Conspiracy Theory: Sabotage from the north

April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now I have read the other blogs and after every weekend there is some mention in the blogs and newspapers about certain players not performing to their abilities. I believe all players go through slumps and good players come back better…just look at Brain Habana and Morne Steyn. MS still to be proven but he has his kicking boots back. Anyway, what if some players never really hit a slump but some darker conspiracy is at play…

You all know exactly what I am referring to: How does a team lead the SA conference two years in a row, only to loose in the play-offs, be called chockers. win the Curry Cup, apparently shake that chockers cloak and then the next year find itself swimming at the bottom of the pool? And that after some hefty purchases during the offseason? What here is different than last year? Why all of a sudden are they unable to scrape out wins? Did the coaching staff change? Did their game change dramatically? Was new blood introduced before its time? Does the franchise carry more injured player and less depth than before?

All these are excelent questions…

The blinding truth is that some acquisitions have not worked for the franchise…not by a long shot and after Saterday’s poor performance it all became clear. These players were not out of form, they did not misunderstand the game…they were here to sabotage our season of glory! IT WAS ALMOST TOO OBVIOUS…and that is why it was missed. Jantjies not able to convert a kick infront of goal, Taute unable to catch, run or kick the bloody ball, and if successful turn it over as soon as contact is made, and then the so-called saviour of our depleted looseforwards, Rhodes, gives away a purposeful penalty that he knew would sink the Stormers. He knew he had to step into the light from out of the shadows where he had hidden himself. He had to be the man after his comrades had fallen to injuries…or did they fail…at figures guessed to be beyond the 3mil line they drained the WP coffers to offer nothing to the new ‘adopted’ team. This could be but the tip of the sabotaging iceberg…

Even though you might read this blog and laugh, when you are alone and your mind has time to think of all that has happened things will become more clear. And other questions arise…did they get to Groom and our hero Fourie? Watch this space and this conspiracy unfolds…

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  1. The day I really want to comment on a Baylion Post, he blocks comments. So here I go:
    The Lions were shit with shit players, simple as that. Jantjies is showing his true potential with a strong franchise and will fade into the horison much as Earl Rose did.
    Taute is a has been at 20 odd, klaar gelag.

    Now I read that the Sharks are loaning 2 other no name moegoes from Transvaal. As a Sharks man, this worries me.

    Anyway…..time for Dop!

  2. You hit the nail on the head there. The Lions players on loan to franchises that voted the Lions out of Super rugby are only there to sabotage that team.. Province cant vote the Lions out and then snap up all their best players… Or maybe its just karma at work here..
    I’m also sure none of these players have aspirations to play for the springboks, so they dont mind playing shocking rugby..

  3. i remember the approval last year when the deals were signed. let’s remember one thing though.. michael rhodes and pat cilliers are not loan players they signed three year deals with WPRU so that is a bit of a contradiction to your theory. and elton janties is having a bad season because his dad /mentor/coach died suddenly and he has to adjust to that. taute gave one hundred and ten percent even up to the point where he ran directly into willie le roux and ended his season.

    maybe they are not good enough for super rugby. maybe rome wasn’t built in a day. maybe winning is a habit and a culture that you don’t get overnight.

    • uneducated…indeed. the point of a conspiracy theory is based on mainly fictitious ideas not theory based on fact…this blog specifically written tongue in cheek…
      you do make valid points, many of the lions are just not good enough for SR but there is already a winning culture in the cape and four new players in a big SR squad should not be able to influence that.
      enjoy your thoughts, keep them coming…

  4. 2C, I have a different theory. Having voted against the Lions the WP/Stormers are now trying their best to screw up our players before they return to us.

    At the two franchises that stood by the Lions their loan players are doing OK. Franco van der Merwe is doing well at the Sharks and Lionel Mapoe is doing OK at the Bulls although, for some reason, Ludeke insists on playing him on the wing with a wing at #13 while 13 is Mapoe’s best position.


    • Baylion, i am truely disappointed in you. i would have expected you to be the first to jump in here and bash the conspiracy!

      Maybe i did get it wrong…maybe it was not the lions behind the plot but something much larger…the other big franchises…sharks, bulls and to a lesser extent the cheetaaaahssssss…maybe they are sick and tired of the political game the province administrators are playing or the biast reporting on sport24 towards the wersten province, stormers and its players…the plot thinkens…

  5. Troll… Nice one two cents! Although, one has to say that karma is kinda a bitch…. Hope Elton and Jaco can bounce back though. Good young players…

  6. OR…

    the ball that used to bounce their way doesn’t any more.

    The 50/50 call that went their way doesn’t any more.

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