Keep Calm and…

So, yesterday evening I had the worst run I have had in a long time. I was scheduled to run about 8kms but only managed about 4kms before I had to give up for the day.

My breathing was great, I felt like a doped up Lance Armstrong in terms of fitness, but my legs seemed to not have got the memo that we were scheduled to run that evening. I usually back my legs to push me up hills (all those table tennis matches in my youth blessed me with strong legs), but this time, they let me down horribly and I knew that I couldn’t even push on because the risk of a proper injury was just too high.

I must say, if I am going to get an injury before Two Oceans, I don’t mind getting it now because at least I have enough time to recover and get back into my training before it’s too late.

In hindsight, I might have started this year too hectically in terms of distances run because I hadn’t run properly since early December but as they say ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing’.

So, I’ve been booked off running for a few days so tomorrow I might spoil myself and sleep past 8am, not too bad a consolation prize.

Oh and before I go enjoy my weekend, here’s hoping Bafana win or draw on Sunday to progress to the AFCON quarterfinals, it would be a great achievement.

Have a great weekend and remember….

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