Money Bill Williams beats Old man Botha

February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

So the fight we have all been waiting for is over. And as exciting as that sound, the fight was not. The fight represented an old man with a big mouth fighting a young talentless big mount…and to make matters worst, the fight was cut from twelve rounds to ten…and just as the fight was getting better.

Quick summary: Sonny Bill was much quicker than the old Buffalo and it was always going to be his match if he could hold out for twelve rounds, i mean, shortened ten round fight. The White Buffalo showed he might be slower than his younger challenger but had some tricks up his sleeve, especially towards the end. The fight did not live up to its hype, bar the 8th, 9th and 10th round.

I was shocked when the ref called the tenth round the final round as it had been advertised as twelve rounds. As SBW had been struggling in the last round i immediately thought match fixing (dam you Lance, i cant trust sport anymore).

The final round SBW was out on his feet, just hanging on to Botha. It was sad to see, one, because i wanted WB to knock SBW out and two, i thought it could happen if SBW would just stop hugging Botha. If the round went two more the fight would have belonged to the White Buffalo but would, should and could does not really count. So Sonny Bill is now thinking he can take on the world…


His next opponents will be a lot younger than the 44 year old South African. Probably from the State or the UK. I can not see the Klitschko Brothers from Ukrain even getting out of bed to fight this guy.

7 responses to Money Bill Williams beats Old man Botha

  1. It really pissed me off when they stopped the fight. It’s as if they were protecting SBW. Bloody sissy!

  2. Jip the fact that the bookies all had Sonny for a win might have played a big role in it being shortened to 10 during the fight.

    Even Botha himself afterwards did not understand why this happened. Sonny was really just hanging on.

    But Botha is a has been and looked like it the whole fight. To slow for Sonny and to short.

    In the end Sonny did better than I expected but I would love to see him box somebody real like David Haye or even that Aus heavy weight that boxed earlier.

  3. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds, an international title fight has always been 12 rounds, was announced as such even on Aussie TV. I give Williams credit for boxing very well for a guy with only 5 fights, but he was wobbling in the ninth round and then suddenly it is announced as the 10th and final round!

    They obviously saw that their guy wasn’t going to make it and just said “screw it, we’re going to job Botha”.

    Botha was on the verge of knocking him out in the tenth, then suddenly the referee gives Williams a bullshit break by stopping the action and giving him time to recover by deducting a point for holding? You are supposed to wait for a lull in the action (as when Botha was penalised for hitting on the break earlier) and the break should certainly not favour the guy being penalised? He was clearly doing everything to save his boy.

    In 10 rounds, sure, Williams won on points, but it was scheduled for 12 and Botha’s game plan was clearly constructed accordingly. You can’t just change rules in mid flight when it doesn’t favour your guy.. What if you suddenly cut the second half of a rugby game by six minutes because your team is losing? Imagine the outcry..

  4. That’s not a win in my book!

  5. It makes me laugh reading all the idiotic replies!!!! SBW 6 fights compared to Botha’s 61?? You wanna see him fight Haye Klitschko etc name 1 fighter that has had no amateur career had only 6 fights that has fought and beat a heavyweight champion. Happy hunting on that one. SBW fought a great fight plan that out classed Botha. A contract would have been signed before this fight took place in that contract it would stipulate 10 or 12 rounds, why did Botha not protest when the ref called final round before the start of the 10th? Is he punch drunk?? Did he not know what round it was? yes given sbw was hurt in the 10th but from 5 illegal blows that 9/10 refs would have disqualified him for. And as for the writer of this article you know shit about boxing what did you expect a Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis fight????? Only his 6th pro fight against a punch drunk fool with a big mouth. SBW @ 27 has done more than 99% of the negative loud mouthed idiots commenting on something they have no clue about!!! SBW & All Black fan in SA

  6. i think sonny bill williams is afraid that his pretty face will get scarred. he avoided contact the whole fight his jab was more a hand off anyway. i don’t really understand how sonny bill won on points aswell because he always looked like he was running away from the blows

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