Abs like Matthew McConaughey…

The good news is, after looking long and hard, I found my ab muscle, just in time for another Boot Camp session.

I’ve come to the conclusion that somewhere, deep, deep down, I have ab muscles like Matthew McConaughey because on Friday, my abs felt like they were about to explode from all the exercise I had done during the week.

Week 1 of Boot Camp came to an end and I couldn’t believe how sore my body was because, after all, I run 3 times a week, but it dawned on me that this is a totally different kind of fitness, one which wakes up muscles that have been dormant from way back when and have been screaming to get in some work.

I was so sore that I skipped my run on Saturday and instead ran yesterday along the Sea Point Promenade, one of my favourite places to run.

Last night, in Cape Town, it pumped down with rain and I had visions of movies like Saving Private Ryan of soldiers diving head first into mud and briefly had flashbacks about the Two Oceans ‘swimathon’ last year, but thankfully the rain had died down by the time this morning came around and Boot Camp week 2 began with a strength session Matthew McConaughey would have struggled with.

I was pleasantly surprised that no-one had dropped out of the class, these things can very easily happen, and before I knew it I was smashing the custom-made circuit with aplomb, and from the grunts and groans coming out of some mouths, you could have mistakenly thought that there was a porn shoot going on.

Anyways, mind out of the gutter, things came to a climax with a good ice-breaking session where everyone had to pass a rugby ball around and introduce themselves.

So, we’re one session down for the week and I’m feeling great. Bring on Wednesday!

Ag, seeing that you clicked on the link in the hope of seeing a pic of Matthew McConaughey’s abs, here it is…Don’t say I don’t care about you!

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