Super Heineken Castle Championship Cup Trophy

November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Its been coming for a while and everybody has read or written something in the lines of this new mouth-watering competition. It seems this is the IRB’s way of really uniting rugby and keeping it interesting and also allowing club players to be released without fear of financial loss, for international games.

So how will this new tournament work? And who is involved?

To start with the last question, nearly everybody (clubs and nations).

Then how does this new tournament work? It seems in the last few years the Heineken big boys have been unhappy and either South Africans or New Zealander have complained about the state of Super Rugby. These tournaments will naturally have to fall away and make place for the new Super Heineken Castle Championship Cup Trophy.

The tournament will be played from End of January to the End of November. There will be four breaks during the season to accommodate internationals. Two six week breaks for the 6Nations and 6 weeks for the 4Nations Castle Champions Cup. Then also two three week breaks for autumn and spring Southern-Northen test series.

Twenty four teams will play one round against each other, one year home, the next away. The top four teams play semis and finals. Twenty six week long tournament and a total of 44 weeks of rugby.

Smaller domestic tournament will have to change its format slightly. Curry Cup, Avion Cup, Top14 and all the other simular tournaments will change, for example, the Curry Cup will now not have a premier and first division but just one division. The top four, for example Province, Bulls, Sharks and Cheetahs will not take part in the Curry Cup but whoever end lowest in the SHCCCT will automatically be relegated to the CC, and so for all the other countries too.

Who will get to take part in this awesome competition? The top five rugby nations, rated in terms of their rubgy ability and financial contribution, would each have four teams in the competition, for example South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England and France. The remaining four spots will go to wild card teams that have qualified by financial and performance based scoring of the club, not the nation from which the club comes from. These clubs have to pay a premium to qualify to get in. Especially the wealth Japanese teams that are ‘gooi-ing’ money left and right.

This tournament will not be held in the RWC year. Will need a plan for that year.

The rest i have not worked out yet. So please contribute. I need to present this to the IRB next week Tuesday…#thisismyideaandwillclaimroyalties

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