Bipolar much

October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Monday mornings many times leaving me feeling blue,  as it does for many after a disappointing sporting weekend or just the fact that we might have to wait another 5 days before we see our beloved sports team play again. But this weekend it was different…

I felt I was slightly bipolar. If you dont know what bipolar is, quick definition: emotionally you have high highs and low lows…ie emotionally a bit unstable…

Let me break it down. Friday i was so looking forward to us stamping down our authority in the T20 WC after good performances leading to the super8s. Unfortunitely we dropped the ball… we let it slip but firstly not getting enough run to start with and then poor death bowling. So i was sad, especially since i was not too sure about our Boks getting one over the Aussies, even at Loftus in the 4N. To further leave me melancholic my beloved Province just seem to be playing poor rugby and looked average at best.

I know they have almost as much injuries as the Aussies and the good ones are playing for the Boks but still…

Goosen was crying during the anthems, which did not leave me with too much confidence, as it leaves players over emotional and they dont play very fluid rugby. And his first 20 was not good at all but after the try can he openned up abit and things looked much better. Much has been said about the match, so i feel i would not add too much more.

I must just mention my two highlight for the match was Flouw’s one hand dummy pass and Alain Rolland’s comment to the Aussie skipper, sorry, you have already made seven subs, you’ll have to play with 14 men! Loved it!

So there I was back on a high and looking forward to the Proteas playing better and getting a double against the Aussies…like the Castle add…

But once again the top order, aka Levi, got nothing! We crumbled and would have had an even worst result if it wasnt for the unluck spinner, old Peterson. His blistering 34 of 15 balls gave us a half defendible total. How can a number 7 bat with so much ease the the top boys cant make runs? The bowling was good but not great. Then, my recently least favourite cricketer, Parnell, drops a catch which he should have taken, miss fields and gets hammered in an average bowling performance. And when i write average, i mean piss poor! So there goes my mood again…depression! Once again we chock on the big stage… i am so over it.

I had to go do some physical activity to get the endorphenes to cheer me up, and it did with some help from the Indian cricket team. We now had a glimmer of a hope to make the semis but need other teams to do us a favour and we need to make some real runs and bowl well, oh and field better…to put it another way, play a hell of a lot better…atleast i was feeling a bit better.

While making dinner i injured myself in the kitchen (will avoid that place from now on) and had to go to the emergency room to get some stitches. A long sad story…but on my return i put on some Ryder Cup, which had until then been dishartening as the Americans were dominating before the start of the last day 10-6, needing only another 4 and a half points out of 12 to win the cup. The Europeans though were not going to give it up so easily. I could not pull myself away from the TV and watched till  late into the night. As one of the commentators said, it was the best Ryders Cup ever. The Europeans scrambled to win 14 1/2 to 13 1/2! The American players and the very rude and hostile crowd were left stunned.

I went to bed happy and excited for the new week… the Proteas had a glimmer of hope, the Boks looked like they had turned the tied and my hand wasnt hurting too much…

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  1. yip the weekend sports were up and down like a lavatory seat

  2. Cool post :) pretty much sums up my weekend too… minus the bloodloss

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