The Proof is in the Running…

Wow, what a week it has been. This is how my week of training went:

Monday morning – Boot Camp
Tuesday evening – 8km Run
Wednesday morning – Boot Camp
Thursday evening – 8km Run
Friday morning – Boot Camp

Yip, that’s training 5 days this week so I allowed myself to rest all weekend because rest is as important as training to reach your goals.

Boot Camp this past week was awesome, we focused quite a bit on working in teams, like having to do 5 minutes of bridging between 2 people, thankfully I managed to pitch in with 2 and a half of those 5 minutes so I didn’t feel like I left my partner in the lurch. Bridging is right up there with push-ups as not my favourite exercise of all time, but I feel myself getting a lot better.

Where I feel myself getting even better however, is in my running, where this week I felt a lot fitter and stronger and managed to keep up with the pace of the faster runners in my group. I suddenly felt like I could push myself harder in my runs and that’s undoubtedly to do with the strength training I’ve been doing at Boot Camp, so I’m so stoked that the combination is working to a tee.

My improvement couldn’t have come at a better time as it’s just over a month until Two Oceans.

Bring on Boot Camp week 4…

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