amla 3, Kallis 4, PRINCE 5, JP 6, Bouch 7, either one of the Morkel brothers 8 (preferably Morne), Harris 9, Steyn 10, Ntini 11. 12th man, Khan or Parnell (depending on domestic form). As good a cricket-brain as Mackenzie has, I think its time he gives way for someone else. So basically what I’m saying is we can make it work with AB, JP& Prince in the starting 11!!

Enjoy the rest of the test!! Go Proteas!!

Im outy, djp

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What is up with me & the de Villiers’

March 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

My favourite cricket player is AB de Villiers. This guy burst on to the scene back in 2004. Wow it’s been 5 years now!! Everybody is raving about JP Duminy these days & rightly so, but I still think AB is the future of SA cricket (with JP as a side kick, as well as Amla, Imraan Khan & even Dale Steyn). Everyone knows that AB is so talented that he can take on the gloves from Boucher once he retire and do the job & do it well. Only problem is, he doesn’t want to, he wants to concentrate on his batting. I think it’s the right thing for him to do. Jaques Kallis (in tests) & Herschelle Gibbs (in ODI’s) will not play forever and AB I think is the perfect guy to score runs for us in tests and entertain us in ODI’s. Ok, he’s no Gibbs (damn, no one is) but there are similarities, like if its their day, they are awesome & its more the case of them getting themselves out, then the fielding team getting them out. If you guys didn’t know, AB also leads our team in runs (194) & average (64.66) in this current test series. The only guy that averages more runs is that scary kid of Australia, Phil Hughes (87.50).

Stats don’t lie people. Our batting really disappointed us in this current series (well our bowling too) but the test was there for the draw or for the win and our batting collapsed. However, we do have a shining light in AB de Villiers. It doesn’t mean much, but I hope we kick Australia’s BEEEEEEhind in this last test with not just AB but the whole team shines, but just like with that other de Villiers in the Stormers team: If a de Villiers is on song that day, opposition beware!!!

Ps: here’s a mouth watering thought: AB & Gibbs opening the ODI’s!! Hide the women & children.

Reply or comment if you want to.

Im outy

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SA Centres

March 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hey Guys

I jus told a blogger with the nick of Inside Centre that just like him I’m also a big Jean de Villiers Fan. Wynand “Prince Charming” Olivier of the Bulls I think is his biggest threat for threat for that nr.12 bok jersey & even saying that outloud makes me wanna puke (Sorry Luke, but you still my boy). Francois Steyn hasn’t been playing well but I think a talent like him should atleast make match 22.

Ok, now we know who I think should be our Springbok nr.12.. But who is going to play outside him. 
P Divvy last year went for Adi Jacobs & eventhough all of us Bok Fans were worried that he might be a defensive liability, he didn’t play too badly. Having said that, he’s no Jaque Fourie. This past weekend we (The Stormers) absolutely clobbered the Lions but if my eyes weren’t on the Stormers, they were on what Jaque Fourie was doing. He played well, not outstanding, not brilliant, but well in a losing team I might add!! P Divvy will probly go with the Jean – Adi combination but I think the quicket we get Jean & Jaque together again, the better. I don’t want to take anything away from Adi because he had some moments of brilliance last season. But how does that saying go again? Form is present, Class is permanent, and that’s what I think Jean & Jaque were, are & could be again if they play together.

Lemme know your thoughts on this one. Im outy!!