I Won’t Let Push-ups Get Me Down!

Alarm was set for 05:15, I woke up and mentally prepared myself to enter the first Sports Science Boot Camp training session. 25 others were there with me and 2 class instructors, both of whom looked like proper trainers – that might sound strange but I’ve been to private gyms where the trainers themselves were overweight – I always say you have to lead by example and these guys are without a doubt doing that.

So there we were, 26 Boot Campions (I think I’ll trademark that name) all out there to push each other to become Champions (now you see where I was going with that) of our own personal goals.

Now, we’re not in Winter, and we live in Cape Town, so there’s no point in training indoors – a school field it is going to be for the next 8 weeks, one whose grass I got intimately acquainted to yesterday during a number of sit-ups and push-ups. By the way, in my opinion, I love push-ups as much I love Luis Suarez (yes, I am being sarcastic here). Ironically push-ups and Suarez do have something in common – they both involve using your hands to succeed… Too soon?

Back to Boot Camp though, and after what seemed an exorbitant amount of star jumps, squats and lunges, the sweat was literally dripping off me and I left there feeling like I had done a serious workout – something I would never have been able to do by myself at gym.

Oh, did I mention that last night, after Boot Camp in the morning and a full day’s work, I also went for my first Discovery Vitality fitness test for the year? Just for the record, there were more sit-ups and push-ups involved…#Machine

Anyways, if I haven’t written another blog post over the next couple of days, please don’t panic, I’m most probably out on the Westerford school field looking for one of my abdominal muscles which was taken from me on day 1 of Boot Camp.

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