Scale New Heights…

For the next 8 weeks I will be a soldier (albeit one of the larger soldiers you’ll find) at the Sports Science Boot Camp in Cape Town.

This morning’s alarm went off at a sprightly 5.15am and I was up and at ‘em for the 6.00am class, which was just to do some tests to create a base point so after 8 weeks we can hopefully measure how much we have improved.

So I’m putting it down in writing, these were my measurements and results on February 4, 2012, the first official day of Boot Camp – I will have these exact measurements done 8 weeks from now.

Try not to laugh because I’m bigger than you and will hunt you down and feed you protein shakes…

Weight (I despise the scale but I had to get on it) – 118.05kg (effectively a Blue Bulls scrumhalf)

Height – 174cm

Resting Blood Pressure – 130/82

Cholestrol (Finger Prick) – 5.12

Waist – 119.0cm

Hip – 117.00 (These hips unfortunately don’t lie)

12 minute motion test – Completed 13.5 laps of the indoor Sports Science track

So there you have it. I’ll be blogging about my Boot Camp experience so stay tuned for some stories which you can tell your grandchildren one day…

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